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1 The Princess Diaries Volume XI Royal Wedding by Meg Cabot Sometimes dreams do come true. 2 “She will be more a princess than she ever was—a hundred and fifty thousand times more.” A Little Princess Frances Hodgson Burnett 3 Royal Scandal: Prince Phillipe of Genovia Arrested MANHATTAN — Prince Phillipe Renaldo, the 5
  1  2 Te Princess Diaries Volume XI Royal Wedding  by  Meg Cabot  Sometimes dreams do come true.  3 “She will be more a princess than she ever was—a hundred and fifty thousand times more.”  A Little Princess  Frances Hodgson Burnett  4 Royal Scandal: Prince Phillipe of Genovia Arrested MANHAAN — Prince Phillipe Renaldo, the 50-year-old crowned prince of Genovia,  was arrested early Wednesday morning for driving his newly purchased 1978 Ferrari 312 3 Formula One racecar down the West Side Highway, according to a spokesperson for the New  York City Police Department. No injuries were reported. Witnesses say the prince was driving at speeds in excess of 180 miles per hour before be-ing pulled over by NYPD highway patrol officers. A spokesperson for the NYPD confirms that the prince complied with all instructions given by the officers, including taking a field sobriety test. Police as well as Genovian embassy officials declined to share further details regarding the arrest. Prince Phillipe has had no previous arrests, either in the US or abroad. It is illegal to drive racecars intended for closed-track use only on public streets in the state of New York. It is not known whether the prince, whose primary residence is the European principality of Genovia, was aware of this. Te prince is said to have purchased the vehicle earlier in the day at an auction upstate.New to Formula One racing, this is the first year the prince has taken part in Genovia’s Grand Prix, infamous for its tight corners through the small principality’s narrow, cobble-stoned streets and precipitous cliffs overlooking the Mediterranean.  According to the prince’s mother, the Dowager Princess Clarisse Renaldo, age unknown, this year’s race will also be his last.“Te only place he’ll be racing after this is down the aisle, with my granddaughter,” Prin-cess Clarisse was overheard to say outside the Manhattan Detention Complex, where she was  waiting to visit her son in jail.  According to the Royal Palace, however, there are currently no plans for a royal wedding between Princess Mia Termopolis Renaldo, 25, and longtime boyfriend, medical entrepre-neur Michael Moscovitz, 28. Moscovitz is founder and CEO of Pavlov Surgical, a successful medical robotics firm.
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