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ISA Division Newsletter Summer 2003 Automatic Control Systems Division Director’s Message By Harry Elliott, PE, CFSE I IN THIS ISSUE: Director’s Message ACOS at ISA EXPO 2003 ACOS Sessions at ISA EXPO 2003 ACOS and the Web AACC Call for Papers Technical Papers: .NET Industrial Automation PLC Formal Control Methodologies Technical Information Sources Report from Dr. Gao Division Officers 1 2 2 3 3 4 am amazed at the diversity of people I discover in the controls industry and in ACOS. We live
  IN THIS ISSUE: Director’s Message1ACOS at 2ISA EXPO 2003ACOS Sessions at 2ISA EXPO 2003ACOS and the Web3AACC Call for Papers3Technical Papers:4.NET IndustrialAutomationPLC Formal ControlMethodologiesTechnical Information5SourcesReport from Dr. Gao5Division Officers6 I am amazed at the diversity of people I discover in the controlsindustry and in ACOS. We live on different continents. We toil indifferent industries having differing types of control challenges. Wehave different education, both formal and practical. We come fromacademia and from the field. Yet, all of us seem to find a fascina-tion and excitement in working on and solving control problems. When we have the opportuni-ty, most of us like to share our experiences with others.Increasingly, the most used bond among us is via the World Wide Web. Articles in thisnewsletter discuss ACOS and the Web. Your thoughts, ideas, and contributions on how thediverse ACOS community can better use the www can help all of us. Please read these articlesand consider them.The two technical papers are from ISA 2002 ACOS technical sessions. They reflect thediversity found in ACOS. I will try to get at least two additional papers from these sessionsposted to the ACOS local web site. Perhaps a link posted to the web site will provide access tovendor sites containing much the same technical information as two or three of the papersgiven. In this way, a significant portion of the papers having wide interest can be made avail-able to Members all over the world (see related article). While this won’t duplicate the benefitsof those who attended ISA EXPO 2002 or will come to Houston for ISA EXPO2003, it pro-vides a good benefit for $7/year Division dues.Division positions are available for Director-elect, Facilitator, Webmaster-elect, andNewsletter Editor. The newsletter will most often be distributed via e-mail or be posted on theDivision Website, so this position will work with the Webmaster(s).I look forward to ISA EXPO 2003 in Houston and hope to see you there.Harry Elliott, ACOS DirectorPhone: (281) 340-3907Fax: (281) 340-3939Email: Director’s Message By Harry Elliott, PE, CFSE   AutomaticControl SystemsDivision ISA Division Newsletter  Summer 2003  Page 2Summer 2003 Through efforts of the ISA TechnicalConference ACOS Division SessionCoordinator, Steve Weygandt, five ACOStechnical sessions have been programmedfor ISA EXPO 2003, 21-23 October 2003,in Houston, Texas. In addition, a joint tech-nical session has been programmedthrough the combined efforts of the ACOS,Glass and Ceramics, and Textile Divisions.Bob Hubby is Program Chair for the Glassand Ceramics and the Textile Divisions.Papers are expected to appeal to abroad range of attendees. They include:ISA03-P037, Control System Securityand Version ManagementãISA03-P119, A Robust Set of TuningEquations for Cascaded Pi-P and Pi-PiController Architectures for IndustrialSelf-Regulated ProcessesãISA03-P023, Thermodynamic BasedTemperature Control of Batch Reactors.Information is available on these andother papers as well as the two ACOStutorials. Contact Steve Weygandt at .While anyone is welcome to attend theDivision Honor and Awards Luncheon,ACOS will have a table of eight. For com-plementary tickets for this table, contact .Preference will go to ACOS ISA EXPO2003 organizers and presenters. ACOS at ISA 2003 TUESDAY, 21 OCTOBER 2003 ISA03-S020Tuning and Feedback Control Time: 10:00 - 11:30 a.m.Marketing