Self-Healing Guar Gum-Glycerol Hydrogel

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1. Ultra-flexible Self-Healing Guar Gum-Glycerol Hydrogel with Injectable, Antifreeze, and Strain- Sensitive Properties Presenter: Ahmed Madni Registration No.:…
  • 1. Ultra-flexible Self-Healing Guar Gum-Glycerol Hydrogel with Injectable, Antifreeze, and Strain- Sensitive Properties Presenter: Ahmed Madni Registration No.: SP18-R02-002
  • 2. Introduction
  • 3. Hydrogel o Hydro-gels are polymeric material o It acts very similar to natural tissue due to their large water content 3
  • 4. o Natural polymers, extracted from the guar seeds o An edible low-cost polymer o Water-soluble polyhydroxy polysaccharide o A raw material for the preparation of smart wearable hydrogels Guar Gum Hydrogel 4
  • 5. Objective(s) of Current Study 5 o Borax-cross-linked GG hydrogels are very brittle, and have weak flexibility, slow self-healing effect, and poor low temperature tolerance o To overcome the above mentioned problems in Borax-crosslinked GG Hydrogel using facile method
  • 6. Methodology
  • 7. Preparation of GG-glycerol Hydrogel 7 Figure 1. Schematic illustration of the preparation of the GG-glycerol hydrogel.
  • 8. 1. Water absorption measurement (Using standard saline solution) 2. Scanning electron microscopy (Nova Nano SEM 230) 3. FTIR spectroscopy (Nicolet 380 FTIR spectrometer) Characterization 8
  • 9. 4. Antifreezing analysis (Differential scanning calorimetry) 5. Microscopic observation of self-healing process (Optical Microscope) 6. Adhesion tests (Digital tensile machine) 7. Electrical tests (LCR meter) Characterization 9
  • 10. Results and Discussion
  • 11. Wet Hydrogel Cross-Linking 11 Figure 2. (a) Effect of different borax concentration (wt %) on gel formation.
  • 12. Swelling Analysis Figure 2. (b) Swelling properties of wet GG-glycerol hydrogel and GG hydrogel in standard saline solution (0.9% NaCl) at room temperature. 12
  • 13. FTIR Analysis 13 Figure 3. (a) FTIR spectra of GG. (b) FTIR spectra of GG glycerol hydrogel.
  • 14. Hydrogel Mechanical Properties 14 Figure 4. (a) Mechanism model of GG-glycerol hydrogel extension and stretching.
  • 15. Injectable Property Figure 4. (b) Syringe injection of different shapes and variation of viscosity in variable frequency scanning of GG-glycerol hydrogel. 15
  • 16. Morphology Observation 16 Figure 5. (a) Cross-section FE-SEM pictures of GG hydrogel. (b) Cross section FE-SEM pictures of GG-glycerol hydrogel.
  • 17. Antifreeze Property 17 Figure 7. (a) Deionized water and water glycerol mixture solution (volume ratio 9:1) for freezing at −16 °C for 4 h. (b) Before and after GG hydrogel and GG-glycerol hydrogel for freezing at −16 °C for 1 h.
  • 18. Self-Healing Property Analysis 18 Figure 8. Optical microscopy to observe the self-healing process of crack hydrogel.
  • 19. Self-Adhesive and Strain-Sensitive Properties 19 Figure 9. (a) Self-adhesion of the transparent GG-glycerol hydrogel film. (b) Strain sensitive detection model. (c) Relative resistance changes of the GG-glycerol hydrogel sensor. The insets show the hydrogel strain sensor adhered onto the finger straightening and bending.
  • 20. o No biological function is assessed Constrain(s) in Current Study 20
  • 21. o Self-adhesive hydrogel dressings o 3D-printing o Drug delivery o Artificial electronic skin Future Prospects 21
  • 22. Reference Pan, X., Wang, Q., Ning, D., Dai, L., Liu, K., Ni, Y., Chen, L., & Huang, L. (2018). Ultraflexible Self- Healing Guar Gum-Glycerol Hydrogel with Injectable, Antifreeze, and Strain-Sensitive Properties. ACS Biomaterials Science & Engineering, 4(9), 3397-3404. 22
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