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  EXPERIENCE SUMMER 2015 AND SUMMER 2016 KOREA E.H.T. CO., LTD. - SOUTH KOREA  INTERN & ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT Starting responsibilities :    Job shadowing and assisting.    CNC machine.    Event planning. Achievements :    Being able to understand engineering principles with the ability to speak Korean and English fluently, I was able to play the role of a liaison with our foreign clients on top of my initial responsibilities.    Assisted in the development of the English catalog. DAVID O   3419 Cheswick Ct. Apt. F5 · (517)648-6254 My objective is to obtain a position in a challenging environment where I could help benefit the organization while my individuality is valued. I am looking to gain invaluable corporate experience and further my knowledge in engineering and design processes. EDUC TION PURDUE UNIVERSITY, WEST LAFAYETTE SPRING 2020 STUDIO ARTS AND TECHNOLOGY, MAJOR Rhinoceros 3D, Catia, Solidworks, Photoshop, Design Thinking. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING, MINOR Differential equations, Thermodynamics, Statics, Dynamics, Circuits, Python, MATLAB, C++, JavaScript, PowerPoint, Excel.   SKILLS    Strong interpersonal skills    Effective prioritization skills/Multitasking    Bilingual (Korean and English)    Solid foundation in mathematics    Logical problem solving    Ability to adapt to different environments CTIVITIES Fall 2017 - Industrial Designers Society of America  (IDSA Purdue)    United with one purpose, design, I was part of a social yet business like community where we shared ideas and aided each other in improving our design ideas. Fall 2017  –   Design Good Now Workshop      Participated in a two-day overnight event where designers and biomedical engineers came together to tackle a real-world challenge. We collaborated in small teams to develop mock products using CAD and 3D printing to aid patients with Parkinson’s.  
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