Theme: ControlSession Chair: Steve Weygandt, Invensys Systems, Inc.Location: 306 Presentation(s): ■ ISA03-P037 Using Filtering to Improve Performance (co-sponsored by G&C and TXD) Michel Ruel, Top Control Inc ■ ISA03-P119  A Robust Set of Tuning Equations for Cascaded Pi-P and Pi-Pi Controller Architectures for Industrial Self-Regulated Processes Royman Lopez, Universidad del Norte ■ ISA03-P023 Thermodynamic Based Temperature Control of Batch Reactors Paul Nelson, Dow Corning Corporation, POB 0994 ISA03-S021Applied Control Time: 2:00 - 3:30 p.m.Marketing Theme: ControlSession Chair: Trevor Arnold, Standard Automation and ControlLocation: 306 Presentation(s): ■ ISA03-P028 Squared Model Predictive Controller Performance on the Shell Standard Control Problem Michael Boudreau, P.E., Richard, Wayne and Roberts ■ ISA03-P137  Adaptive Feedback/Feedforward PID Controller  Willy Wojsznis, Emerson Process Management ■ ISA03-P232  Difference Controller a New Controller Proposal   Jose de Jesus Rodriguez-Ortiz, ITESM Campus monterrey Depto Mecatronica ISA03-S022Tools for Automated Control Time: 3:45 - 5:15 p.m.Marketing Theme: ControlSession Chair: Steve Weygandt, Invensys Systems, Inc.Location: 306 Presentation(s): ■ ISA03-P229  Real-Time Six Sigma  John Gerry, ExperTune Inc ■ ISA03-P025  Advanced Automation: No Magic Wand  Matthew Bothe, CRB Consulting Engineers ■ ISA03-P209 Save Time and Money on Process Control System Factory Acceptance Testing using Process Simulation Martin Berutti, MYNAH Technologies Technical Conference Schedule for Automatic Control Systems Division (ACOS) ISA EXPO 2003, 21-23 October 2003, Houston, TX   ACOS Division NewsletterPage 3 WEDNESDAY, 22 OCTOBER 2003 ISA03-S023ADO.NET and S88 Time: 10:00 - 11:30 a.m.Marketing Theme: Standards/ComplianceSession Chair: Steve Weygandt, Invensys Systems, Inc.Location: 306 Presentation(s): ■ ISA03-P193  ADO.NET Enables Process Control Integration with S88 (Tutorial) Steve Weygandt, Invensys Systems, Inc. ISA03-S024MPC - Model & Multi-Variable Predictive Control Time: 2:00 - 3:30 p.m.Marketing Theme: ControlSession Chair: Thomas Kinney, ExperTune IncLocation: 306 Presentation(s): ■ ISA03-P056 Tuning of Multivariable Predictive Controllers using Genetic Algorithms Kaku Saito, Petrobras / CENPES ■ ISA03-P079  Practical Model Predictive Control Structures for Non-self Regulating (Integrating) Douglas Cooper, University of Connecticut ■ ISA03-P087  Performance Monitor Raises Service Factor of MPC Thomas Kinney, ExperTune Inc ISA03-S025Languages of Automated Control Time: 3:45 - 5:15 p.m.Marketing Theme: ControlSession Chair: Steve Weygandt, Invensys Systems, Inc.Location: 306 Presentation(s): ■ ISA03-P130  Algorithm Description Languages in Process Control Applications Douglas Humphrey, Invensys Systems THURSDAY, 23 OCTOBER 2003 ISA03-S026Modern Control Systems Time: 10:00 - 11:30 a.m.Marketing Theme: ControlSession Chair: Peter Wojsznis, Emerson Process ManagementLocation: 306 Presentation(s): ■ ISA03-P127 User Interface for Adaptive Tuning  Peter Wojsznis, Emerson Process Management ■ ISA03-P228  Dynamic Modeling of the Plant Gas System: Process Control and Design Applications Aleksandr Muravyev, Automation & Control Technologies, Inc ISA03-S027Benefits of Field Based Control Time: 2:00 - 3:30 p.m.Marketing Theme: ControlSession Chair: Steve Weygandt, Invensys Systems, Inc.Location: 306 Presentation(s): ■ ISA03-P197  Benefits of Field Based Control (Tutorial) Kurt Zech, KI Engineering LLC  Page 4Summer 2003 You can access the ACOS Web sitethrough ISA staff maintains the main Website with content focusing on the ACOSand ISA. The local site, maintained bythe ACOS Webmaster Chuck Cuyulis,has a technical focus. In addition, ACOSMembers can join the Division listserve.These tools are available for us toprovide each other technical information.We especially contribute to the localDivision Web site. Three suggestions forcontributing to the Web site are:ãWhat Web sites have you foundthat have useful technical content?The site currently divides the linksby categories so vendor sites withuseful, general technical informa-tion are acceptable.