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    This is our first day in TAU (Tarlac Agricultural University) with my classmates and schoolmates. We arrived at an early time to attend the flag ceremony, a tradition of every school. We are so happy to arrive safely and to step into this kind of University a well known University with a rank of top 500 Agricultural University in the Asia. Seeing the different facilities, labs, buildings and one of the kindest teachers were so amazing and so mesmerizing. After the ceremony we went through our designated departments they assigned us in different office by pair. This day we met our handsome, hardworking, good hearted, humble and smart mentor Engineer Jesus Tolentino. He introduces us different kind of machinery and how to operate it. He gave us tips and guides us on how to work with machines especially in farm machinery.    Time to do some paper works. This day was the day on updating the expenses of farm machinery; we are heading to Eng. Cabeso’s office to send some papers and to let him sign a letter that permits the farm machinery office to refuel the tractor in purpose of operating it for a tutorial to their students. It’s a little bit far from the Engineering building that we came from so we got tired after we delivered several papers back and forth. This is the map of TAU. This time Engr. Tolentino teaches us to drive a tractor, farm machinery equipment that helps the farmers to enable their work done easily and in a practical time. So we look in our map as our reference in driving to exactly determine every route we are taking. And y et we’re so proud that we did it nice and well.    A CAREER GUIDANCE JOURNAL Submitted by: Submitted to: Zaldevar Valderama Mr. Jonathan Benitez LIFE in IMMERSION
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