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Vertical Solutions. Axxon Intellect Modules. License Plate Recognition. Face Recognition. CCTV Module. POS Security. Wagon Numbers Recognition. Traffic Monitoring. ATM Security. Face Intellect is a software module for face recognition running with Intellect Enterprise. Main Features.
Vertical SolutionsAxxon Intellect ModulesLicense Plate RecognitionFace RecognitionCCTV ModulePOS SecurityWagon Numbers RecognitionTraffic MonitoringATM SecurityFace Intellect is a software module for face recognitionrunning with Intellect EnterpriseMain Featurespeople identification regardless of facial hair, hairstyle, eyewear, aging or angle, and in a variety of background conditionsreal-time notification of identity matches and alerts Additional features
  • Easy integration with existing systems
  • Automatic synchronization with users database
  • Integration with access control systems
  • Auto Intellect is a software module for traffic monitoringrunning with Intellect EnterpriseMain FeaturesTraffic statistics (type of vehicle, speed, road occupancy, etc)Automatic number plate recognition up to 250 km/hAdditional FeaturesTraffic MonitoringPre configured settings of vehicles types: - motorcycles - cars - trucks (lengths up to 12 m) - long trucks (lengths more than 12 m) - busesAdditional FeaturesTraffic MonitoringAutomatic event detection: - speed limit violation - forbidden overtake - forbidden stop - opposite direction cars driving - wrong vehicle on the roadTraffic StatisticNumber of vehicles by vehicle typeTotal number of vehiclesVehicle speedAverage vehicle speed by laneAverage vehicle speed by vehicle typeDistance between vehiclesTraffic jamLane loadAdditional FeaturesNumber plates recognitionAdvanced reporting: - by license plate (full or partial)- by added comments- by traffic lane- by date and time- by type of vehicleIntegration with access control systemsBlacklist checkTechnical CharacteristicsLicense plate recognition:- Max. vehicle speed -Up to 250km/h- Accuracy - above 92%- 288 license plates types supportedTechnical CharacteristicsTraffic monitoring:- Traffic lanes per camera - Up to 6- Min. resolution – 352x288 (CIF)- Min. frame rate – 25 fpsPOS Intellect is a software module for retail securityrunning with Intellect EnterpriseFeaturesSynchronous display of receipts text and video Notification of suspicious activities: giving money back, providing discounts, canceling orders, Flexible networking capabilitiesVideo and audio POS control.StructureSynchronous information displayPOS-IntellectVideoPOS-terminalPOS databaseTitles databaseVideo archiveIntegrated devicesAlohaBorlas RetailDresser Wayne ABFITIBSIPSPOSitouchSystemGroupTendoTillyPad
  • UCS
  • VIMAS Technologies
  • Wincor Nixdorf
  • Atol
  • ICS-Market
  • Computer Cash Registrar Systems
  • Pilot
  • Servis Plus
  • Softbalance
  • Shtrih-M
  • Electronic Money
  • Railway Intellect is a software module for railroads monitoringrunning with Intellect EnterpriseMain Features
  • Resources loss prevention
  • Logistic process optimization
  • Automatic trains control
  • Additional FeaturesAutomatically recognize, recording and storing wagon number and direction.Counting railcars within a train. Automatically measuring liquid levels in tank-cars (thermal sensor required).Controlling railcars via video.Controlling cargo clearance.Matching train schedules to consignor lists.Technical SpecificationRecognition quality – above 96%Max. wagon speed – 60 km/hControl zone width – 5-10 m
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