SANLIC 2019 - 99 Knowledgebase problems: a KBART crash course

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Seldom do aspiring librarians predict that they will be the ones managing the intricacies of electronic resources. Yet, many are charged with complicated and unique tasks, like having to align resources in vendor knowledgebases. This can often be a confusing and frustrating process for librarians. This session will provide a brief overview of the KBART standard, its place in the electronic resource workflows, trends, and how librarians can avoid some common knowledgebase issues
  • 1. SANLiC 2019 Conference 99 Knowledgebase problems: A KBART crash course Matthew Ragucci, MLIS Library Solutions Architect
  • 2. SANLiC 2019 Conference Session Overview II. Content provider (Wiley) perspective IV. Looking to the future I. KB / KBART background III. Library perspective
  • 3. SANLiC 2019 Conference Knowledgebases and KBART
  • 4. SANLiC 2019 Conference
  • 5. SANLiC 2019 Conference Definitions: Providers & Vendors Content Provider A content provider (or provider) is an provides access to online content for free. Vendor A vendor is an organization that creates library systems products and services (using knowledgebases) •DOAJ, DOAB, ROAR, OpenDOAR, etc. •EBSCO, ProQuest, Gale, etc. •Archive •Institutional Repository •Wiley, SpringerNature, Elsevier, T&F, Sage, etc. Publisher Library or Consortium Open Access Portal Aggregator
  • 6. SANLiC 2019 Conference Definitions: Knowledgebases • Databases vendors use to align content provider products through collections • Required for vendor products alignment • Vendor feed from content providers • Provider collections map to content packages (not specific subscriptions) • Collections can be created to reflect institution-specific holdings Local Knowledgebase A database that shows the library is entitled access to also in print. Also known as Global Knowledgebase A database made up of collections that are available to libraries to build and align local knowledgebases. Also known as “vendor KBs.”
  • 7. SANLiC 2019 Conference Definitions: KBART • KnowledgeBase And Related Tools • Recommended practice created in 2007 to ensure the timely transfer of accurate data to knowledgebases vendors and link resolver providers • Data sources for knowledgebases • Created by content providers & libraries • Has evolved overtime to meet emerging needs of libraries (books, OA, consortia) • Files subject to updates (data corrections, link updates, new publications, transfer/withdrawn titles) 1. publication title 2. print identifier 3. online identifier 4. date first issue online 5. number first vol online 6. number first issue online 7. date last issue online 8. number last vol online 9. number last issue online 10. title url 11. first author 12. title id 13. embargo info 14. coverage depth 15. notes 16. publisher name 17. publication type 18. date monograph published print 19. date monograph published online 20. monograph volume 21. monograph edition 22. first editor 23. parent publication title id 24. preceding publication title id 25. access type KBART Phase II Data Fields
  • 8. SANLiC 2019 Conference KBART file for serials content
  • 9. SANLiC 2019 Conference PHASE II data fields KBART file for monograph content
  • 10. SANLiC 2019 Conference KBART in context From “KBART: Knowledge Bases and Related Tools” (p. 6), by NISO/UKSG KBART Working Group. 2010 ( ). Copyright 2010 by the National Information Standards Organization and the UKSG. Content providers Vendors Libraries
  • 11. SANLiC 2019 Conference 2011 KBART provider endorsements 2010 Phase I Recommended Practice released 2007 UKSG/NISO working group starts KBART: A Brief History 2019 KBART Automation Recommended released 2017 KBART Automation Group formed 2014 Phase II Practice released / Standing Committee
  • 12. SANLiC 2019 Conference Knowledgebase benefits & impact • They are the only true path to version of record • Essential to OpenURL linking products • Authority on content targets (they know where it is) • Assist in the identification of institution-level access • Help with the integration of discovery and ERM tools • Non-existent or incorrect data make this impossible OpenURL and Link resolvers MARC Records Discovery Layers Usage Statistics A-Z Journal Lists
  • 13. SANLiC 2019 Conference The Wiley KBART experience The Provider Perspective
  • 14. SANLiC 2019 Conference Information Supply Chain
  • 15. SANLiC 2019 Conference Wiley & KBART – A Brief History 2012 Wiley begins sharing KBART vendors through 2015 Wiley goes from 13 collections 100+ 2016 Wiley adopts Phase II recommendations, OCLC control monograph 2017 Wiley creates recommended guide and hosts meetings with 2018 Wiley updates all URLs in two platform migrations BRO). KBART automation enhancement work begins 2019 KBART files hosted on SharePoint & public-facing page on WOL
  • 16. SANLiC 2019 Conference Wiley KBART creation • System-generated files based on sales packages • Follow KBART Phase II recommendations • Include OCNs for monograph collections • Manual review of data elements and population • Collections updated monthly
  • 17. SANLiC 2019 Conference Wiley KBART delivery • 13 different knowledgebase partners • FTP no more; files now posted to a SharePoint site • Vendors harvest data and updates • Monthly communication with vendor partners • Updated KBART page on Wiley Online Library
  • 18. SANLiC 2019 Conference • Increase awareness, transparency, and access to files as needed • Added accountability for vendors to update • Download files directly from this page • Files updated monthly • Opportunity to share news and updates KBART Public-Facing Site
  • 19. SANLiC 2019 Conference
  • 20. SANLiC 2019 Conference Wiley KBART collaboration • Communication with vendors to add collections • Vendor check-ins on global KB use • Work with libraries on data integrity issues • Providing bespoke KBART files, as needed • Follow developments of KBART & KBART Automation Working groups
  • 21. SANLiC 2019 Conference Wiley KBART challenges • Internal systems and change in process (FTP shut down, Sales models) • Hundreds of collections to maintain • KB transparency variance • Erratic update schedules • Not meeting needs for institution-specific holdings
  • 22. SANLiC 2019 Conference Library Perspective Workflows and challenges
  • 23. SANLiC 2019 Conference Information Supply Chain
  • 24. SANLiC 2019 Conference Library workflows • Managing for :  Users – discovery and access  Themselves - e-resources management • Select from global KB to build local KB • Identifying and aligning what they’ve purchased • Constantly updating for journal renewals or new content packages • Collaboration with vendors and providers to identify packages • Troubleshooting issues
  • 25. SANLiC 2019 Conference User Journey From “KBART: Knowledge Bases and RelatedTools” (p. 3), by NISO/UKSG KBARTWorking Group. 2010 ( es/KBART_Phase_I_Recommended_Pr actice.pdf ). Copyright 2010 by the National Information Standards Organization and the UKSG.
