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ã peculiar to Din: Damage per monster's attack. How To Use T his Book Entries Monsters of Myth and Legend is grouped by cultur es. Withi n each culture, the monsters are listed alphabetically to provide easy ac­ cess to each monster. The listings Conventions T h is book uses standard rul book form for most conventions, except we include a percentage rating for some statistics as well. The D abbreviation is used to indicate a die. ID20
  ã peculiarto Din: Damageper monster's attack. How To Use This Book  Entries Monsters of Myth an d Le gendis grouped by cultu res. Wi thi neachc ulture, the monste rs ar elist ed alp h abetically to prov ideeasy access to eachmons ter. The listin gs Co nventions This boo kuses stand a rd rul b ookform form ost conve ntio ns, excep twe i nclud e a perc en t ag e rating f or so mest at istics as we ll . The D abb reviat io nis used to indica te a die. ID2 0 means ro ll one 20-sided die. 1D 100 ( or a percentage number) means ro ll one t en-si ded die twice or two ten-s id ed dice sequen t ially. Th enu mber t hu s genera ted represen ts ap ercentag number between 01 and 00 ( re adas 100), for example ar oll of2,foll owe d by a rollof 5, translat es Abbreviations Used inTe xt  Ft: Foot or feel. ART : Artistry. q. v: Also li stedin the t ex t. Except: Except i onal. IN:I nsig h t. c: Chaoti~. C: Common. D Dexterity. L:L awful. Va r: Variable,orvaries. A: Ap peal. N: Neutral. Rds: Round s. EP: Exper ience Points.G:Good. ST:Strength. g.p:goldpieces. E: Evil.SM: Stamina . s. p: silver pieces. give anoutline of each m on ste r's statistics for use in game play,a nd adescrip tio n of the mons ter.In ad d ition, mos t of the monster listings in the book have a sectionca ll ed 'nto 25%. 3D6 means ro ll thr ee 6 sided dice and add the resultsto get a sum,which is then used as th e numb erof the roll. Characteristics (or Attributes or Ability scores)are der ived from 3D6, with 3 being thelowest score possible, and with 18 being the normalhumanmaximum. Attri but es often exceedtheseh uman norm s and corresponding i nc reases in die rolls havebeenincluded.heexception to this isa mo n st er's intelligence which, wh ileLege nd . The legend is provided to he lpthe GM developthe mons terfor encounte r situa tion s. All the abbreviations used in the book are covered on th ese page s. based onh uman standards, is nol rat ed. Th e intelligence levels go asfoll ows, from the lowestto thehighest:Non-(intelligent) Very Animal Hi ghly Semi. ExceptionalLow Genu is In gene ral, monsterswith animalor J owin t elligence would be 0-6 in a 3D6 rating system, while those with Excep t ional or Genuis intel l igencewould be 17 -18. Inanimate objec ts hav e non-intelligence. bbreviati ons in Monster Out l ine  AC: Annor Class.Describes themonster's protection, or the di ff iculty to Hit. ''''), TK: Hits to Kill, expressed llher as the numberand type dieto roll (rolll eight-sidedor as a total number ded to kill, i.e. 25. ThiiCii:HTo Hit Armor Class0 . Subtract the target's Ar mor Class fromthe Thaco to get the numberrequired fOT asuccessful Hit with a ID20. FOT examp le, if a character's Thaco is 1 4, and thetarget is wearingchain mail without a shield (Ae 5), the character willneed to roll a 9 on a 1 D20 (14 -5 = 9). M: Movem.ent speedpermeleeround. If the monster can tra- vel in twodifferentmediums,this will be indicated by the following symbols: / # / / # (# ) *# flying speed swimming speed bUTTowing speed speed in web. 6 IDS 119 1-3 Special: Control Weather spe ll . 