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   a~ // <.. }-~   -- ;. : S b  - rv ),  . )   .C ¡{·b 60::S   \ ~   \ -  I LIOTEC UCM m ~ ~~~~ ~~ m   4900853998 v  f   ;:,~? T I ti l'  . / f   , ; \ .,.. 2 :\   ~ t > ; i{   : ;<,'  aunal Remains from KlasiesRiverMouth LEWISR.BINFORD DepnrtmcntofAnthropology UniversityofNewMéxicoAlbuquerquc,NewMéxico StudiesinArchaeology Acompletelist ot tillesinthisseriesappearsaltheend 1thisvolume 1984 @ ACADEMIC PRESS INC HARCOURT BRACErOVANOV[CH.pURLlSHERS OrlandoSanDiegoSanFranciscoNewYorkLondon Toronro Montreal SydneyTokvo Sao l aulo  1 ; ) I  , ,~¡    COPYRIGHT © 19B4, BYACADF.MICPRESS, INC. ALl RIGHTSRESERVEO.NOPARTOFTHIS PUBlICATIOH Mio)'BEREPRODUCEDOR TRANSMIlTED INANYFORMORBYANYMEANS,ELECTRONICORMECHANICAL, INClUDING PHOTOCOPY,RECORDlNG,ORANY INfORMATION STORAOEANDRETRIEVALSYSTEM,WITHOUTPERMISSIONINWRITINGFROMTHEPUBLlSHER. ACADEMICPRESS.INC. Orlando,Florida 32887 UnítedKingdomEditionpubtishedby ACADEMICPRESS.INC.(LONDON)LTD.  4 8 OvalROld,Londo NWI7DX LibraryofCongrcssCataloginginPublicationDala Binford,LewisRoberts,DateFaunalremainsfrom Klasies Rivermouth.  Studies in archaeology)Bibliography:p. lneludes indexe l. Paleolithic period, Lower--SouthAfricB- Kaapsedrifrivier Valley.2. Animal remains{Archaeology)--South Africa--KaapsedrifrivierValley. 3. Human evolution. 4. Kaapsedrifrivier Valley(South Africa --Antiquities. 5.South Africa-Antiquíties. l. Title. 11. Series GN772 42 S6BB56 19B4 573.2 B3 15909 ISBN 0-12-100070-2(a1k.paper) r ¡ Contents ListalFiguresixLis alTables xv Prefacexvii Acknowlcdgrncnts XIX l.Problem,Approaches,andtheProcessofLearning The Problcm1 ApproachestoResearch9TheRcsearchTactics:WhereDoWeSeekInsights?15 2.KlasiesRiverMouth:AProvocativeCase lntroduction t 8 EnvironmcntsPasr and PrcscntarKlasiesRiver20StoneAssemblagesofrheKlasiesRiver Mouth Sites JI DatingtheEvents Documented intheKlasiesSites J8 Summary 46 I'RINTEDINTHEUNITEOSTATESOFAMERICAfU  6 87 987fo54 \  3.\ TheKlasiesFauna:ApproachestoAnalysis   Introduction 48 Approachcs roDesctiption48      Evidcnce lor UseofrhcSite by Porcupines51EvidcnccforLcopards55 Evidcncc forHyarnas59 Asscssmcnroflntcgritv63 Unitsof Obscrvation   lnformnnon  ,uidingObscrvaticn andAnalysis65 ~liddk Stone A~l Auatomicnl-Partl-rcqucnciesfromKlasicsRiver Mourh Can: 177 lntcrprctation o Patterning X4 4.APatternReeognitionStudy Ihc AxialSkch-ron YY Horn 100 OccipitalCondylcs102 .\bxllbry AreslO.) lccth104 Mandiblc106 Vcrtcbt.rlColumnI J   Pelvis 122 Ihe : Appcndicular Skclcton123DistinctivvBrcak,lgt 152Burning159 lnrerprerationofPattcrning165 Summnrv 19 ) :> HominidSubsistcnceEeologyandLandUse SubsisrcnccTacrics192 \ /;lS KlnsicsRivcrMourhCave t aHomcBase?1971Ill EcologvnfScnvcnging20I ScavcugingandAgcProfilcs211TheEcology ofHunring115 Huuring and AgePrufilcs21   lmplicationsofVariableSubsistenccTacticsforEnvironmcnralReconstructionandDaring 225 Dating  i{ rhcSite Sequrnct 24 t Sununary  4_~ \ h;u HaH \ e l.camcdfromKlnsics?244  Í BeyondKlasiesRiverMouth:Implieations[orUnderstandingEarlyMan 1   Klasics Rivcr MouthUniquc? 248 lrnplicurionsforourldcasofrilePasr252HuunugRccon..idcn-d253 Contente Contcnts Tools, We3pom, and Hunnng Aids 254 HOlTIe Basesand the AltruisticSharingModelofHumanEvolution AnAltcmativetorhe Central-Place ForagingModelof Hominid Behavior259 Sorne Fin: Thoughts 264 Referenees 267 Index277   255  ListofFigures 1.1Apack-huntingmodelofcarlyhominid hfc. 1 1.2 Clynn Isaac'smodelfor recognition ofsircfunction.72.1 Middle Stonc Agesitcsin southcmAfnca. 19 2.2ThesourbcmAfnc.m (0;151, lookingeasrncarDieKcldcrs,SourhAfricn.222.1Tvuvrk.uumncoavt, showiJl~ locarionof C:\VC'> .tndrhc grms lopographic serrillgurKlasics RivcrMouth.23 2.4  Busbm.mhunnng .1 hrrd of hctcrogcncous garue,' by  : Baincs.26 2.5 Climaticcunditions in winrcr andsummcr,asrecen..tructedforatvpical g1.l i~l cpisodc according ro rhczonalmodcl uf van ZindcrcnBakkcr.28 2.6 Climmiccondirionsinwinrer ond sumrncr, ,l ¡ reconstrucrcd forarypicalintcrglucial cpisodc according rorbczonal model ofvan Zindcrcn Bakkcr.JO 2.7 Cape buffalo intvpicnl bu~h covcr.31  ~ BushI'ig 1Il hush COVL'f. 31 2. . The rclattonship amoug rhe various vires   rhc main vm ;11 KlasivsRivcr Mourh. : 1 2.10Verticalscctionshowíngthc n l.inouslup arnongthcvariousgrotlp oflcvcls :H thesitcsufCave1,Shcltcr1A,andCave2at Klavics Rivcr Mourh.34 2.11 Redh.irtcbccst: cx.uupl e 01 gr.17.ing unim.tls.42 2.12Comparntivcfrcqueucicsofgrasslaud VlTSUS bush-loving vpccics ncrossthcmujercxcavationuní '; al KL1siC s RiverMouth.43  
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