SANLIC 2019 - Dressing your library for success: the Importance of electronic resource alignment

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Resource discovery and access are key drivers for content usage. Aligning electronic resources has become an increasingly complex and labor-intensive activity. Librarians and staff need to be competent in making content discoverable and accessible. This session will cover key concepts in e-resource cataloging, discoverability and using knowledgebases to create access points. Participants will leave understanding how to apply those concepts at their own institutions.
  • 1. SANLiC Preconference Workshop Dressing your library for success: The importance of electronic resource alignment Matthew Ragucci, MLIS Library Solutions Architect
  • 2. SANLiC Preconference Workshop Personal background and session structure Introductions 2
  • 3. SANLiC Preconference Workshop Personal Background Education • Bachelor of Arts History, Spanish (Marist College, 2007) • Master of Library and Information Science (Rutgers University, 2010) Internships • Fair Haven Public Library • Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Museum & Archives Professional roles • Various roles at public libraries in Circulation, Reference and Management departments • Reference & Instruction Librarian / Technical Services Manager at Brookdale Community College • Technical Services Manager > Library Solutions Architect at Wiley Publications • MARC Metamorphosis: Transforming the Way You Look at E-Book Records (2019) • Evidence-Based Acquisition: A Real Life Account of Managing the Program (2017) 3
  • 4. SANLiC Preconference Workshop Session Structure Defining the work • Why we fight • Technical services definitions • Referral traffic Content provider roles • Metadata Provisions • Discovery Feeds • Working with vendors How Librarians work to… • Promote Discovery • Improve Access • Troubleshoot Issues Closing • Activity • Reemphasizing implications • Resources • Questions 4
  • 5. SANLiC Preconference Workshop Disclaimers Different workflows American perspective Informative yet informal 5
  • 6. SANLiC Preconference Workshop Definitions, rationale and data points Defining the work 6
  • 7. SANLiC Preconference Workshop Why we fight Discovery and Access contribute to content Usage. Usage is a key metric in determining content Value. Value is realized by Libraries and Content Providers. Image from Braveheart (1995) 7
  • 8. SANLiC Preconference Workshop Information retrieved from “NASIG Core Competencies for E-Resources Librarians” ProvideAccess • IP addresses • Proxy Servers • Catalogue • Discovery Layers • A-Z Lists • Holdings Administer • User IDs • Admin module info • URL maintenance • Claiming • Access Restrictions Provide Support • Problem log • Hardware needs • Software needs • Contact info • Troubleshoot/triage Evaluate & Monitor • User feedback • Usage statistics • Downtime analysis • Review problems Acquire • Assess need/budget • Trial use • LicenseTerms • Price • Evaluate • Order/Pay E-resource lifecycle 8
  • 9. SANLiC Preconference Workshop Technical services definitions Knowledgebases KBART files Link Resolvers Proxy Servers LibGuides COUNTER/SUSHI Content Provider Vendor Journal A-Z Lists MARC Records Institutional Repositories Discovery Layers 9
  • 10. SANLiC Preconference Workshop Referrer data caveat 58% 18% 16% 6% 2% Search Engines Typed/ Bookmarked NIH Search Engines Typed/Bookmarked NIH Library Channels Social Networks Wiley Online Library Referral Traffic – June 2019 10
  • 11. SANLiC Preconference Workshop Promoting discovery, access, and troubleshooting How librarians work 11
  • 12. SANLiC Preconference Workshop Preparation Research Writing Dissemination Idea “Libraries currently support preparation and dissemination phases of the research cycle most heavily.” Discovery in the Research Landscape Research Cycle Retrieved from “Beyond the index: research and discovery services in a health sciences library.” Image from Avatar (2009) 12