0 will, create thunder and druid for as long as st, Size: Size of the creature. The average height is shown inpa rentheses.No: Number appearing. \ req: Frequency, orlikel iho od of encountering themonster. Veryrare mean sthat the re isSpecial: Attacks or defences about a 4% chance of an en - the monster i.e. counter, wh erea scom mon Dragon breath or Chann spell. indicatesab out a 65% c han ce. Levell Exp: Level to summon a monster/Experien ce gained wh en acharacter ki lls it.My: Monster's magic resis- ance expressed as a per c ent. nt: Intellect. Align: A li gnment of monster 01' character. Levell Exp: VIII/600+5/HTK Freq: Un common lJo: \ 6-60S (4 ') 8 9  Ram American Indian is a term which represents an agglomeration of differentpeoples embracing a variety of myths. For reasons of space and consistency of myth, ad ecision was made to concentrate on a subgroupofthe American Indians.Another choice was to select moremyths from a hun t ing peoples' traditionthan thoseof a planting peoples, as the hunters' creatures and legendsseemed more appropriate for most fantasy role playing seSSIons. During the winttl', I he spirits were farlessacliveanddwt'lt willI the ir ownkind, leaving the lndian~ frt'l' for s to ry telling The GM should use Ihe follow in g table as a guideline for spiritappea r ancewhen stories abouL them arebe ing told. Percentage Chance Season of Appearance Spcing ..... . ....... . ..... . .... 10%  Summer .............. ..... .. 25%  Fall .. . .. ........ ... ........ .. 10% Wimer .... . ....... .......... Never  If thestory is trulyinsults a spiril, increase the chance of the spirit'sappearance by + 10%. This bonus is notapplied in the winter. ã Fox hi te Buffalo LevellExp: IVI27;+6/HTK AC: 7 M: 18 Freq: Very Rare HTK: 5D8 M R: Standa rd No: 1-4 Att: 2 lnt: Semi- Size: Large TH A.CO: 15 Align : Neu t ral Dm: 1-8/ 1- 8 S pecia l: Auraof Bad Lu ck(see below) A whi te buff alo is the spirit of arare, large white bullbu ffalo.I ta pp ears asa live whit e buffalo, with a slight shimmering,that is visib le o nly in complete darkness.Ev en th o ugh classif ied as spirits, whiLe bu ffalo are flesh. There are other clues to its tru e n ature, however, as the white buffalo ism ost often seen emerging from beneaththe waters of a lake. Wh ite buffalo are unliving in thesenset ha t th ey do not needfood, wa ter, or air to con tinue existing. but they are not truly un dead.Cleri cs may not t urn white buffalo. Th e creatures are malicious in minor ways, b ut will very seldom attack a party dir ectly.T heir most pot ent weapon is their Aura ofB ad Luc k. Any sentient within 120 of a whit e buffalo will suffer from this aura. Theaura affects a game as follows:Die ModifierD4,D6 .. .... .. .. .. . ... 1 08, DI0 ãã ã ããããããããã.ãã. 2 0 12 ããã . ãããããããã ã. . ããã. 3 D20 ã.ã.. . .. . .ããã. ã ã.ã .4 Dl OO ããããããããããããã ã ãã ãã 20 Th e m odif i er is applied to all die rollsusedto resol ve actions taken by thecharac ters. To H it ro lls, damage , saving throws, an dCli mbing are included. An y ro ll to determine t he success of a char acter action is affected by the aura. Themodi fieris applie d in whichever direction is le ast beneficialto th e character, subtr act ingit from a saving roll and adding it to a Climbi ng a ttempt. The Auraof Bad Luck will become pe r ma ne nt f or a character who eats the flesh of awhite buffalo. There are other unfor tuna te effects suggestedin the legendsec tionbelow. If a character has a permanent Aura of BadL uck affecti nghim, it requires a Res tor ation spell to return him to his pr i or stale.A charac t er affectedby a permanent Aura of BadLuck is the only character affectedby the permanent aura. LEGE ND:There once was a large herd of buffalo whic hl ived in the area surro u nding a lake. On e winter, a band of huntecs was deter mi ned to kill the white bull which led th e herd.They tracked the her dfor days, kill ing many buffalo, but each time the white b ull escaped.. On one allempl the herd panicked and tried toescape by crossingthe frozen lake.T he lake couldnot bear the weight ofthebuffalo and the cracking of the ice compet ed with the bellows of lhe herd asthey sankinto thelake. The white bull went down last, roaringin defiance as the cold water defeated him . His roar is sLill heard, coming fromthe depths of thelake. Eversince,the lake hasbeen known as The L ake That Roars. Two men in the area of the same lake hadha d no luck in hunting, not even catching a squirrel. As they became desperate, two white buffalo emergedfrom the lake. The hunters sneaked up and kilJed oneof them. They prepared the buffalo and ate well for the first time in days. But as soon as they finished the meat,the hunters began [0 