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  --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Speaker recognition --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Author : A. M. REASAD AZIM BAPPYEmail : riasaa!im gmail.comDate : #$%&%$'#()op*rightReasaA!im$'#( � -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Instruction : #. +irst un!ip the o,nloae ile. $. Put all the matla iles in the matla current oler. e/: 0):12sers1R1Documents1MA34AB0 5. Run the ile 6SpeakerRecognition3est.m6 (. )lick 6Sign In6 utton to recor a sample 7oice. I am calling it ataase 7ocierecor. 8. )lick the 64ogin6 utton to check *our 7oice or log in into the s*stem. 9. hen *ou recor *our 7oice or 0sign in0 % 0login0 *ou ,ill aske to enter *ourname e7er*time. So; enter the same name or oth cases. <ther,ise program ,ill sho, error = &. I *our 7oice matche ,ith the ataase 7oice then comman ,ino, ,ill ispla*. 0elcome = You ha7e ull access to our s*stem.0 >. I *our 7oice oes not matche ,ith the ataase 7oice then comman ,ino, ,illispla* 0Access enie = You are not a registere user in our s*stem = Please contact s*stem amin.0 ?. Eno* this program =--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------All these matla .m iles are in protece ormat @ 0 .p 0 ormat. So *ou cannot eit m* souce coe. I *ou ,ant this coe  then please contact me. I ,ill mo** this coe as per *our eman. @Premium charges reuire3hank *ou.
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