ãProvide a book review that wouldpermit the addition of anothertopic on the site.ãProvide your suggestions on Website content.Send comments to either or bothChuck Cuyulis at or Harry Elliott at .Additional technical articles will beadded to the site.Requests for specific control questionscan be broadcast to the Members of theDivision listserve. By responding, we shareour knowledge and opinions with othersin the field. Pick the ISA listserves thatbest meet your interests. Benefits comefrom asking, reading, and responding!The primary means of communica-tion for the Division have been newslet-ters, technical presentations, and ISAand American Automatic ControlCouncil. Future Division newsletters onpaper are—most probably—history. Fora majority of the Members, regularattendance at shows other than localand conferences is not economically fea-sible. The future of the Division willdepend heavily on www tools. The American Automatic Control Council will hold the 23rd American ControlConference (ACCC) from 30 June to 2 July 2004 at the Boston Sheraton Hotel in Boston,Mass. Held in cooperation with eight member societies, including ISA, the conferencefocuses on the fields of control, automation, and related areas.Papers are solicited in the form of regular manuscripts (6 proceeding pages) and shortmanuscripts (2 pages). The conference also calls for proposals for invited sessions, tutorialsessions, interactive sessions, and workshops. Nominations are also solicited for the beststudent paper competition.The new ISA Review Chair for the ACC, Dr. Zhiqiang Gao, encourages all ACOSMembers to participate in this conference.Dr. Gao, associate professor and director of the Center for Advanced ControlTechnology at Cleveland State University, and his group have been working extensivelywith industry partners in developing nonlinear PID, fuzzy logic, wavelet controller, andone-parameter tuning technologies.As an ISA Officer, Dr. Gao’s main goal is to facilitate across-the-board collaborationsbetween practicing engineers and academic researchers. The ACC provides a great oppor-tunity to initiate a dialog between the two parties. It is also a place for ACOS Members tosharpen their skills by attending sessions, such as the “Practical Techniques in ControlEngineering” workshop, and by picking brains of top experts in all areas of controls.The practitioners and researchers in ACOS are also encouraged to submit papers onthe history, the state of art, and the technical challenges for a particular industry sector.For more information, Dr. Gao can be reached by email at or byphone at (216) 687-3528.See the related article in this newsletter entitled “Report from Dr. Gao.”For more information on the conference, consult its Web site or contact one of the following conference organizers: Call for Papers—2004 American Control Conference ACOS and the Web General Chair  Jason L. SpeyerMechanical & AerospaceEngineering DepartmentUniversity of California-Los AngelesLos Angeles, CA 90095-1597Tel: (310) 206-4451Fax: (310) 206-2302Email: Program Chair Lucy Y. PaoElectrical and ComputerEngineering DepartmentUniversity of ColoradoBoulder, CO 80309-0425Tel: (303) 492-2360Fax: (303) 492-2758Email: View ISA 2002 Technical Conference papers, ”.NET IndustrialAutomation” Steven L. Weygandt, PE, InvensysProduction Management Dave Hardin, PE, CSDP, InvensysProduction Management  “PLC Formal ControlMethodologies: DoesAcademia Supply WhatIndustry Demands?” Houshang Darabi MIE Department (M/C 251)University of Illinois at Chicago 2039 ERF, 842 W. Taylor St Chicago, Illinois 60607 Rupa SampathMIE Department (M/C 251)University of Illinois at Chicago 2039 ERF, 842 W. Taylor St Chicago, Illinois 60607 David Naylor Starthis, Inc.10600 W. Higgins Road Suite 414Rosemont, Il 6061
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