feelstrange. Their limbsbegan to thicken and to become numb. The changecontinued as the pair stumbled away fromthe lake. Tails andhorns appeared on their bodies, and before they got 10 paces away from the lake,each of the hunters had become abuffalo. The pair quietly turned and walked into the lake. ã White Buffalo 10 11  oyote Song to transform somethingunimportant Coyote Lev ellE xp: VI lli 3 300AC: 5 M: 24 req: Un i que HTK: 65 MR: 15% No: 1 Att: 1 Int : Genius Size: Medium lUCO: 9 A lign: Chaotic N eu tral Dm: 1-10 special: Shape changes. Raises dead as skill 20 cleric. Power Song: Full Wish (use at will as skill 20 mage). catingadancing, fl ick F ox /, ('V('i f.x/J: JIll 12S() ering light. T ha t isthep ower AC: 5 M: 18 Freq: Unique ofGr izz lyBe ar 's f ir e- HTK: 40 MR: 10% No: I st one, answered Fox. Att: 1 1'11: Excpt. Siu: Small With the fi re-stonerizzl yBe ar can cre TIII W. 10 Align: Neutral atef ir e wh en ev erhe Dm: 1-10 wan ts. He keeps the Special: Spells- fire-sto ne with him(use al will as skill III magr): Clairaudence & alwaysin ap ouchat  Cia inoyan<:c.tached tohis belt.·, (usc ~' (inu's per day a . ~kill lO ma~c): ESP. Wi llGrizzlyBear (US(' onc(' per day a . kill 20 dcrit:): Rc!\urrcnion.give us some of this fi re? N 0, Coyote, Bear Fox was created by the gods to provide wants it allfor him w isdom for Coyote. While not as brave or self. i mpetuous as Coyote, his counsel was inva Then we shall ha ve to steal it, decidedriably helpful. Unfortunately, Fox couldCoyote. So Coyote made a plan. rarely guarantee thal Coyote wou ld listenMeadow Lark and Jack Rabbit were LO his advice. summoned to heJp Coyote and Fox.TheyF ox appears in the fonn of either a fox or,rarely, a human warr ior. He can Raiseall traveled stealthily to the camp of GrizzlyDead on ce a day with no adverseaffects,Bear.  triggering this power by leaping over the Jack Rabbit played his magic whistle deceased three times. and the followers ofGrizzly Bear fell a He c an use Clairaudence and Clairsleep. Then MeadowL ark flew into the tipi voyance at will, and can use ESP three of Grialy Bear.times per day. He will never interact with Whal do you want, you feathered tri humankind unless there is another animal fle? growled Grialy. person, usually Coyote, present. It il> very cold outside . I came to warm myself by yourgreat magjc. Fox uses all his spells as a skill 20 magic-user. Very well.You may warm yourself ifyou pick the lice out of my fur, said Griz7L EGEND: (illus. p. 10 ly Bear.Coyote wa s gazing down from atop aMeadow Lark began to pick the lice from mountain, toward the camp of GrizzlyBear's fur, gently picking at the string atBear. What is that? he asked Fox, indi- taching the fire-stone pouch to Grizzly em of gia nt s encountered will be Natli G ian t skcliguten. Despite their size AC: :> M: 18 and bul k, giants can IITK: 9D8 MR: Standard NQ:  move as silently as a  It: 1 bit: Var .es Size: skill 8 thief (62%). Tlw ;o 12 Align: Neutral Such stealth is mag Dm: 1-20 ica l in srcin and Special: Moves Silently ( (encration.requires some concentration, for the Nat liskel i guten only Giants which roamed the lands of themove silently like a skill 3 thief (27%) . Indians aremore timid than othersof lheir Giants are reputed to be stealers of fishkind. Even though they are very large and from nets and are known to raid camps for immensely strong, they never caused thefood. Many giants are curio us aboul thedestruction of which they were capable. small on es and will investigate small The average giant is taller than the taJIampsites.est tipi and has a black [ace, which many They move quietly to a £ipi, rise up tosay is just painted black. They wear beartheir full height, and peer down the smokeskins, and pre[er to dwell alone in caves or hole to see what is happening inside. They similar underground shelter.may occasionally be bribed with fish. Giants have a unique odor. smelling as bitter and acrid as burnt horn . There ares ome giants known as Nal  LEGEND:liskeligut en, an ancient phrase which A smal l hunting party came upon a means killers of men. These Giantshunt giant, asleep in the forest. Not