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Frequently Asked Questions on Tuition Grant Scheme for NonSingaporean Students Admitted To Institutes of Higher Learning (IHLs) Freshmen / Newly Admitted Students Application for Tuition Grant Scheme Q1 Am I eligible to apply for the Tuition Grant Scheme? You will be eligible for Tuition Grant for your new course at the IHLs as long as you have not already attained a diploma or degree or higher qualifications through MOE subsidies or sponsorship by the Singapore Government. If you have received
  Updated as at May 2010   MOE TG UNIT  - 1 - Frequently Asked Questions on Tuition Grant Scheme for Non-Singaporean Students Admitted To Institutes of Higher Learning(IHLs) Freshmen / Newly Admitted Students  Application for Tuition Grant Scheme Q1 Am I eligible to apply for the Tuition Grant Scheme?You will be eligible for Tuition Grant for your new course at theIHLsas long as you have notalready attained a diploma or degree or higher qualifications through MOE subsidies orsponsorship by the Singapore Government. If you have received Tuition Grant orsponsorship by the Singapore Government at the IHLs for the previous course(s) which youdid not complete, this will be taken into account when determining your eligibility for TuitionGrant for the new course.Q2 Which IHLs is the Tuition Grant Scheme extended to?Please refer to theIHLslisting.   Q3 How do I apply for the Tuition Grant Scheme?Application for the Tuition Grant Scheme can only be done online at, during the stipulated online period for each respective IHLs. Youcan refer to theonline application guidefor step-by-step instructions on submitting anapplication.Q4 When is the online application period?Please refer to the enrolment letter in your matriculation package for details on the onlineapplication period. Alternatively, you can view the details at the TGonline portal underGrantInformation > Grant Calendar.Q5 I have applied for Tuition Grant online but I need to make changes, can I do so?You can make amendments to the application details, as long as it is done within thestipulated online application period.Q6 If I missed the online application period, do I have to pay full fees for my studies?Yes, students who do not apply for the Tuition Grant Scheme will have to payunsubsidised fees for their studies. However, students can still apply for Tuition Grant inthe following Academic Year.Q7 Besides for the online application, do I have to do anything else?Yes, students will need to sign the Tuition Grant Agreement at their respective institutions inpresence of MOE officers during stipulated dates. Please refer to the enrolment letter in yourmatriculation package or refer to the TGonline portal underGrant Information > GrantCalendar. Students who failed to sign the agreement during the signing exercise will have topay unsubsidized fees for their studies at the institution. Sureties Q7 Do I have to provide sureties for the Tuition Grant Scheme?Yes, you are required to provide 2 different sureties.   Updated as at May 2010   MOE TG UNIT  - 2 -Q8 Who can be my sureties and what are their obligations?To be a surety under the Tuition Grant Scheme, the person must meet both conditions: -i. He/ she must be above 21 and below 65 years of age; andii. He / she must not be an un-discharged bankrupt.Tuition Grant recipients and their sureties are jointly & severally liable to pay theLiquidatedDamages, if the students did not complete serving their TG bonds and did not receiveapproval from our Ministry for early release. Q9 I meet the criteria for to be a surety, can I sign for myself?No, you will need 2 additional sureties to execute the Tuition Grant Agreement.Q10 What if my sureties are unable to sign the Tuition Grant agreement in Singapore?During the online application, you need to choose “Yes” for the Notary Public option. At theend of the online application period, you are able to download the agreement from theTGonline portal(Look under “Portfolio”). You may wish to email the softcopy agreement orcourier the hardcopy agreement to your sureties abroad. Your sureties are then to sign theagreement in the presence of the Notary Public, Commissioner of Oath or a practisinglawyer. Only agreements printed single-sided on A4 size plain white paper are accepted.Please refer to theNotary Public manualfor more information.Q11 What if I want to change any of my sureties, after the sureties have signed the TuitionGrant agreement?You will need to submit a change of surety request through theTGonline. Please note thatyou are limited to only one request (regardless of whether the change is for one or bothsureties). Thereafter, no additional request will be accepted unless the change request fallswithin theterms and conditionsas stipulated in the Tuition Grant agreement.You will be contacted for execution of the Supplemental Agreement at MOE once the changerequest has been approved. For change of: ã   1 surety  the remaining surety, new surety, replaced surety and the student arerequired to execute the Supplemental Agreement. ã   2 sureties  both new sureties, replaced sureties and the student will have to signthe Supplemental Agreement. Tuition Grant Obligations Q12 If I opt for the Tuition Grant Scheme, what will be my obligations?If you are an International student or Singapore Permanent Resident, you are bonded towork for registered companies in Singapore for a period of 3 years upon your graduation.Q13 Can I apply for Tuition Grant only in my 2 nd / 3 rd year of studies? If so, how manyyears of bond do I need to serve?Yes, you can apply for Tuition Grant Scheme in your 2 nd / 3 rd year of studies. The bondperiod will remain at 3 years.Q14 Currently, I am a second year student and have been receiving Tuition Grant. I wish toreject the Tuition Grant and continue my studies as a full-fee paying student. What willhappen to my bond?You will have to pay back the Tuition Grant that you received plus interest charged at the bank’s prevailing prime rate . We will issue a letter to release you and your sureties fromthe bond obligations once we received the full payment.  