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  TMB Recruitment 2010 – 2011 – Tamilnad Mercantile Bank Clerks Jobs in Tamilnad Mercantile Bank (TMB)4Share TMB Recruitment  2010 – 2011 – Tamilnad Mercantile Bank Clerks  Jobs:  Tamilnad Mercantile Bank   (TMB) has given a detailadvertisement for the recruitment of Clerks  Jobs. Candidates appling for thefollo!ing positions should have all the basic qualification  as mentioned in themain advertisement. So candidates fulfilling the re#uisite criterion should go for the opportunit to get the position in the TMB. The regularl open therecruitment ever ear. This time the are going to recruit clerks as per thefollo!ing rules and regulation of the TMB.The examination  !ill be held this ear as per the sllabus given in thenotification issued b the TMB. The selection procedure !ill be go through b  written test  follo!ed b intervie!. The follo!ing are the information to see!hether ou are eligible or not. To get the complete detail about the vacancies $ %obs go the main advertisement of the TMB Recruitment – Tamilnad Mercantile Bank Jobs 2010-2011 i.e. &bout TMBThe histor of Tamilnad Mercantile Bank 'td. the then adar Bank 'td. dates back to *+. The thought of establishing a bank under the guidance of the able adar business communit !as mooted out in the &nniversar of adar Maha%anaSangam held at Tuticorin in *+,. The first full computeri-ed branch !as openedat /C 0oad Tuticorin on 1ec ,* *24. The bank had established its firstcurrenc chest in **3 at Madurai and has the industrial finance branches atCoimbatore Chennai and Secunderabad.   TMB INIT! #$$%IC#TI&N 'R&M IN(I#N CITI)!N '&R #$$&INTM!NT IN #RI&* $& T : Main 1etail about TMB 0ecruitment  Tamilnad Mercantile Bank Jobs Clerks  &ge5 Ma6imum5 7or /raduates5 +4 ears and for 8ost /raduates +9 ears as on Sep 3, +,,. 0ela6ation for MBC $ BC !ill be + ears. 0ela6ation for SC $ ST $ 8hsicall :andicapped !ill be ; ears.  <ualification5 & /raduate !ith ;;= marks or a 8ost /raduate from a recogni-ed >niversit in regular course !ith kno!ledge in Computer ?perations #++lication 'ees: Candidates !ill have to pa a fee of 0s. +,,.,, (0s. ,,.,, for SC $ STCandidates) b !a of crossed demand draft dra!n in favour of TamilnadMercantile Bank 'td. 8aable at Thoothukudi $ Tuticorin. Closin, (ate -or submission o- #++lication:    Apply Online  before +,$+$+,, election $rocedure The candidates should appear for !ritten e6amination to be held at Chennai Bangalore @i%aa!ada Madurai Mumbai &hmedabad Salem Tirunelveli andThoothukudi centres. The !ritten e6amination !ill be of ob%ective tpe. &fter evaluation on the basis of the !ritten test candidates !ill be short listed for anintervie! in the order of merit. Com+lete In-ormation ,o to:  0ecruitment in TMB How to Apply  . 7irst ou need to register on our servers and get a user id !ith pass!ord.+. &fter registering login !ith the user id and pass!ord as selected b ou.Aou must login !ith our user id and pass!ord to appl for this %ob.3. &fter login ou need to upload our complete resume on the server (if ouhave alread uploaded our resume skip this step).4. ?nce the complete resume is updated on the server please visit this pageagain and ou !ill see the option Click :ere to &ppl for this %ob online. Df ou +  still do not see this link ou can tr to reEload $ reEfresh this page from the server.8lease remember this option !ill be accessible onl after ou login !ith our user id and pass!ord.Complete Dnformation about TMB 0ecruitment  Tamilnad Mercantile Bank Jobs The above information is onl to see !hether ou are eligible or not. To get thecomplete information about the TMB 0ecruitment  Tamilnad Mercantile Bank Jobs ou have to see the main advertisement. &pplication format and applicationform  has also given in the main advertisement of the compan. Dnterestedcandidates can appl as per the rules and regulation . To ,et te com+letein-ormation about te recruitment in TMB/ +lease enter ou email id in ,ienbelow -orm 0ead more5 TMB 0ecruitment +,,  +,  Tamilnad Mercantile Bank Clerks Jobs http5$$!!!$tmbErecruitmentEtamilnadEmercantileEbankEclerksE%obs$,2;,$Fi6--<4!7uGt 3
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