knowinghuman beings and are fond of destruction. whether or not he was san e, the pa rty tied It is thought that these giants are insane him up with ropes of buffalo hair. Severalversions of their shyer kin, a derangement pinioned his armsand legs while others sat perhaps induced by some plant. Ten per- on his chest. into something which he needs desperately, or to return a friend who has been com pletely destroyed. A Wish made by COYOlC will not w eaken him in any way. r l ( will never u~e a Wishtodestroy or harm anything llirectly, but hemay wish for a tool or weapon necessary to destroy a particular character or thing .Coyote's Pow er Song requires one t urn to perform. If COyOle is engaged in anoth er activity while singing the Power Song, the Song will fail 95% of the lime. There wi llbe no adverse effect other than failureto obtain the desired result.Coyote is often seen in confrontationwith Grizzly Bear. This is usually a conlest of will and intelligence rather than a clash of brute force. LEGEND: Coyote was the chief o[ the animal peo ple. He hadlongprophesied the coming ofthe human race. When Coyote could teU that the time of humankind was near, he summoned the animalpeople together and said: The New People are coming. We mustprepare for them . Today we must decide how we are to live, what we will be, and where we are to live when the New Peoplecome to us.We must choose our names. What win you be? the other animal people asked Coyote. r shall be buffalo, re plied Coyote. He transformed himself into a buffalo, but he stil] ran as would Coyote and his roarsounded too much like his own yelp. The animal people were not impressed.Still Coyote wished to be buffalo. Finally Fox, who was second chief, spoke . Coyote is not suited to be buffalo. Heshall have to be coyOle. I think Buffalo should be buffalo . Buffalo transformed himselfinto a buffalo, andso it was decided that he was to be called Buffalo. Each of the animal people, after a fewtrials, found a (orm and a name which suit ed him. Last to choose was Meadow Lark. Shewished to be eagle, she wished to be hawk,she wished to be aU of the birds. You cannot be all birds , Meadow Lark, said Coyote. My power, however,is gTeat enough to give you this. He pres ented Meadow Lark with an arrow bracelet which allowed her to speak any language . The next day the ground rolleda ndshook with mysterious power, and thou  sands of shapes appeared. The New Peoplehad come to th eworld. Soon they l-.pread allover the earth. The appearance of the humans causedall of the animal people LO lJt ·( ollie quiet.They relinquished the POW( I o{ peech onthat day. Some animal Pf'opit:slilJ ICllcmlJcr how to speak, but tlwy di cI ; lill In ~pt·.Ik withhumankind un ess IIll ) 11 ;1 'c 11 \t' l) 'ipecific reason for ~ ee king (lHlI II ~ I . ã Bear's belt. As s oon as th e string wa ssevered,Mea dowLa rk gr abbedthepo uchand flew ou t of theca mp. Gr izzly Bear' s r oa rbroke the spellw hichboun d the c amp , andtheyallsetoutin pu rsuit of th ethie ve s. Here!Her el Here/ sa id Mea dow Lark as she droppe dthe pou chtoC oyo te an d th en fl ew as hi gh assheco uld .T wic e Coyote hid and twicehewasdis cover ed Ex h aust ed, Coyo terealiz ed th een em y wou ld sooncatch him . H erel sho ut ed Coyote,th ro wing th e pou chto Jac k Rab bi t. Rabbit ranforthe pass in th e mountain s wh ich ledto Co y- ote's camp . Gr izzlyBear caught Co y ote an dkilled hi m in afury, skin ninghi ma Ji vein an ttem pt tofindthep ouc h. Th en the Be ar's followers po inted toJackRabbit. Grizzly le ap eda nd l an ded in f ront of Jack Rabbit.GrizzlyBear ro a re d ferociously and Jack Rab b it froze.Bea .r advanced toward the Ra bbit. Gi ve me the pouchl barked Fo x. F oxgra bbed the pouc h an d began to ru nfor the pass. Nimb ly avoiding th e claws of Grizzly Bear, Fox left an obvious trail.Grizzly Bear guessed th e destination and leaped fo rthe pass. As soon asF ox sawGrizzly Bear leap, he changed course and stealthily began to ru n up th e side of the mountain. Grizzly Bear, now tired and confusedcou ld not catch Fox before he reachedthe summit of the mountai n.T here F ox broke apart the fire-stone and hurled pieces of the magic everywhere. Thus, fire can now be found in every part of the world.