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  Rossmann Repair Training Guide Created by Louis Rossmann - Open-sourced to the internet (that’s us!) You can read more about our company here & inquire about service. https://www.rossmanngroup.comWe have a paid forum to provide support to component level technicians offer training at our store, one on one,  The biggest problem in this business. ● Engineers know how to repair logic boards. ● Engineers do not want to fix logic boards. ● Regular people want to fix logic boards. ● Regular people are not engineers.  You do NOT need to be an engineer! ● You need not know how a resistor resists. ● You need not know how an inductor creates inductance. ● You need not know how to create a circuit to repair common faults. ● We are not going to spend four years turning you into an expert on physics, chemistry, and electricity. ● We will be skipping over a lot to get to the point.  Electricity is based on theft and burden. ●You’re lazy, you don’t want to get up.●Imagine if I stole your wallet. ●You’d probably chase me around the room. ●To get you to get up off your ass, I motivate you by causing a pain point.
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