Weimar Cinema & Berlin

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Weimar Cinema & Berlin. HONORS 280 – Friday, August 29, 2014. ANGEL: New Folder in Lessons. Class Discussion Documentation – I’ve scanned the film review discussion documentation and “filed” it for you in this folder. . Final Project: Getting Started.
Weimar Cinema & BerlinHONORS 280 – Friday, August 29, 2014ANGEL: New Folder in Lessons
  • Class Discussion Documentation – I’ve scanned the film review discussion documentation and “filed” it for you in this folder. 
  • Final Project: Getting Started
  • Final Projects: Friday, September 12, 2014 – Initial indication of your film choice for final project.
  • Discussion of . . . .
  • “Early German Film History 1895-1918: Historical Overview,” pp. 13-27 in A Critical History of German Film. (Text available in ANGEL.)
  • “Weimar Cinema 1919-1933: Historical Overview,” pp. 42-57 in A Critical History of German Film. (Text available in ANGEL.)
  • Your “Take-Away: What do you think are the most significant things about early German film history that are presented in the reading texts?
  • Four Groups – Two Discussion Points
  • Group 1 and Group 2: What historical facts about the early German history does author Stephen Brockmann include that you think are worthy of note? Why?
  • Group 3 and Group 4: Are there any similarities between the early years of German cinema and our media world today? Why is that important?
  • Discussion Group Results
  • The completed discussion documentation sheets will be scanned and posted in our ANGEL space for your future reference.
  • Preview of next week . . . .
  • The Weimar Republic & Berlin: Die Symphonie der Großstadt(1927). (NOTE: Public screening only on Tuesday due to Labor Day.)
  • UH 280-01 to the Special Access group: You can got to the LLRC (Thompson 210) and stream the assigned films. 
  • Film Response Sheets
  • You may either handwrite or type your responses.
  • The template for the Film Response Sheet is available in our course ANGEL space as a Word Document – Lessons>Folder>Film Response Sheet.
  • It may be best to complete the Film Response Sheet immediately following your viewing of the film, i.e. not during the viewing of the film when you are reading subtitles. 
  • A symphony? A movie? HELP!
  • Symphony
  • (from Gk., ‘a sounding together’; Ger. Sinfonie, Fr.Symphonie, It. Sinfonia, Gk.‐Lat. Symphonia).
  • A term which has had several meanings over the centuries:
  • (3) As the word is now generally used, it means a large‐scale orch. comp. (usually in 4 movements but often in 1, 3, or 5, occasionally in 2), a SONATA for orch., the first movement and others being in sonata‐form. It is reserved by composers for their most weighty and profound orch. thoughts, but of course there are many light‐hearted, witty, and entertaining syms. The movements of the Classical and early Romantic sym. were usually an opening allegro, followed by a slow movement, then a minuet or scherzo, finally another allegro or rondo. Frequently the slow movement is placed 3rd, sometimes last.
  • SOURCE: Oxford Dictionary of Music Online. Web. 27 August 2014. <http://www.oxfordmusiconline.com/>Berlin:DieSymphonie der GroßstadtBerlin:DieSymphonie der Großstadt
  • Director Walter Ruttmann
  • Berlin was the capital of the Weimar Republic.
  • Background
  • Industrialization: Between 1871 and 1914, Germany increased its output of manufactured goods fivefold.
  • Population Growth: Between 1871 and 1914, Germany’s population grew from 41,000,000 to 67,700,000.
  • Workers were moving from the country to the cities, Germany was shifting from a more agrarian society to an urban society.
  • Source: Fulbrook, Mary. The Divided Nation: A History of Germany 1918-1990. New York and Oxford: Oxford UP, 1992.SchönesWochenende! Danke, gleichfalls!
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