  • 13. SANLiC Preconference Workshop Students Publisher platforms Full text access Social Networks Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter Subject specific A&Is CABI, ERIC, PsycInfo, Inspec TDM services RightFind XML, Linguamatics Major evaluative A&Is CAS, Web of Science, Scopus, PubMed Professional networks Medscape, Sermo, Article management tools ReadCube, Colwiz, Zotero Discovery Services Primo, Summon, EDS, WorldCat Agent gateways EJS, J-Gate Library Systems OPACs, A-Z lists, link resolvers etc Web-scale search Google, Google Scholar, Bing, Baidu Subject portals RePEc, SSRN, PhilPapers SCNs Mendeley , ResearchGate, Corporate info tools Quosa, DirectPath Current awareness Meta, Sparrho Library services Pubget, BrowZine, Boopsie Discovery pathways Aggregator platforms Document delivery Institutional repositories Researchers Librarians Information retrieved from “Blazing new paths: Charting advanced researcher patterns.” Faculty 13
  • 14. SANLiC Preconference Workshop Discovery Workflows MARC Records Library Discovery Layer Institutional Repository Reference Material A&I Databases Digital Collections Students Researchers Librarians Catalog (OPAC) Faculty Non-sanctioned discovery 14
  • 15. SANLiC Preconference Workshop Fast Facts: • Discovery through Description • Serials and monographs • Preferred data elements • Not all records are equal • AACR2 > RDA • Use MARCEdit, it’s free! MARC Records 001 019 020 024 035 Unique Identifier ISSN ISBN DOI OCN 245 250 Title Publication info 072 65X BISAC SHs LC SHs MeSHs 040 Cataloging sources 300 33X Physical Description RDA 776 Additional Physical Form 050 082 LC Classification Number Dewey Decimal Classification Number 490 830 Series statements 856 Linking: -Content -TOC -Cover image 100 Author 505 520 Table of contents Book summary 9XX Local Cataloging Data 15
  • 16. SANLiC Preconference Workshop =LDR 05156cam 2200745La 4500 =001 ocm47008401 =003 OCoLC =005 20160112044651.1 =006 mou =007 crcn||||||||| =008 010306s1999mauob0010engd =020 $a0631227490$q(electronic bk.) =020 $a9780631227496$q(electronic bk.) =020 $a0470998385$q(electronic bk.) =020 $a9780470998380$q(electronic bk.) =020 $a9781405164504 =020 $z0631201300$q(Cloth) =024 7$a10.1002/9780470998397$2doi =035 $a(OCoLC)47008401$z(OCoLC)184983715$z(OCoLC)241071383$z(OCoLC)2441751 =037 $a9780631201304$bBlackwell$n =050 4$aHF5387$b.C655 1999eb =072 7$aBUS$x008000$2bisacsh =082 04$a174/.4$221 =084 $aB82-053$2clc =084 $aF718$2clc =084 $aB822. 9$2clc =049 $aMAIN =245 02$aA companion to business ethics/$cedited by Robert E. Frederick. =260 $aMalden, Mass. :$bBlackwell Publishers,$c1999. =300 $a1 online resource (xvi, 464 pages). =336 $atext$btxt$2rdacontent =337 $acomputer$bc$2rdamedia =338 $aonline resource$bcr$2rdacarrier =490 1$aBlackwell companions to philosophy ;$v17 =504 $aIncludes bibliographical references and index. =505 00$tBusiness Ethics and Normative Theories --$tA Kantian approach to business ethics /$rNorman E. Bowie --$tUtilitarianism and business ethics /$rMilton Snoeyenbos, James Humber --$tBusiness ethics and virtue /$rRobert C. Solomon --$tSocial contract approaches to business ethics: bridging the "is-ought" gap /$rThomas W. Dunfee, Thomas Donaldson --$tBusiness ethics and the pragmatic attitude /$rDouglas R. Anderson --$tAn outline of ethical relativism and ethical absolutism /$rRobert E. Frederick --$tFeminist theory and business ethics /$rRobbin Derry --$tBusiness ethics in a free society /$rTibor R. Machan --$tNature and business ethics /$rWilliam C. Frederick --$tToward new directions in business ethics: some pragmatic pathways /$rSandra B. Rosenthal, Rogene A. Buchholz --$tBusiness ethics: pragmatism and postmodernism /$rR. Edward Freeman, Robert A. Phillips --$tBusiness Ethics and the Business Disciplines --$tEthics in management /$rArchie B. Carroll --$tFinance ethics /$rJohn R. Boatright --$tEthics in the public accounting profession /$rMohammad J. Abdolmohammadi, Mark R. Nixon --$tMarketing ethics /$rGeorge G. Brenkert -- $tLaw, ethics, and managerial judgment /$rLynn S. Paine --$tBusiness ethics and economics /$rDiane L. Swanson --$tBusiness ethics and the social sciences /$rLinda Klebe Trevino --$tIssues in Business Ethics -- $tInternational business ethics /$rRichard T. de George --$tCorporate moral agency /$rJohn R. Danley -- $tEmployee rights /$rRonald Duska --$tBusiness ethics and work: questions for the twenty-first century /$rJoanne B. Ciulla. =520 1$a"In a series of articles specifically commissioned for this volume, business ethicists survey the main areas of interest and concern in the field of business ethics."--BOOK JACKET. "The book can be used as a comprehensive text for introductory or advanced courses in business ethics, as a reference for teachers and writers in the field, or as a guide for other academic or business persons who wish to become familiar with the central issues in the field. To enhance its usefulness as a reference work, the volume includes bibliographies of the relevant literature, a list of internet sources for material on business ethics, and an extensive index."--Jacket. =588 0$aPrint version record. =590 $aWiley$bWiley Online Library E-Books =650 0$aBusiness ethics. =655 4$aElectronic books. =700 1$aFrederick, Robert. =776 08$iPrint version:$tCompanion to business ethics.$dMalden, Mass. : Blackwell Publishers, 1999$z0631201300$w(DLC) 99019775$w(OCoLC)40777040 =830 0$aBlackwell companions to philosophy ;$v17. =856 40$u$zWiley Online =994 $a92$bDG1 MARC Metadata Unique identifiers Call Numbers Publisher info Title Physical Description Series Table of Contents Abstract Subject Headings Link16
  • 17. SANLiC Preconference Workshop Discovery Layers Library Solutions Vendor Discover Layer Product ProQuest Summon Ex Libris Primo Central OCLC WorldCat Discovery EBSCO EDS/ OLE Kuali* Innovative Encore SirsiDynix Enterprise Fast Facts • Allows user to discover library through a single search • Chapter/article metadata comes index • Requires institutional-level providers and branding) • Ranking algorithm for relevant and content • Symbiotic relationship with KBART resolvers 17
  • 18. SANLiC Preconference Workshop Access: A bridge too far Knowledgebases, link resolvers, A-Z lists, proxy servers, federated access, LibGuides and consortia resources User Full-text (VOR) ? Unofficial Full-text Non-sanctioned access 18
  • 19. SANLiC Preconference Workshop Create as many sanctioned portals as possible… …by using all the tools at our disposal… …that drive to licensed, trackable content Building bridges for our users Version of Record The Version of Record (VOR) is the final typeset and edited version of the journal article that has been made available by a publisher by formally and exclusively declaring the article “published”. This includes any ‘advanced access’ article even before the compilation of a volume issue. 19
  • 20. SANLiC Preconference Workshop Utilizing Library Access Tools Journal A-Z Lists Directory of journal titles available to library users, outbound links to source content. LibGuides Online reference and instruction guides, designed for supporting research and library resource use Link Resolvers Source to target connection designed to connects readers to licensed full-text without extra authentication Knowledgebases Databases vendors use to align content provider products through collections KBART Data standard designed to cleanly indicate title/collection relationships and target links to content Proxy servers Used by libraries to give access from outside the library's computer network to restricted-access websites that authenticate users by IP address. 20
  • 21. SANLiC Preconference Workshop Journal A-Z Lists Fast Facts: • Sometimes called journal portals • Can also be utilized for databases • Alphabetical index of available titles • Include date range coverage • Different dates, different DBs • Require configuration through knowledgebases • Should be audited to ensure continuous access or to remove titles 21