ã The giant awakene d. U pon seeing t heIndians, he ga ve a hi gh pitched cackl ing which rolledi nto a thunderous l aug h. The gia nt broke his bonds and tossed the Indians as ide. He seized one of the unfor tunate hunters and lossed him into a river a ha lf-mile away. He pursued lheothers, but histhrash ing and l aughing ga ve the men ample time to hide.Coyote has hunt ed and killed many ofthe insane giants, and there are some who say lhar. he has killed ma ny benign giants as wel l. . Giant Coyote is on e of th e most active figures in I ndian myth.He is the most pr ominentof the an imal sp i ri t s, w hich were createdby the gods before they created men. He is a guar di anofall In dians. He is inte lli gen t hut occasionally foolish,and he oftendi splays too muc hpride.Heis th ehero-trickster of the I ndian myth os, but he is some times defeated by his ow n cl ev er ness.Intheti me bef ore the com i ng oft he human r ac e, Coyote cou ld assume any form he wi shed, even beco mingthesun on one occasion.His powers began to dimwith the appearance o( huma nki nd, perhaps because ofall the sp ir i tual ene rgy which he infused into thenew peop l e. Coyote can still assu me the shapeof anyperson or animal at will.His usual appearance is that of a coyote.He can Raise Dead at will as a skill 20 cl er ic. Inorder to raise aperson it is necessary(or Coyote to step over the person's bodyt hree times. The spell takes effect imme diately as soon as t hethird step is com pleted. Coyotehas a Power Song, which he can use atwill as a Full Wi sh as a skill 20 magic-user. Coyote will use the Power .1 13  L ev e ll E xp : Vlll1 5100 rizzly Bear AC : 0 M: 15 Freq: Uniq u  TK : 150 M R: 15% No: 1  A tt : 2 ln t: Average Size: L (10' 7 Ali gn: N eu t ral Evil Dm: 3-36/3-36 SPecial: R oar (lasts3 melee rounds, use at will as skill 20  mag e ): creates Fear and Dispel Magic spell s. Leap  (up to 100' per jum p). Beginsto tireafter t hird  TRACO : j ump in a row. Grizzly Bear is power wilhout thought. He is suonger than any other animal per  son, and his courage is great. He is a tyrant with his followers, and a terror in battle. His only weakness is his incredibletemper,whichoften hashim acting blindly and stupidly. While his alignmentis Neu tral Evil, there are aspects of Chaotic Evil in his nature .Grizzly Bear appears as a bear, althoughhe can walk and fight in an upright posi  tion more readily than a normal bear. The frightful damage he does while at tacking is not al1 he can do in battle. He can Roar twice per turn, with each roar lasting 3 melee rounds. A Roar acts as a Fear spell and as a Dispel Magic spell caSlas a skill 20 magic-user. The rangeof a Roar varies for the powel. All within earshotarc affect bythe Fear spell, but the Dispell Magic powerof the Roar has a 240' range. If a character has made his save versus theFear ability, he will not be affected by theFear for the remainder of the encounter. The Dispel Magic is special. IL acts toaneel any spell which is being cast during the period of the Roar. Grizzly Bear may Roar at will. The Dispel Magic ability works each time Griuly Bear uses it. Grinly Bear may also leap a distance up to 100 feet and a height of 50 feet in one jump. He may do this once per round for as many rounds as hew 1s11(s; bu t if he leaps more than two consecutjve rounds, he be ames tiled. When he is tired, Grinly Bear slrik('~ and make!> all ~aving throws at -2. It takes a full lurnof rest for Grillly Beat to lun r lion normall y again.For every consecutive leapbeyond the third, modify Grizzly Bear's to Hit and saving throw rolls further by -l.LEGEND: Grizzly Bear called a meetingof the animal people. He had hoped to take control of the animal people, so he tried to make sure Coyote did not hearof the gathering. Unfortunately for the bear, Golden Eagle flew over Coyote's sleeping place while on the wayto the gathering, and warned COyOle .Grizzly Bear cowed alJ of the assembled animal people. He became chief, took the best of everything, and went to his lipi. The animal people were so afraid of Grizzly Bear that they did not ~dnrta... resist his cruel whims. Coyote finally found the meet ing place (a piec-e of information which Golden Eagk Jl(;g lected to mention) , and !