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STP4NK60Z-STP4NK60ZFP-STB4NK60Z-1 STB4NK60Z-STD4NK60Z-STD4NK60Z-1 N-CHANNEL600V-1.76Ω-4ATO-220/FP/DPAK/IPAK/D2PAK/I2PAK Zener-Protected SuperMESH™Power MOSFET TYPE STP4NK60Z STP4NK60ZFP STB4NK60Z STB4NK60Z-1 STD4NK60Z STD4NK60Z-1 s s s s s s VDSS 600 600 600 600 600 600 V V V V V V RDS(on) 2Ω
  1/16March 2003 STP4NK60Z-STP4NK60ZFP-STB4NK60Z-1STB4NK60Z-STD4NK60Z-STD4NK60Z-1 N-CHANNEL600V-1.76 Ω -4ATO-220/FP/DPAK/IPAK/D 2 PAK/I 2 PAK Zener-Protected SuperMESH™Power MOSFET s TYPICAL R DS (on) = 1.76 Ω s EXTREMELY HIGH dv/dt CAPABILITY s 100% AVALANCHE TESTED s GATE CHARGE MINIMIZED s VERY LOW INTRINSIC CAPACITANCES s VERY GOOD MANUFACTURINGREPEATIBILITY DESCRIPTION The SuperMESH™ series is obtained through anextreme optimization of ST’s well established strip-based PowerMESH™ layout. In addition to pushingon-resistance significantly down, special care is tak-en to ensure a very good dv/dt capability for themost demanding applications. Such series comple-ments ST full range of high voltage MOSFETs in-cluding revolutionary MDmesh™ products. APPLICATIONS s HIGH CURRENT, HIGH SPEED SWITCHING s IDEAL FOR OFF-LINE POWER SUPPLIES,ADAPTORS AND PFC s LIGHTING ORDERING INFORMATION TYPE V DSS R DS(on) I D Pw STP4NK60ZSTP4NK60ZFPSTB4NK60ZSTB4NK60Z-1STD4NK60ZSTD4NK60Z-1600 V600 V600 V600 V600 V600 V< 2 Ω < 2 Ω < 2 Ω < 2 Ω < 2 Ω < 2 Ω 4 A4 A4 A4 A4 A4 A70 W25 W70 W70 W70 W70 W SALES TYPE MARKING PACKAGE PACKAGING STP4NK60Z P4NK60Z TO-220 TUBESTP4NK60ZFP P4NK60ZFP TO-220FP TUBESTB4NK60ZT4 B4NK60ZD 2 PAKTAPE & REELSTB4NK60Z-1 B4NK60ZI 2 PAKTUBESTD4NK60ZT4 D4NK60Z DPAK TAPE & REELSTD4NK60Z-1 D4NK60Z IPAK TUBE TO-220TO-220FP 123 13 DPAK 321 IPAK 13 D 2 PAK 123 I 2 PAK INTERNAL SCHEMATIC DIAGRAM  STP4NK60Z,STP4NK60ZFP,STB4NK60Z,STB4NK60Z-1,STD4NK60Z,STD4NK60Z-1 2/16 ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS (   ) Pulse width limited by safe operating area(1) I SD ≤ 4A, di/dt ≤ 200A/µs, V DD ≤ V (BR)DSS , T  j ≤ T JMAX. (*) Limited only by maximum temperature allowed THERMAL DATAAVALANCHE CHARACTERISTICSGATE-SOURCE ZENER DIODEPROTECTION FEATURES OF GATE-TO-SOURCE ZENER DIODES The built-in back-to-back Zener diodes have specifically been designed to enhance not only the device’sESD capability, but also to make them safely absorb possible voltage transients that may occasionally beapplied from gate to source. In this respect the Zener voltage is appropriate to achieve an efficient andcost-effective intervention to protect the device’s integrity. These integrated Zener diodes thus avoid theusage of external components. Symbol Parameter Value Unit STP4NK60ZSTB4NK60ZSTB4NK60Z-1STP4NK60ZFPSTD4NK60ZSTD4NK60Z-1 V DS Drain-source Voltage (V GS = 0)600 VV DGR Drain-gate Voltage (R GS = 20 k Ω )600 VV GS Gate- source Voltage ± 30 VI D Drain Current (continuous) at T C = 25°C4 4 (*) 4 AI D Drain Current (continuous) at T C = 100°C2.5 2.5 (*) 2.5 AI DM (   )Drain Current (pulsed) 16 16 (*) 16 AP TOT Total Dissipation at T C = 25°C70 25 70 WDerating Factor 0.56 0.2 0.56 W/°CV ESD(G-S) Gate source ESD(HBM-C=100pF, R=1.5K Ω) 3000 Vdv/dt (1) Peak Diode Recovery voltage slope 4.5 V/nsV ISO Insulation