Updated as at May 2010   MOE TG UNIT  - 3 - Course Transfer  Q15 I am an undergraduate student from NUS/NTU/SMU/SUTD/SIT/Poly-FSIs, will I beeligible for Tuition Grant if I change to another degree course either within or across theinstitutions?   You will be eligible for Tuition Grant up to normal course duration for the new course at theinstitution less the number of semesters of Tuition Grant you had received for the previouscourse. Please check with the respective institutions on your Tuition Grant eligibility.   Q16 I am a student doing a diploma programme at SP/NP/TP/NYP/RP/NAFA/ LASALLE,will I be eligible for Tuition Grant if I change to another diploma course either within or acrossthe institutions?   Your eligibility for Tuition Grant is capped at maximum allowance of 10 semesters of TuitionGrant to complete a diploma programme. The number of semesters of Tuition Grant that youhave already received for the previous course(s) (which you did not graduate from) will beincluded within the maximum allowance of 10 semesters of Tuition Grant eligibility. Forexample, if you have enjoyed 4 semesters in the previous/current course, you are eligible toreceive another 6 semesters for the new diploma course (10 – 4).For 2nd-year direct entry students, the number of semesters that you will be eligible forTuition Grant will be capped at 8 semesters. You can check with the institutions on yourTuition Grant eligibility.Q17 I am a current student doing a diploma programme at a polytechnic/arts institution, willI be eligible for Tuition Grant if I transfer to a degree programme at a university/Poly-FSIs,and vice versa?   Yes, you will be eligible to receive Tuition Grant for the new course. Subsidy received for theprevious course will not be counted. You can check with the institution that you intend toapply to on your Tuition Grant eligibility for your new course. Graduating Students / Graduates  Employment Q18 Do I have to surrender my student pass after graduation? How can I remain inSingapore to seek employment?Upon expiry of your student pass, you can apply for a Long Term Visit Pass or Social VisitPass atImmigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA)to remain in Singapore to seekemployment. Once you have secured an employment, you will be issued with anemployment pass and your old pass will be cancelled.Q19 What types of employment will count towards serving of the Tuition Grant bond?The following types of employment will be counted:a) Local employment with a Singapore-registered company which is a:i. full-time employment (including full-time contract and temporary positions);ii. part-time employment (2 days of part-time employment with a minimum of 4 hoursof work per day, will be counted as serving 1 full day of the Tuition Grant bond);iii. self-employment and which the company is registered withAccounting &Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA); or  Updated as at May 2010   MOE TG UNIT  - 4 -iv. training or attachments where you receive some form of payments and it is not partof the subsidised course.b) Overseas employment which is a:i. full-time employment as seconded by Singapore-based company and you remainon Singapore’s company payroll;ii. full-time employment by an overseas subsidiary or a joint venture of a Singapore-based company, where the overseas subsidiary company or joint venture is ownedmore than 50% by the Singapore-based company;iii. full-time employment by a representative office overseas that is set up wholly bythe Singapore-based company, and you remain on Singapore’s company payroll.If your salary is paid by the overseas representative office, the overseas periodcan be counted towards serving the TG bond if the representative office’soperating cash flow is funded from the Singapore-based company.Q20 Is giving private tuition considered as serving the bond?Giving private tuition is not considered as serving the bond. However, being employed full-time at a tuition centre which is registered in Singapore would be counted towards servingthe bond.Q21 To fulfill my Tuition Grant bond obligation, do I have to remain in the same companyfor the entire bond period of 36 months?No, your bond obligations only require you to be employed in any Singapore-based companyfor a cumulative period of 36 months. You do not need to remain in the same company forthe entire 36 months.Q22 While serving out my Tuition Grant bond obligation, do I have to pay part of my salaryearned to MOE?No. You are only required to work for 3 years (36 months) in Singapore-based companies.Q23 Whom do I inform once I am employed or if there is any change to my employmentstatus?Please write in to theTuition Grant Unit, using theUpdate Employment form, enclosing copies   of letters from your previous and current employer(s) indicating the dates ofcommencement and cessation of employment (if any).Q24 What if I cannot find a job?You are required to keep looking for employment for up to a year. After a year ofunemployment, you may request to be released from the bond. However, you will need toshow documentary proof of all the job applications you have submitted over the year.Q25 Should I serve the bond right after my graduation or I can serve later?Tuition Grant recipients are advised to serve the bond as soon as possible. However,recipients are given up to 3 months after graduation to update on their first employment.Q26 If I become a Singapore Permanent Resident, do I still have to serve the bond?Yes. You are still required to serve the bond. You will only be released from the bond if youobtained Singapore Citizenship.Q27 Is employment during the course period counted towards serving the bond?No. Only employment after you have graduated from your studies will be considered towardsserving the bond.
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