Smart Agriculture on Computers and Handheld Devices

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The Human brain has the ability to have limited amount of information. We are also having limited ability to get the knowledge to interpret the information. But computers play an important role in record keeping in the agriculture field so with the
  Smart Agriculture on Computers and Handheld Zaheer Abbas Aghani 1  , Mir Sajjad Hussain 1 , Sagheer Abbas Aghani 2 1 Information Technology Centre, Sindh Agriculture University Tandojam, Sindh, Pakistan 2 Department of Statistics, Sindh Agriculture University Tandojam, Sindh, Pakistan*Corresponding Author: , Phone no.+923110358607   ABSTRACT: The Human brain has the ability to have limited amount of information. We are also having limited ability to  get the knowledge to interpret the information.  But computers play an important role in record keeping in the agriculture field so with the use of computer technology we can gather high amount of information and share it easily among the peoplewho are related to agriculture. There are a lot of peoples who are using mobiles and tablets  for checking email, news, weather, grain price information, and more. Sowe wanted to create a  guide or solution for users through which they can get crops knowledge easily. There are several  Apps that had been already built but this research has the aim to create a web based app which will guide the userswho don’t have proper knowledge of crops, and have the limited knowledge of English or don’t have knowledge of  English so this research isconsist of a web based app in Sindhi Language. This research is based on  serials crops information  such as Crop (Wheat,  Barley, and Corn).There are a lot research work done on agriculture apps but they are in  English language if a  person doesn’t know  English how he’ll get most of apps. This research is consisting on app in Sindhi Language because there are a lot of  peoples in Sindh who belong to agriculture but they don’t understand  English so that is main aim behind our app.The app in this research will be affordable for every former due to the availability of low-cost devices so our app can beaccess from computers as well as hand held devices.There are a lot of crops all over the world and so we want to research on limited cereal crops such as Wheat, Barley, and Corn. The app will be consisting of cereal crops introduction, disease,  Pesticide, Graphically representation of crops.  Keywords:  Smart Agriculture, Crop Diseases, Computers, Handheld Device, Mobiles, ICT, Sindhi Language, Crop Protection. 1. INTRODUCTION  Progress has been madeover past six years tocheck the spread of suchdisease from FY10.Meanwhile, federalministry of National FoodSecurity and Research(MNFSR) and federalorganizations likeSuparco and PCSIR research commissionscontinue to support provincial actions inidentifying and trying toget rid from crop diseases.“Suparco’s satelliteimagery or graphicalrepresentational surveysof crops help ingenerating earlyforecasting on overallweather impact on cropsincluding its possibleimpact on proliferation of crops diseases,”confirmed by a senior official of Sindhagriculture department.Farming has effected badly internationallyrelatively in a short time.Limits are beingcompressing and regularlygetting lower. Towithstand the farmer needed to be updatedfrom old tools or techniques to modern.The speediness of thismodification leadtroubles, particularly thefarmer’s capability tocollect as well as actionacceptable info in such asway that makeknowledgeable judgmentwhich affect theadvantageousness of theagribusiness. Farmershave to face uncertaintiesand risks because of limited information whileworking on crops so thiswill lead them free fromuncertainties and risksthrough our user guideapp. As ageneral rule, an Appneeds to be “user friendly” and “accessed by multiple devices”.Great amount of appsdoes not come with a user guide or a manual. A person can access our appfrom computers as well assmart phones it well guideformers how to save cropsfrom different diseases.Proper guide from startwill lead them to grow better crops. 