>nc:ak('d into one ofthe tipis. In the upi sal an old grandm other. Go ask Grizzly Bear {or somefood, Grandmother, COYOle instructed. Te ll him youhave a hungry vi::.iIOr. I cannot, for he is likely to kill me l she lamented. Yo u must, GrandmOlheJ. Do no tfear, Ihave a plan. The grandmother went tot hetipi of rizzlyB ear and came back wi th an old p ie ce of dr ied meat. Coyote threw it to the ground a nd s aid, Go tell Grizzly Bear that the mea lwassatisfactory, but t hal your vi sitor iss ur prised that dried meat is thebestfo od a great chiefcan offer... Thetremblinggrand m othe rdid as she was instructed. Grizzly Bear roared, but in steadof striking the grandmothe r,heg av e her some of his best food. When the grandmother came back, Coyote ate the food. He then in st ructe d th e grandmother to get him a drum fromGrizzly Bear. The grandmother returned with a sm all hand drum which sounded Iikea squ irre l's cough. Coyote contemptuously threw ittothe ground. Grandmother, go and thank Gr izzly Bear for the drum. Tell him it is almo st a good as the one Coyote gave your visitorlast year. Grandmother went to the tip i of Gri zz ly Bear .Abashed, Grizzly Bear accidenta lly broke one of the poles of the tipi. He grabbed his personal hand drum . Give this to your visitor, he said, Ask him if Coyote gave him a drum as good asthisl So Grandmo th erreturned with the dr um. Coyote went outside ofGrandmot h er's tipi and began his power song. He askedfor rain, and it began to rain . He madeth e song stronger. Coyote asked his powe rsto send him abillercold. Coyote sang asth e cold came. He asked thatGriuly Bear f ear the dogs' howling in the camp. When he finishedhissong,hesaid , Gr andmother, now go tell Gr izzlyB ea r that only a fool stays in a broken tipi wh en it is so cold out. Grandmother went to the tipi a nd told Grizzly Bear.Grizzly Bear, who wa s ho ld ing together the pieces of the broke n tipi poJe, snapped them when Grandmothe rto ld him what Coyote had said . Grandmother, who is this visitor? shouted Grizzly Bear. Who so ins ult s Chief Grizzly Bear? Grandmother responded- ( oyOle. Grizzly Bear roared and tOlC' I II lO ugh the side of his tipi. HiSfOaf fti~hlc·lI(d the do gs in the camp and thty IWl!rtll to how l. Ja ck Ra bb it Ae: 5 M: 30 BTl(: 40 MR: 10/0 Au: 2 Int: High THAW - 10 Align: Neutral Dm: 1 ' ~6 / 1-6 1'1 Special: Magic invisible whistle- Sleep (use 3 times per day, see table below), The Sleep power of Confusion (use Iwile prr day as skill 10 mage), thewrustle may be usedthree times per day, Resurrection (use once per day as skiH 16 derk). Jack Rabbit appears as an ordinary rabb it, alt h ough he took other forms before th e ap p earance of humankind. His speed ishis primary defense, but healso has a mag ic whist le that is visible only to those who can see obje cts on the Astral Plane. This whistle has three abilities, depend  in g on how Jack Rabbit employs it. A droning tone will induce sleep in all bei ngs ofJack Rabbit's choosing within 15 feelofthe whistle. T his power works as a double-power Sleep spell; it will have up to twice there gu lar maximumHTK for creatures nor m all y ailecled by a Sleep spell, as well asab ou t twice the usual number. See the tablebel ow .T he whistle may also be blown shrilly, wh ich produces confusion as per the Level/Exp: 11l1l2;'+4/ HTK ittle Peopl e with an weapon madefrom SLOne or wood c: 6 M: 12 Freq: Uncommon taken from the ground BTl(: 3D8 MR: Standard No: 1-6 on which he most re All: 1 Int: Varies Size: Small cently died, lhe littleperson will come back 16 Align: Neutral HMO [0 life. Om: 1-6 Some little people 5pecial:Only killed with special stone or wood weapon s (see will not bother a person who has killed below). Climb any surface, even upside down , andthem four times.never lose balance. Cause haHucinations within 6 They have few powof them. Bond with human s(see bflow). Th