A Semi Detailed Lesson Plan in English 9(1)

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Active and Passive
  A SEMI DETAILED LESSON PLAN I- OBJECTIVES  At the end of the lesson, the students should be able to: a.   Differentiate active and passive voice; b.   Identify the voice of the verb in each sentence; c.   Rewrite the sentences changing the voice from active to passive voice; d.   Appreciate the lesson by showing active participation of students towards the lesson. II-SUBJECT MATTER Topic: Active and Passive Voice III- MATERIALS Anglo-American Literature English book for Grade 9 ,pp. 439-440 Strips of Cartolina, Chalk and Board IV- LESSON PROPER A.   ROUTINARY ACTIVITIES a. The teacher will call one student to lead the prayer, and greet the class after. She will asked the class on who were the absents and let the students pick up pieces of garbage before they settle down. b. The teacher then shall have a recapitulation regarding the last topic about verb. Verb- is an action word, e.g. run, swim, cry, jump, ..etc.(the students will answer) 1.   She often shouted people for shouting. 2.   He always tells the truth. 3.   She’s interested only in her own success. B.   MOTIVATION The teacher will let the students read the short scenario. “John saw a pretty girl. He went to talk to her. Her husband arrived. The husband hit John on the nose”  1.   What did the husband do?(Active voice is used in the answer) 2.   What happened to John?(Passive voice is used in the answer) *Notice the sentences on the screen. Analyze its difference. It tells whether it is in the form of Active and Passive Voice. That is what we are going to discuss today. C.   PRESENTATION A Voice is a quality of a verb that shows whether the subject is the doer or the receiver of action in the sentence. Active Voice- used to indicate that the subject of the sentence is the doer of the action. Passive Voice- is when the subject is the receiver of action. (examples will be shown in visual aide………)    D.   APPLICATION a.   Label the following sentences with active or passive.  ____1. Rommel presented an interesting report.  ____2. He submitted the annual report of the organization.  ____3. The town was destroyed by fire.  ____4. That skyscraper was built in 1934.  ____5. The new product design has been finished. Change the following sentences below to the active voice. 1.   I was taught by my brother the principles of barbecuing. 2.   My father was given the title by the former head chief. 3.   The house was wrecked by the party and the cat was let loose by the guests. ……………………………………   V- GENERALIZATION Therefore a verb that has direct object is in the active voice. If the subject is acted upon, and is the receiver of action, the voice of verb is in passive. In changing a sentence from active to passive, the direct objects become the subject and doer in the by-phrase. VI-EVALUATION A.   Rewrite each sentence changing the verb from active to passive. 1.   He wrote a novel. 2.   Many people admired Ninoy Aquino. 3.   He repaired the dripping faucet. 4.   The doctor examined the patient. 5.   She sponsored the education of many students. ………………………………….   VII- ASSIGNMENT Write a step by step procedure in making your most favorite dessert/salad. Use active and passive voice in your constructing your procedure.
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