2. RELATED LITERATURE REVIEW  When computer technology was made itlooks as a dominant tool because of calculation andarrangement of documents.Simultaneously,communicationtechnologies were also being matured due tocarry of information fromone point to another. Hereand there it looks like,two technologies meettogether in such a waythat they deliver the beginning of informationand communicationtechnology (ICT) periodically quoted ascommonly (IT) [4].Cultivation and rusticareas improvementexperiencing modern andfast modifications becauseof proliferation andmodern automation thatconverts the techniquesfor production [5]. Thereis no cosmicallyconfirmed explanation of ICT because theapproach, modes andoperations contained inICT are changing almostregularly. It hits so rapidthat it is hard to keep upwith the transformation.ICT is explained here tocap any brand that willtransmit or receive, store,retrieve, manipulate dataelectronically in a digitalform, such as, computers,digital television, robots,email etc [6]. E-Agriculture concern withthe approach, map,evaluation and applicationof new approach to handleinformation andcommunicationtechnologies (IT) in theagrarian territory, with basic efforts onagriculture [7]. Indifferent flourishingcountries, ICTs producethe agile burgeoningindustries and aredomineering developingmacroeconomicimportance. One of themajor causes of thecurrent difficulty andscarcity problems inPakistan is shortage of a  sound high-tech base onwhich continuousdevelopment can belief.Currently, ICT is limitedto only the urban centersof the countries, yetfigures has it that about70% of the citizens of flourishing countries are breathing in agrarianareas. Utilization of ICTin crop protection thougha relatively modernanomaly, signs of theimprovement of ICT toagricultural improvementand deficit reduction is becoming progressively palpable. [9] A few usualconcerns in acceptance of ICT in rural portions suchas lack of knowledge of ICT, deficiency of admissible and sectariancontents in their ownlanguages, difficult andexpensive convenienceand other problems likealertness and eagernessfor approval of moderntechnologies betwixt of the rural peoples caneasily be directed with theapplication of ICT. [10]. Agriculture is animportant because it is asource of income for rural based persons. If it getsany kind of bad effectfrom any type of problem,it affects the life of rural based persons. Theremust be a solutionavailable for agrarianarea. Web based app is away to store informationand can be available every part of the world. 3. SMART  AGRICULTURE  SYSTEM ANALYSIS  The detailed informationis below which facilitatethe challenged tasks inagriculture. Seerequirements below. 1. Preservation:  Thereare five types of user roleswhich can access this web based app which are listed below. 1.1 Administrator:  Most powerful role among alluser roles inadministrator. If a user have administrator rolecan add new posts, editany posts created by other user on system, and evendelete other user’s poststoo. He or she also caninstall and delete plug-insas well as themes onsystem. Other user on thissystem can be added bythis user, can changeinformation aboutregistered users plus their  passwords as well asdelete any user (yes other administrators too). 1.2 Editor: Users withthe editor role in thissystem have full controlon the content sectionsyour website. Users canadd, edit, publish, anddelete any posts on thissystem including the oneswritten by others. User with editor role canmoderate, edit, and deletecomments as well.Editors cannot change thissystem setting, install plug-ins and themes, or add new users. 1.3 Author: If user havethe role of author he or she can write, edit, and publish their own posts,and can delete their own posts, although if they are published. When anauthor writing posts, he or she cannot generatecategories however theycan choose from already built in categories.However they can addtags to their posts.Authors can seecomments even those thatare awaiting review, butthey have abilitymoderate, approve, or delete any comments.They cannot have accessto settings, plugins, or themes, so it is amoderately low-risk user role on a site with theomission of their ability todelete their own postsonce they’re published. 1.4 Contributor:  Theyhave ability to add new posts and edit their own posts, but they cannotgenerate any posts notalike their own. Whenwriting posts they cannotgenerate new categoriesand will have to choosefrom already built incategories. However, theycan generate tags to their  posts.The biggest detriment of acontributor role is thatthey do not have ability toupload files (meaningthey are unable to addimages on their ownarticle).Contributors cansee comments even those pending moderation. Butthey are unable approveor delete comments.They cannot access thesettings, plugins, or themes, and cannotmodify any settings onyour site. 1.5 Subscriber:  Userswith this user role canlogin to system andupdate their user profiles.They have ability tochange their passwords if they want to. They areunable to write posts,view comments, or doanything else in thissystem admin area. Thisuser role is particularlyhandy if you require usersto login first before theycan read a post or leave acomment. 