The Disadvantages of Online Shopping

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In a previous article, I have detailed the many wonders and advantages of online shopping. With so much time spent online, shopping for clothes online certainly provides you with an avenue for convenience and ease when it comes to doing some clothes purchasing.
The Disadvantages of Online Shopping In a previous article, I have detailed the many wonders and advantages of online shopping. With so much time spent online, shopping for clothes online certainly provides you with an avenue for convenience and ease when it comes to doing some clothes purchasing. And though we have chronicled quite a considerable number of benefits that can be gleaned from doing your shopping online, it is an inevitable fact that for every advantage comes with an equally disappointing disadvantage. When it comes to obtaining merchandise from the Internet, there is one rule: all that glitters is not all gold. You may be invariably enticed with the unbelievably cheap prices, the unique design that is, unfortunately, unavailable in your local retail store or the prospect of doing all your shopping in your sweatpants and without having to leave the confines of your house. But, it would also be worthy to note that over the years since there has been a significant exodus of traditional retail shopping towards online shopping, more and more horror stories have been cropping up: Late deliveries, orders never getting shipped, items looking drastically different than the one promised online, wrong size—the list goes on. So whether you are shopping for wholesale clothing to potentially start an online clothing shopping emporium or shopping for personal consumption, it is best to contemplate on the potential dangers and disadvantages of online shopping. This is so that you can weigh your options and choose the best course to take when it comes to shopping for clothes. If you are reconsidering an important purchase or rather ambivalent on shopping online, here are some disadvantages that will aid you in coming up with an informed decision. 1.) DEPENDING ON WHERE THE ITEM IS LOCATED, SHIPPING COSTS MAY BE RATHER EXORBITANT This needs no further elaboration as shipping fees are usually shouldered by the buyer and more often than not when an item has to be shipped internationally shipping costs may be rather expensive. Sure, you are willing to pay the hefty price for a unique piece of clothing but at other times, you may fall into the trap of paying more for the shipping than for the item itself. Although, there are websites that waive shipping fees but only after you have spent a considerable amount of money so it would be best to check the shipping cost before you checkout your desired item. Do not let the excitement of having a new and rare item cloud your judgment on budgeting. 2.) DELAYED GRATIFICATION One takeaway about online shopping is the certain delayed gratification that occurs. Buying merchandise from a physical retail store ascertains you instant gratification where you can try on the item and use it on the same day you purchased it whereas buying something online would have to mean waiting for a few days to a couple of weeks or even months again depending on location. Instant gratification may be a great advantage to buying items from a physical retail store, but perhaps it would make you appreciate your purchase so much more when you have to wait for it. 3.) YOU CANNOT TRY IT ON True enough, you are given various size charts which you can refer to when it all comes down to choosing the right size for you. However, no size chart will ever give you an assurance that the outfit will look great on you. One thing about size charts is that they are basically approximates—apart from that, no two size four or size five girls would roughly have the same proportions and would look the same in one same blouse. Some size 2 girls may have bigger busts or broad shoulders–this is why trying on clothes before buying them is rather imperative. And because buying online does not give you this option, this may be the biggest disadvantage there is in buying clothes online. 4.) CREDIT CARD SCAMS Unsavory websites which would pilfer sensitive information from you do exist and sometimes they are under the guise of online shops. When this occurs, you may find yourself with a compromised credit card and may have to pay for things you have not purchased all through a phishing scam online. This is a reality online, so when transacting with various online shops, exercise extra caution especially when an online shop does not offer you any cash options. 5.) DAMAGE When you have your merchandise shipped, you run the risk of having your goods damaged. It is a possibility and there is not much you can do in order to avoid it. Just pray and hope that the company you ordered from is rather lenient with returns. When you are doing your shopping online, be selective and be wary and have a discerning eye for items that you are looking to purchase. Though online shopping may have some certain disadvantages, do not let them outweigh the obvious benefits it also has. Likewise, when you are shopping online, just keep a keen eye out and make sure you trust the company you are purchasing from.
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