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  [Company Name] PURCHASE ORDER [Street Address]DATE5/21/2019[City, ST ZI]! [12#$5%]&one' (000) 000*0000+a' (000) 000*0000-e.site' VENDORSHIP TO [Company Name][Name][Contat or Department][Company Name][Street Address][Street Address][City, ST ZI][City, ST ZI]&one' (000) 000*0000[&one]+a' (000) 000*0000 REQUISITIONERSHIP VIAF.O.B.SHIPPING TERMSITEM #DESCRIPTIONQTYUNIT PRICETOTAL [2#$2#$2#]rodt Z15 150300 2,250300 [$5%$5%$5]rodt A4C1 5300 5300 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * [42] S64T!TA7 2,#25300 Comments or Se! $ Instr%!t ons TA * S8IIN * !T8E: * TOTAL & '()'*.++  I; yo &a<e any =estions a.ot t&is pr&ase order, p>ease ontat[Name, &one , E*mai>]  P%r!,se Or-er Tem$te 4y ?erte$23om   '++/0'+12 Verte34' LLCL !ense A5reement Do not de>ete t&is @ors&eet &ttps'//@@@3<erte$23om/Ee>Temp>ates/ee>*pr&ase*order3&tm> T&is spreads&eet, in>dinB a>> @ors&eets and assoiated ontent is a opyriB&ted @or nder t&e 6nited States and ot&er opyriB&t >a@s3Do not s.mit opies or modi;iations o; t&is temp>ate to any @e.site or on>ine temp>ate Ba>>ery3>ease re<ie@ t&e ;o>>o@inB >iense aBreement to >earn &o@ yo may or may not se t&is temp>ate3 T&an yo3&ttps'//@@@3<erte$23om/>iensinB/E67Apri<atese3&tm>
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