2. Multi-user:  Thissystem can be access fromdifferent users such asFarmers, Students,Teacher, and ExpertsSimultaneously by the useof World Wide Web. 3. User Access:  Thesystem can be used byFarmers, Students,Teacher, and Experts fromany point using secureWorld Wide Web and or handheld devices. 4. Availability of System: From the availability perspective it is availablefor users with the help of World Wide Web,handheld devices, and User can access thissystem through Internet,mobile phones, andclassical media betwixtothers. 5. Data Validation:  Inthis system information isgathered from specialistand gurus of SindhAgriculture UniversityTandojam Sindh andtested as well asconfirmed by them too.Information in the systemcomes from professionals,experts and tested as wellas confirmed withscientific experiment.Variation is not allowableunless there is an updatedversion of the firstinformation. 6. Testable:  Farmers,Students, Teacher, Expertscan test that theinformation they receivedis factual byvisiting back to this web based application thedouble time or more.  7. Accustomed:  Everyuser can easily get theaccess of this informationsystem. If they want toadd their information theycan easily add throughthis system admin panel but they must register or login on this system andthey also can add data by just commenting below todisease posts. 4. SMART  AGRITCULTURE  SYSTEM ANALYSIS  The key factors have beendefined through the helpof architecture of thissystem andcommunications betwixtthese components. Thissystem is modeled hencea user can viewinformation in the system,the user need to just writeweb based app addressand he or she can see alist of crop disease, list of crops with names, andEnglish to SindhiAgriculture Dictionary. If farmers , students,teachers, experts visit adisease he or she can seedetails of disease, whichinclude introduction of disease, cause of disease,and how to save cropsfrom disease, a person canzoom-in and zoom-out thetext of disease, and a person can comment below to the disease. If auser select a single cropsuch as wheat he or shecan view all list of onlythat crop disease fromwhere he or she also visitcrop disease. If a user visit English to Sindhidictionary he or she cansearch English words intoEnglish if word match toour database user can seeits meaning in Sindhi elsehe’ll see message “Word Not Found”, and notfound word will beautomatically send toemail and message over mobile phone throughwhich admin can add thatword into database.There is also a panel fromwhere a visitor can chatwith administrator. Thissystem permits farmers tovisit this system at sametime for validinformation. Updatemodule in this system isaccessed by registereduser and administrator with the help of email or username and passwordthrough admin panel.To create an app which isaffordable for everyformer due to theavailability of low-costdevices our app can beaccess from computers aswell as hand held devices.To research on crops wewill create a guide for limited crops becausethere are a lot of crops allover the world so thisresearch will be onlimited cereal crops suchas Wheat, Barley, andCorn. The app will beconsisting of cereal cropsintroduction, disease,Pesticide, Graphically or Imaginary representationof crops.How to model andappliance the very cheapand user friendly app inSindhi Language for formers as well ascommon persons relatedto agriculture? It is fair that this is a centralinterest, which needresults and it is theresolved of this researchto direction some of themwith appropriate target tomodel and appliance theCrops guide applicationfor formers or common persons. In trying to fixsome of these analysis, itmay fit the study of aagriculture guide app for formers based upon WorldWide Web of thingstechnology with smart phones will subject the basis for an considering of the problem. (A) DATABASE: It is software which isused to store and organizedata in computer terminology. It is like afile locker which can beaffected by storing data indifferent sections calledtables. When you want toaccess an appropriate fileyou query into thatappropriate section (table)and receive the file (data)you require. We had usedword press to create our web based app sodatabase has beenmanaged by word presswhich uses MySQL.When you want to createdatabase, store and wantto receive data with asingle request you needMySQL.It is open sourcesoftware by the