  • 26. SANLiC 2019 Conference How KBART files work for libraries • Alignment - find or create a stock product KB collection that matches purchase • If a package matches a “frontlist” or “subject” collection, very easy to find and use – these products also sold to other libraries • KBART for a whole provider usually means manual holdings workflows is required • A solution is needed to handle KBART metadata at scale (too many providers) Everything on platform Library Package Open Access Content Backfiles
  • 27. SANLiC 2019 Conference Library workflows For “custom” packages, library sends updates to vendors by : 1. Get list of what’s accessible at publisher sites 2. Check that it matches a purchase 3. If not KBART, transform 4. Send custom package lists to KB vendors 5. Repeat cycle for renewals or new purchases
  • 28. SANLiC 2019 Conference Challenges for libraries • Relevant collections not easy to find or don’t exist • Files/collection contents are outdated • Creating custom collections are too labor-intensive • Links break • No access to title in a package • Lack of accountability; who needs to fix the problem (provider or vendor) • MARC records can lag behind availability on publisher website • Retracted rights, postponed publication, change of subject collection • Working in a consortia environment is difficult (process decentralized, local vs. member access not clear) • Converting access/entitlement reports to KBART can be burdensome (w/o necessary data) • Doesn’t cover all content types • All title history isn’t included • Transfers are tricky; providers/vendors don’t update coverage dates • Open Access files not treated with same diligence as licensed content
  • 29. SANLiC 2019 Conference Solutions, Resources and Q&A Looking to the future
  • 30. SANLiC 2019 Conference Solutions to our problems: provider mandates KBART Holdings (proposed) • Many access entitlement reports come in proprietary format and don’t extra information • Would make it easier for libraries to submit KBART to vendors • Helps fill the gaps for content outside of stock packages • Would help with KBART Automation, holdings now formatted • Would still require some manual work from librarians Hire content experts (proposed) • Hire librarians / information specialists who understand KBART • Make them customer facing / cross train others in the organization • Several large commercial publishers are creating/supporting these positions • Commit resources and budget for future enhancements (beyond automation)
  • 31. SANLiC 2019 Conference Solutions to our problems: coming soon KBART Phase III (2019) • Expansion into new content types; textual and non-textual • Globalization improvements • Language • Translated or transliterated title information • Contributor names • Supporting additional, optional, & dynamic file formats • Investigation into improvements for hybrid OA and article- • Publishers will be asked to submit files for endorsement Phase I (2010) • Journals Phase II (2014) •Books and Conference Proceedings Phase III (2019) • OA, Streaming, Archives and more
  • 32. SANLiC 2019 Conference Solutions to our problems: coming soon Ex Libris Provider Zone (2019-2020) • Alma is growing to be the number one, solutions provider • Pilot for providers to update vendor KB call • Requires development for implementation • Cuts down on library wait for provider • Provides some transparency on provider
  • 33. SANLiC 2019 Conference Solutions to our problems: coming soon KBART Automation (2019) • Utilizes an API to send library holdings data from provider to • Libraries opt-in to sending their holdings to their vendor of choice • Originally developed by Elsevier, adopted by OCLC and Ex Libris • NISO working group included provider, vendors, and libraries • Recommended Practice released June 2019 • No more manual work from libraries • Current publisher participants: EBSCO, Elsevier, SpringerNature, ProQuest, Rittenhouse • Current vendor participants: OCLC and Ex Libris • Coming to Wiley (expected in 2020)
  • 34. SANLiC 2019 Conference E-Resource Librarian Vendors CAR KBART/CAR Key Current State Workflows Future State Workflows 2.) CAR sent to library 3.) Library examines list and makes manual changes in Library Solutions Vendor platform to reflect accurate holdings 34 Wiley KBART: Solution Automated KBART holdings from WOL workflows
  • 35. SANLiC 2019 Conference KBART Resources NISO/UKSG KBART Working Group. (2010). “KBART: Knowledge Bases and Related Tools.” Retrieved from KBART Phase II Working Group. (2014). “KBART: Knowledge Bases and Related Tools Recommended Practice.” Retrieved from NISO RP-26-2019, KBART Automation: Automated Retrieval of Customer Electronic Holdings. Retrieved from 2019_KBART_Automation.pdf Links to the latest information: KBART for Content Providers (Style Guide, template files, etc.): committees/kbart/kbart-content-providers KBART Automation: KBART Interest Listserv: Wiley KBART Page:
  • 36. SANLiC 2019 Conference Thanks for attending! +1 201.748.9527 https://www.linkedin.c om/in/matthew- ragucci/ Slides: CrashCourse
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