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    Curriculum vitae Md. Zunnun KhanContact No: 9110963292 Machine Centre Email : md.zunnunkhanmca@gmail.com Mulchand Road Samastipur) Bihar-848! Obective: o seek the challenging position in #n$ industr$ that needs inno%ation& creati%it$& dedication andena'le me to continue to (ork in a Challenging and ast paced en%ironment& le%eraging m$current kno(ledge and ostering creati%it$ (ith man$ learning opportunities !ummar otal *+ $ears o e,perience #$ %ear& in 'eachin(  and 8+ $ears o competiti%e e,perience in  industr$ using Microsot echnolog$ ,perience o (orking in the complete Sot(arede%elopment lie c$cle in%ol%ing documentation& testing and maintenance /ood (ork ethics (ithe,cellent communication and interpersonal skills .Capa'le to deli%er into the ne( leading echnologies .#'ilit$ to (ork (ell in 'oth a team en%ironment and indi%idual en%ironment. .   ) *O+E!!,ON-  E /)E*,ENCE otal  ,perience: 8+ 0ears o ,perience in  ndustr$.  ,perience in 12ire(all& SS3& Router& S(itch S# Router).  ,perience in 15B. and S63 SR5R *!!!& *!!7).  ,perience in1a%a& C& C++ MS #ccess& ,cel)  ,perience in mplementation and Support o R& CRM& 9S Sot(are. Educational ualiication:  MC- :   ,NO 1ndira /andhi ational 9pen ;ni%ersit$).  raduation: 3..M.; <ar'hanga  ,ntermediate: Bihar ntermediate ducation Council& atna.  Metric : Bihar School ,amination Board& atna 'echnical !4ill& :   et(ork2ire(all& SS3 Ser%er& Router& S(itch& S#Router. 3#& =#& 5.Sot(are 3anguageC& C++& 5B >.!& ? M3& M3<ata'aseSAl-Ser%er*k&*!!7& MS-#ccess9perating S$stem=indo(s 78*!!!*!!D*!!!E!8 &2ront-nd ools5B >.!Back-nd oolsSAl-Ser%er*!!!&*!!7& Ms-#ccessRelated echnolog$et(orking& R<BMS& <BMS9thersSot(are ngg.&S$stem #nal$sis #nd <esign )roe&&ional E5erience-t )re&ent 7or4in( -& a lecturer 8 +acult in,&lamia$2 ;i(h !chool !heie4hura. 2< th =an 2016 to till date =ob )roile.!MM-*%   *e&on&ibilitie&  deli%er lectures& seminars and tutorials  design& prepare and de%elop courses and teaching materials  de%elop and implement ne( methods o teaching to relect changes in research  assess studentsF course(ork   set and mark e,aminations  support students through a pastoral or ad%isor$ role  Support students to make li%e proGect. )reviou& Emlo ee:7or4ed a& a Net>or4 -dmini&trator 8 !uort in,nodart 'echnolo( ,ndia td. 1< +eb?2011to 20 th  =an 2016=ob )roile.!MM-*%  Responsi'le or designing& organizing& modi$ing& installing& and supportingComputer s$stems. <esigns and installs 3#s& =#s& nternet and intranet s$stems& and net(ork segments.RM#R0 RS9SB3 S  nstall and support 3#s& =#s& net(ork segments& nternet& and intranet s$stems.  nstall and maintain net(ork hard(are and sot(are.  #nal$ze and isolate issues.  Monitor net(orks to ensure securit$ and a%aila'ilit$ to speciic users.  %aluate and modi$ s$stemFs perormance.  denti$ user needs.  <etermine net(ork and s$stem reAuirements.  Maintain integrit$ o the net(ork& ser%er deplo$ment& and securit$.  nsure net(ork connecti%it$ throughout a compan$Fs 3#=# inrastructure is on par (ith technical considerations.  <esign and deplo$ net(orks.  erorm net(ork address assignment.  #ssign routing protocols and routing ta'le coniguration.  #ssign coniguration o authentication and authorization o director$ ser%ices.  Maintain net(ork acilities in indi%idual machines& such as dri%ers and settings o  personal computers as (ell as printers.  Maintain net(ork ser%ers such as ile ser%ers& 5 gate(a$s& and intrusion detections$stems.  #dminister ser%ers& desktop computers& printers& routers& s(itches& ire(alls& phones& personal digital assistants& smart phones& sot(are deplo$ment& securit$ updates and patches. )reviou& Emlo ee:7or4ed a& a E*) ,mlementation 8 !uort ino(ic E*) !olution )vt. td. Ma ?200@ to 10?2?2011=ob )roile.)roduct : !ot>are A E*)B C*MB )O!  <e%eloping strategies or implementing sot(are.  ro%ide training or user (hich is or retail store as (ell as head oice.  articipation in 'uilding test cases or the   implementation proGects.  ecti%el$ document technical issues and enhancements reAuired  #nal$sis o reAuirements  Monitor echnical issues that arise during 'illing in retail store.  eam Management  Support an$ pro'lem in the sot(are all stores as (ell as head oice.   =orked as a Sot(are mplementation H Support in #;R/# Sot(are %t.3td.-Sec-&oida1Sep-*!!E to ul$-*!!) =ob )roile  rogramming or <ocumentation in 5B >.! H SAl-ser%er on ,cel Sheet or /armentrelated n%oice and acking 3ist.  mplement n%entor$ Module& Sampling and Marketing& <ocumentation& and  rou'leshooting. )reviou& Emlo ee:7or4in( -& a lecturer inelhi )ublic !chool !enior 7in(& -li(arh. 1# th =an 2006 to !etember 200@ =ob )roile    deli%er lectures& seminars and tutorials  de%elop and implement ne( methods o teaching to relect changes in research  assess studentsF course(ork   set and mark e,aminations )er&onal etail& : ameMd. Iunnun Jhan2ather ame3ate Md.2iroz Jhan<ate 9 Birth st  March EESe,MaleMartial StatusMarried3anguage Jno(nnglish& ?indi& ;rdu )lace:!i(natureate:
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