capabilityof open source softwareMySQL work best withother famous open sourcesoftware for examplePHP, Apache web server,and Linux operatingsystem. Databases havesections or cases indatabase system whichyou can call it tables.Each section has columnsand data is stored as row.Every row is consisting of fields for each column inthe table. For instance:  A companymay have table indatabases such asemployee_salary. Thistable may have columns below: emp_id,emp_first_name,emp_last_name,emp_mobile_no,emp_salary. There are no problemof creating tables againagain writing qurieswordpress has ability tocreate tablesautomatically below indatabase. During theinstallation of wordpress ,it will create tablesautomatically, every tablehave wp_ prefix in frontof tables but we used our own prefix in this systemdatabase due to securityso table with prefix are:wpkv_commentmeta ,wpkv_comments , wpkv _links ,wpkv_options,wpkv_postmeta,wpkv_posts,wpkv_terms,wpkv_term_r elationships,wpkv_term_t  axonomy ,wpkv_usermeta ,wpkv_users. Every tablewould have differentcolumns where a personcan store data. B. UPDATE MODULE There are four users whocan update records fromadministrator panelaccording to their rolewhich is defined above auser can add a new cropor category, or byupdating or modifying a previously available cropsand categories. To includemore crop(s), press buttoninsert to insert page,include data, click updateand data will be added as page then a user can click close button to exit. Toupdate already availablecrop, press button ‘Edit,insert name of crop oninput box that isdisplaying, click ‘Update’, and your changes updated. Thediseases in my web basedsystem are posts whichcan be update same ascrop pages are update.There is also a panel for first ever web basedagriculture dictionarynamed as smartdictionary. That has twotext fields through whichuser can insert Englishword and its meaning inSindhi Language. There isalso a panel for chatsystem through which auser can changes colors of web based system textcolor, footer background,header background, link color, body backgroundcolor, and upload media,change body font. Web based system also hassmart live chat systemthrough which anadministrator can chatwith users and also canupdate setting of plug-inwhich includeenable/disable plug-in,switch between onlineand offline , enable /disable sound beep ,change direction of chat panel in front-page left,right , top ,bottom, changeskin of panel , offlinemessage , waitingmessage , welcomemessage , chat input placeholder, email input placeholder. C. VIEW MODULE On index page a personcan see logo or title andmenu of our website inheader which is controlled by the admin panel. Thereis also list of posts arearticles , search bar , loginlogout links , pages linksand new posts or articleslink by clicking on postsor links a person has beenredirect to detail page.There is also Chat optionavailable from which auser can chat with adminand get further information about their crops or he/she can getknowledge about our web based app. As I said thatall the things arecontrolled by admin panelso I am publishing admin panel images too. CONCLUSION & IMPENDING WORK  Crop production and protection is importantnowadays due to closerelationship of mankindwith agriculture. Thereare a lot of ways toimprove agriculture buttechnologicalimprovement andinformation spreading isan easily available waythrough whichdissemination of information is reliable andtrusted.This research providecomplete requisites,design andimplementation of crop protection in form of web based system, throughwhich students , farmers,teachers, experts can getinformation anytimeanywhere with use of electronic devices such ascomputers , websites , andhandheld devices. ThisSmart Agricultureapplication is very booming and explicitthrough the use of thisweb based applicationfarmers can secure their crops from different viralfungal diseases, and italso reduce cost of management, reduce pressure of time; reduceresources and distances ,due to quick communication throughuse of technology. Thisresearch study andimplement limitless possibilities and a lot of ways for cropmanagement through theuse of ICT and internet.Initially there is no suchkind of system availablewhich provide cropsknowledge in Sindhilanguage and accessiblethrough android or web.There are many websitewhich provideinformation about crops but that is in Englishlanguage for that reasonwe thought that theremust be a thing whichshould be for people of Sindh. Other websiteshave crops knowledge butthat is limited but we
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