e little people, who favor mountains a nd the craters for their homes,are a very da rk -skinned race standing 3feet tall. They we ar brown or red caps and garments.They herd jet black miniature horses, which are raised to be eaten in lhe winter. Thelittle peopleare known to be cannibal istic, but they also befriend humans on occasion.Hostilities between the little people andhum ans are mosllikely to occur in the win ter, wh en food is scarce. Od dl y, the little people can only be seenbetween dusk and dawn because they dieac hm orning. They sink into the ground 10 eme rge, alive, lhe following sunset.They are not considered to be undead, sincethey are neither alive nor dead, but s imp ly go through a perpetual cycle. Kil ling alittle person is a temporary measure. magic-user spell, cast bya skill 10 magic-user. LevellExp: VII IOOO Finally, thewhistle Frcq: Unique may be used to resur  rect a being when the No: I remains of the deceased Size: SmalJ are struck with the whistle. The resurrec tion functions as a Resurrecuon spell from askill 16 cleric.ers themselves. They can climb any surface, and will often walk upside down on theunderside of branches. They are very agile, and never lose their balance regardless of the situation. They can land in any posi tion, after a fall of more than 5 feet. The liule people can also cause halluci nations in any person within 6feet of them.These hallucinations will disorient characters unless they save vs .magic, in which case they shake off the disorienting effect. If the character does not save, he willcome to his senses in an embarrassing position,perhaps leaning upside down against a tree or boulder. A character under the effect of a hall ucination may not cast spells or use devices which have spell-like effects, and will fightwith a -4 to Hit modifier. The little people are petty thieves, but they always return what they take. However, they tend to leave the ilems in a visible, while the Confusion power may be used twotimes a day.  The Resurrection ability may be used once per day on normal people, andwithout limiton the animal people. Jack RabbiL will rarely inleract with humans. If he is seen, he will seek to avoidcontact, using his whistle if necessary. Number Affected Creature HTK by Sleep Whistle up toID8 ... _ .... _ ... 4D8ID8+] to 4D8 .. .ãã...ã 2D84D8+1 to 608 ã....... 2D16D8+] to 808 ... ã..... D48D8+1 to I OD 10 ã.ãããããã I or 2 Unless he is killed LEGEND:Jack Rabbit used to accompany the Coyote people on raids and special h unts. Hewould bring Coyote people back to life by hitting (hem with his whistle. Jack Rabbit brought Coyote back to life after Grizzly Bear killed him during the theft of fire (See Legend under Fox), ã Jack Rabbit but inaccessible location like an oUlcrop ping just before a raging waterfall. A character who attacks a little person before he himself is attacked has puthim self on the menu for a future feast. The lillIe people will cominue to auackuntil all of the little people involved have been slain a( least four Limes, the character is consumed, or there is a successful parleywith the little folk (bribe with something of value). Little people deal with other people be ause the power of a little person and a human can be muchgreatercombinedthan separate. There is a 1 % chance per little person and player character that a bond may be made. Onceabond between a little person and a human is established, a cumulativepower springs (rom Lhe interaction of Lhe two. For every three months that the pair spends together, the human or the littleperson obtains one skill level as a druid. Either member of the learn may cast spells but both are drawing from the same pool of mystic energy, i.e. rogether they have the spell capacity of a single druid. If they havespent more than three and a half years logether(enough time to give them the capabilities of a skill 14 : druid, the maximum obtainable), they are perman emly bonded in spirit. They may be separated by any distance and still use their joint power. By calling the name of the other team member, either lzzly Bear 15
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