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Name: ________________________ Study Guide Topic 7 Daniel Boone Cumberland gap 1. _______________ ________________discovered the _________________ __________ which helped to settle the state of ___________________. Kentucky These were key pieces for settling the west. Louisiana Purchase 2. The ________________________________ gave the United State
  Name: ________________________ Study Guide Topic 7 1._______________ ________________discovered the _________________ __________ which helped to settle the state of ___________________. These were key pieces for settling the west. 2.The ________________________________ gave the United States more land. To explore this land, Lewis, Clark, and Sacagawea went on an  ___________________________. 3.During the War of 1812, the _______________ navy would force  ___________________ to fight. This was called _____________________________. 4.Helping the British during the war of 1812 gave the country a sense of  ____________________ ___________________. 5.Who invented the Cotton Gin?__________________________ 6.Pieces of inventions that could be used in multiple other inventions is called  ______________________________ __________________. 7.To get from one place to another we use a form of ____________________________. 8.The first form that came about during the industrial revolution was the  _________________________. 9.Reasons that people tried to update how we get around…. 10.Another invention that gets us from place to place is the __________________________  __________. To help use this invention, people built ________________. These are human made waterways. 11.One more new invention was the __________________. At first it was pulled by horses,  but ________________ _________________ was built which was mechanically run. 12.The industrial revolution also lead to better communication. _______________  ________________ invented the _______________________ that allowed people to send messages across the country using dots and dashes. Daniel BooneCumberland gapKentuckyLouisiana PurchaseExpedition British AmericansImpressmentNational prideEli WhitneyInterchangeable partsTransportation stagecoachUncomfortable Takes a lot of timeSteam engine/ steam boatCanalsIron horse/railroadTom ThumbSamual MorseTelegraph  13.Cities started to grow because ________________________ was easier, there were more  ____________, and more ________________________ came from other countries to live in the United States. 14.By 1804 most _________________ _________________ had outlawed slavery. 15. The northern states had more of an industrial economy, but the southern states had more of an ______________________ based economy. 16.When Missouri wanted to enter the Union (United States), it wanted to be a  ________________ state. 17.To compromise, ______________ entered the Union (United States) as a  ________________state. 18.In the 1800s, the Native Americans had ________________ that said they could stay on their land. 19.When the demand for land grew, ___________________ _____________________ said the Native Americans should leave their lands, and allow settlers to live there. 20.Congress passed the __________________ __________________ _______ that forced  Native Americans to move to and area called __________________  ______________________ in parts of present day ______________________. 21.The _____________________ believed this was unfair, and sued the state of Georgia. The case went all the way to the ____________________ ________________. The  Native Americans won their case, but _____________________  _____________________ refused to obey the ruling. 22.In May, 1838, the ____________ forcefully removed 7,000 Native Americans, and started the _________ mile march to the Indian Territory. About _____________ died in camps waiting to move. Along the way, another ____________ died from  _________________, ____________________, and _________ __________  _____________. The journey became known as _____ _________ ____ _________. 23.The __________________ fought back, and still live in _________________. Transportation Jobs/opportunitiesImmigrantsnorthern statesagriculturalslaveMainefreeTreaties Andrew JacksonIndianRemoval ActIndian territory OklahomaCherokee Supreme courtPresident Jackson Army8002,0002,000Starvation DiseaseHarsh weather conditions The trail of tearsSeminoleFlorida  24.The idea that the United States should be able to claim new lands that would expand from  _____________ ocean to _____________ ocean, is called _____________________  _______________. 25.In 1821, _________________ offered land to people of the United States. By 1835,  _______________ people lived in this area, but complained of the Mexican laws. They wanted __________________ but it was illegal in Mexico. 26.Texans went to war, attacking the ____________, a Spanish fort. ______________ won the war after a year of fighting. 27.In 1845, Texas joined the Union (United States), but couldn’t decide on where the  _______________ was. The United States offered _______________________ to buy lands, but Mexico refused. War started between United States and Mexico. 28.U.S. troops captured the Mexican capital, _______________ ____________. The  ____________ ____ _____________________ _____________________ ended the war. Mexico sold Texas to the United States for ___________________________. 29.In 1848, __________ was discovered in ________________________.  AtlanticPacificManifest destinyMexico20,000Slavery AlamoTexansBorder$30 millionMexico CityTreaty of Guadalupe Hildalgo$15 millionGold California
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