  • 22. SANLiC Preconference Workshop LibGuides Fast Facts: • Links to resources but with explanations or instructions • Springshare is the sole vendor • Require web editing skills and constant maintenance • Work with faculty for content and promotion • Track traffic and statistics 22
  • 23. SANLiC Preconference Workshop Proxy Servers Fast Facts: • Maintain institutional configuration stanza; a whitelist of appropriate targets • Major products: EZproxy (OCLC), WAM (III) and TDproxy ((TDNet) • Vendor-neutral solution that connects to many content providers • Require maintenance and testing • Append to all resources links (MARC records, discovery layers or A-Z lists) • Clear IPs with content providers 23
  • 24. SANLiC Preconference Workshop Link Resolvers Fast Facts: • Source to target connection • Providers citation chasers with easy access • Unavailable content gets channeled to ILL requests • Work with publishers for base URLs and rebranding • Require configuration through the vendor knowledgebase Library Solutions Vendor Link Resolver Product ProQuest 360 Link Ex Libris SFX OCLC Link Resolver EBSCO LinkSource Innovative WebBridge 24
  • 25. SANLiC Preconference Workshop Knowledgebases Fast Facts: • Required for many products:  Link resolvers  A-Z Lists  Discovery Layers  MARC records • Vendor feed from content providers • Collections map to content packages (not specific subscriptions) • Collections can be created to reflect institution-specific holdings • Must be constantly monitored 25
  • 26. SANLiC Preconference Workshop KBART Fast Facts: • KnowledgeBase And Related Tools • Recommended practice created in 2007 to ensure the timely transfer of accurate data to knowledgebases vendors and link resolver providers • Data sources for knowledgebases • Created by content providers & libraries • Has evolved overtime to meet emerging needs of libraries (books, OA, consortia) • Files subject to updates (data corrections, link updates, new publications, transfer/withdrawn titles) • Require frequent updates 1. publication title 2. print identifier 3. online identifier 4. date first issue online 5. number first vol online 6. number first issue online 7. date last issue online 8. number last vol online 9. number last issue online 10. title URL 11. first author 12. title id 13. embargo info 14. coverage depth 15. notes 16. publisher name 17. publication type 18. date monograph published print 19. date monograph published online 20. monograph volume 21. monograph edition 22. first editor 23. parent publication title id 24. preceding publication title id 25. access type KBART Phase II Data Fields 2007 UKSG/NISO Working group starts 2010 Phase I RP released 2011 KBART provider endorsements 2014 Phase II released / NISO Standing Committee 2017 KBART Automation Working Group 2019 Phase III / Automation RPs released KBART: A Brief History 26
  • 27. SANLiC Preconference Workshop KBART file for serials content
  • 28. SANLiC Preconference Workshop PHASE II data fields KBART file for monograph content
  • 29. SANLiC Preconference Workshop Troubleshooting E-Resource Issues Image from Pulp Fiction (1994) • Determine as much as you can prior to contact an external party • Try to be as descriptive as possible (include screengrabs or videos) • Be persistent and make sure the issue is fully resolved • Don’t not be afraid to escalate (sales reps or supervisors) • Track issues in system (instead of just answer emails and calls) • Learn from problems - work into purchasing decision and ask prospective vendors Essential Skills and Knowledge for Troubleshooting Troubleshooting Access Problems 1. Overview of discovery and access environment 2. Common points of failure 3. Authentication and authorization 4. OpenURL and link resolvers 5. Differences and similarities between access for OA/free resource and license/paid resources 6. Discovery index content, activations and linking mechanisms 7. Metadata resources, quality, and impact on access 8. Detailed interaction between link resolver, discovery index, discovery layer, and LMS 9. Distinguishing isolated issues from widespread problems 10. Effective communication with system vendors and content providers Retrieved from: “Essential skills and knowledge for troubleshooting e- resources access issues in a web-scale discovery environment.” (2017) 29
