A City She Must Postpone: The Parisian Geography of Kate O'Brien's Bildungsromane

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A City She Must Postpone: The Parisian Geography of Kate O'Brien's Bildungsromane
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Reznicek  A City That She Must Postpone:The Parisian Geography of KateO ’ Brien ’ s  Bildungsromane 1 In the first weekof Decemberof 1819, Eugène Rastignac, the protagonistof Honoré de Balzac ’ s  Père Goriot  (1835), receives two letters fromAngoulême that  ‘ contained a sentence of life or death for his hopes ’ . 2 The first, from his mother, admonishes him for the course  ‘ on which youare embarking[.] Your life and happiness [are] dependent on appearingto be what you are not, on seeing a world which you can only frequent by spending money you cannot afford ’ . 3 The second letter, fromRastignac ’ s sister, provides the young student 350 francs. This secondletter opens the world for the  arriviste . Indeed, thanks to this sum of money,The most phenomenal changes take place within him. Hisaspirations are as boundless as his ability to achieve them. Hedesires everything and anything, he is gay, generous andexpansive.  …  Paris is allhis. At that ageeverything glows, sparklesand flashes! Age of joyful strength, which no one, man or woman,ever turns to full account. Age of debts and anxious fears whichincrease every pleasure! Anyone who does not know the Left Bankof the Seine, between the rue Saint-Jacques and the rue desSaints-Pères knows nothing of human life. 4 That the spaces of the French capital become opened and available toRastignac only upon the receipt of the 350 francs highlights afundamental truth that undergirds the genre of the  Bildungsroman ,especially since the nineteenth century: these novels of developmentexhibit a dependence upon the protagonist ’ s relationship to ‘ institutional and financial power ’  in a way that imbricates the narrativeprocess of   Bildung  with the socio-economic process of capitalism. 5 Although critics like Franco Moretti and others have addressed theeconomic nature of the  Bildungsroman , this article will focus on anotheraspect of Rastignac ’ s dictum. 6 Only after receiving the money from his  Irish University Review  48.1 (2018): 39 – 53DOI: 10.3366/iur.2018.0328© Edinburgh University Presswww.euppublishing.com/iur 39
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