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DESIGN OF Z PURLINS Purlin Designation P1 JOB No.: DATE : Input Data: Purlin Geometry Span of the purlin = 4.400 M Spacing of the purlin = 1.2 M No. of Sag rods =
  Purlin Designation P1JOB No.:DATE : Input Data: Purlin Geometry Span of the purlin= 4.400 MSpacing of the purlin= 1. M No. of Sag rods= 1 Slope of the Roof= 10 deg. Number of Spans= 10 (for 1 or 2 spans, Bending Moment Coefficient is , for ! or more spans, it is 1 #(in case of Bending about minor a$is, (No of spans#$(No of sagrods%1# is used. Input Data: !oa s Dea !oa s &eight of Sheeting= # 'gs)mSelf &eight of *urlin=+utomaticall Calculated from Section prop-$tra for cleats, as  of *urlin /eight=1 +dditional 0ead oads to Consider= 0 'gs)m !i$e !oa s ie load on Roof=+utomaticall Calculated from Slope=34'gs)m+dditional ie oads to be considered= 0 'gs)m(5or 0esign of &all 6irt (Cladding Runner#, additional ie loads to be considered can be entered as 7e o (ie load /ill be ef  %in !oa s Basic &ind Speed 44 ms8errain Categor  '1 1 Ma$imum 9ori:ontal 0imension of Building 4&.' m'! 1 9ence, Bldg Class B 9eight of 8op 1&. mBased on the data on right, '2 is obtained from the tables'2 1 9t of building at eaes leel, h= (.' m&idth of the building, /= ).' mength of the Building, l= 4&.' m9ence, h/= .1;4and l/=1. Based on the h/ and l/, the alues of Cpe is obtained from tables as noted belo/<Ma$imum 0o/n/ard Cpe (include sign# *0.4 Ma$imum p/ard Cpe (include sign# *0.)    DESIGN OF Z PURLINS   Based on  of openings, Cpi is ta'en as %7 0.' Input Data: Purlin +e,tion Being -e,/e 8r 1'0#0.4 >ield stress of material 400 5lange &idth, b #0 mm0epth of section d 1' mm8hic'ness t .4 mmength of ip lip?l 0 mm@nner Bending Radius ' mm+rea ).12 A$$ &4.0# Section Modulus about Maor +$isA (.)# Section Modulus about Minor +$is@$$ '2.2 Moment of @nertia about Maor +$is@ )1.& Moment of @nertia about Minor +$is*urlin &eight!.314'gs)m Output +ummary Section *roperties DE O3  Based on Section 4 of BS<343 *art 3 F 144 O3  Based on @S  1 Clause 'E O3  Critical Stress 5actor  0.)& 0eflection Chec' DE O3  9ence, erall< O3  Notes: 1. Secton Propertes Check based on Secton 9 of B:5950 Par 5 is a guideline and no mandaor!ence #esign is considered Safe e$en if abo$e check onl is no oka bu all oher c %. Currenl his design onl &orks if full &idh is e'ect$e. (f full &idh is no e'ect$e his spreadshee &ill repor )ailure in Sress Check*. +o suiable currenl for cur$ed roofs.,. #esign is no suiable for $aring spans of purlins -$aring russ spacing D6CM 2 cm 2 cm ! cm ! cm ; cm ;   erties f  on roof# ectiel#  Approimate Geometri, PropertiesAssume 5erti,al !ips an Ben ing 6a ius isregar e -ach ip +rea; .G1s)mm-ach 5lange +rea1!s)mm&eb +rea;;4.;2s)mm8otal +rea@$$ of each lip, indi.1 H2.;A$$@$$ of each flange, indiH .;A@$$ of /eb1;244;. @$$ total@ total@ of each lip, indi.1G.43@ of each flange, indi;1; . @ of /eb14.12   hecks are oka mm ; mm ; mm ; mm ; mm ; mm ;
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