  • 30. SANLiC Preconference Workshop How publishers help drive content discovery and access Content provider roles 30
  • 31. SANLiC Preconference Workshop Content provider responsibility for metadata Link Resolver setup Information on Proxy Stanzas Data to Discovery Layers MARC Records KBART files COUNTER Data/SUSHI info 31
  • 32. SANLiC Preconference Workshop Publisher Vendor Library User CrossRef IdP Platform Create and delivery FT feeds Database Create and delivery title lists Repository Central Index Ranking Linking Options DOI Direct OpenURL Link Resolver Knowledgebase Select Collections Prioritize Collections Configure DOI Linking Configure Direct Linking Configure OpenURL Select Targets Select Limit Search Databases Set Ranking Preferences Select DOI Linking Select Direct Linking Select OpenURL CrossRef Database DOI Resolution Abstract Full-TextAuthenticated Configure Authentication IP. U/P. SSO Discovery Dataflows Retrieved from: “Should publishers work with library discovery technologies and what can they do.” (2016)32
  • 33. SANLiC Preconference Workshop • Determining the real problem is half the battle (broken access has many causes) • Blame game or apathy from content providers or vendors • Support teams do have service level agreements to resolve cases • Escalation tracks exist, where more experienced staff or product specialists get involved • Opportunity to improve products and services • Threats to revenue usually led to faster resolution Content provider roles for troubleshooting Image from Spiderman (2002) 33
  • 34. SANLiC Preconference Workshop Activity, implications, resources and Q&A Closing 34
  • 35. SANLiC Preconference Workshop Activity 35
  • 36. SANLiC Preconference Workshop Activity: Dressing a specific resource Scenario: Your library has just purchased an evidence-based eBook package. Trackable use of this content is critical for making perpetual access title selections and justifying your collection budget for next year. Your job is to dress this resource for success! Instructions: Work independently or in pairs. Write down all of the tools you would use to set up this resource. Are any tools you would omit or add for this scenario? Why not? Nominate a spokesperson to discuss your choices and compare with the rest of the room. 36
  • 37. SANLiC Preconference Workshop Better Metadata Could Help Save The World! 37
  • 38. SANLiC Preconference Workshop Vendor product alignment table Library Solutions Provider Discover Layer Link Resolver A-Z List Proxy MARC Records Integrated Library System Library Service Platform ProQuest Summon 360 Link E-Journal Portal 360MARC Intota Ex Libris Primo SFX Primo A-Z List Community Zone Voyager, Aleph Alma OCLC WorldCat Discovery Link Resolver AZ Link EZproxy WorldCat WorldShare EBSCO EDS LinkSource E-Journals Database Innovative Encore WebBridge WAM III SkyRiver Millennium, Polaris Sierra SirsiDynix Enterprise Symphony, Horizon BLUEcloud Open Source VUFind, Blacklight Koha, Evergreen, Librakia OLE Kuali* * Funded by EBSCO 38
  • 39. SANLiC Preconference Workshop Webliography References Carter, S., & Traill, S. (2017). Essential skills and knowledge for troubleshooting e-resources access issues in a web-scale discovery environment. Journal of Electronic Resources Librarianship, 29(1), 1-15. Conrad, L. Y., & Somerville, M. M. (2013). Blazing new paths: Charting advanced researcher patterns. NASIG Executive Board (2013) Core Competencies for E-Resources Librarians. Retrieved from: Meadows, Alice (2019) Better Metadata Could Help Save The World! Scholarly Kitchen Blogpost. Retrieved from:
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