Withstand Voltage (DC) - 2500 - VT  j T stg Operating Junction TemperatureStorage Temperature-55 to 150-55 to 150°C°C TO-220D 2 PAKI 2 PAKTO-220FPDPAKIPAK Rthj-case Thermal Resistance Junction-case Max 1.78 5 1.78 °C/WRthj-amb Thermal Resistance Junction-ambient Max 62.5 100 °C/WT l Maximum Lead Temperature For Soldering Purpose300 °C Symbol Parameter Max Value Unit I AR Avalanche Current, Repetitive or Not-Repetitive(pulse width limited by T  j max)4 AE AS Single Pulse Avalanche Energy(starting T  j = 25 °C, I D = I AR , V DD = 50 V)120 mJ Symbol Parameter Test Conditions Min. Typ. Max. Unit BV GSO Gate-Source BreakdownVoltageIgs=± 1mA (Open Drain) 30 V  3/16 STP4NK60Z,STP4NK60ZFP,STB4NK60Z,STB4NK60Z-1,STD4NK60Z,STD4NK60Z-1 ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS (TCASE =25°C UNLESS OTHERWISE SPECIFIED)ON/OFFDYNAMICSWITCHING ONSWITCHING OFFSOURCE DRAIN DIODE Note: 1. Pulsed: Pulse duration = 300 µs, duty cycle 1.5 %.2. Pulse width limited by safe operating area.3. C oss eq. is defined as a constant equivalent capacitance giving the same charging time as C oss when V DS increases from 0 to 80%V DSS . Symbol Parameter Test Conditions Min. Typ. Max. Unit V (BR)DSS Drain-sourceBreakdown VoltageI D = 1 mA, V GS = 0 600 VI DSS Zero Gate VoltageDrain Current (V GS = 0)V DS = Max RatingV DS = Max Rating, T C = 125 °C150µAµAI GSS Gate-body LeakageCurrent (V DS = 0)V GS = ± 20V ±10 µAV GS(th) Gate Threshold VoltageV DS = V GS , I D = 50µA3 3.75 4.5 VR DS(on) Static Drain-source OnResistanceV GS = 10V, I D = 2 A 1.76 2 Ω Symbol Parameter Test Conditions Min. Typ. Max. Unit g fs (1) Forward Transconductance V DS = 15 V , I D = 2 A 3 SC iss C oss C rss Input CapacitanceOutput CapacitanceReverse TransferCapacitanceV DS = 25V, f = 1 MHz, V GS = 0 5106713pFpFpFC oss eq. (3) Equivalent OutputCapacitanceV GS = 0V, V DS = 0V to 480V 38.5 pF Symbol Parameter Test Conditions Min. Typ. Max. Unit t d(on) t r Turn-on Delay TimeRise TimeV DD = 300 V, I D = 2 AR G = 4.7 Ω V GS = 10 V(Resistive Load see, Figure 3)129.5nsnsQ g Q gs Q gd Total Gate ChargeGate-Source ChargeGate-Drain ChargeV DD = 480V, I D = 4 A,V GS = 10V18.83.89.826 nCnCnC Symbol Parameter Test Conditions Min. Typ. Max. Unit t d(off) t f Turn-off Delay TimeFall TimeV DD = 300 V, I D = 2 AR G = 4.7 Ω V GS = 10 V(Resistive Load see, Figure 3)2916.5nsnst r(Voff) t f t c Off-voltage Rise TimeFall TimeCross-over TimeV DD = 480V, I D = 4A,R G = 4.7 Ω, V GS = 10V(Inductive Load see, Figure 5)121219.5nsnsns Symbol Parameter Test Conditions Min. Typ. Max. Unit I SD I SDM (2)Source-drain CurrentSource-drain Current (pulsed)416AAV SD (1)Forward On VoltageI SD = 4 A, V GS = 01.6 Vt rr Q rr I RRM Reverse Recovery TimeReverse Recovery ChargeReverse Recovery CurrentI SD = 4 A, di/dt = 100A/µsV DD = 24V, T  j = 150°C(see test circuit, Figure 5)40017008.5nsnCA  STP4NK60Z,STP4NK60ZFP,STB4NK60Z,STB4NK60Z-1,STD4NK60Z,STD4NK60Z-1 4/16 Output CharacteristicsSafe Operating Area For TO-220FPSafeOperatingArea:TO-220/DPAK/IPAK/D2PAK/I2PAK ThermalImpedance:TO-220/DPAK/IPAK/D2PAK/I2PAKThermal Impedance For TO-220FPTransfer Characteristics
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