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  48 STAGE 3 This ungraded summary is for the teacher’s use only and should not be given to students. PHOTOCOPIABLE XFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS The story he novel begins with Swiss scientist, Victorrankenstein, being rescued by a ship at the Northole. He tells the story o how he tried to create lie o help people, and the terrible consequences of his experiments . . .ctor went to unversty were e stue eectrcty and succeeded in putting life into a human form, madeof dead body parts. This ugly new creature saw Victoras his master, but the scientist was horried and abandoned him. The poor monster wanted to be loved but he soon learned that people were afraid of his size and appearance.rom watching a family, he learned to speak andread. He was secretly kind to the family and felt heould trust them. One day, he revealed himself but hey were afraid and attacked him. He understood hat his lie would always be unhappy and he elt ull of hate for Victor, his creator.The monster decided to find Victor and, by chance, e met ctors tte roter, am. antng to urt Victor, he killed William and implicated the family’s nanny, Justine, by placing a gold chain on her. Justinewas arreste an e.ctor went to te mountans to recover. emonster found him and said how unhappy and lonelye elt. Victor listened and agreed to make the monster a emale companion. However, later he realized thathis was a mistake and destroyed the creature. Themonster was very angry an promse to run ctorsie. He then killed Victor’s best riend and his bride,Elizabeth. Victor’s father died as a result.Victor wanted to kill the monster and followed him o the North Pole where he dies rom the cold ustafter telling his story to the ship’s captain. The monsternds Victor’s body and is very sad at the death of hisreator. He promises to kill himsel, saying that he only wanted love and friendship. Backgrou rankenstein was written while Mary Shelley (1797–1851) was travelling through Europe with her husband, Percy Bysshe Shelley, the Romantic poet. The descriptions of towns and countryside in the novel come from this stormy night when they were staying withLord Byron at his villa near eneva, it was suggestedthat they individually write a ghost story. At first Marycould not think o a story but later she had a powerul vision of a monster an so Frankenstein  was orn. he was only 19 years old.he novel is in the Gothic literary tradition – a talef supernatural events set in a wild landscape. The full title, rankenstein: or, the Modern rometheus  , refers to the mythological figure who stole fire from the godsto create man an animals.Mary helley was pregnant when writing thenovel. Two of her children had already died young. The novel can also e seen as an examination of fearsand thoughts about pregnancy, childbirth and child have been more films made of the novelthan any other book. The majority have a stereotyped‘evil’ monster and a ‘mad’ scientist. Clearly, this is a highly limited view which fails to understand Victor,the monster and their tragic relationship.  49 STAGE 3 ©OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS  PHOTOCOPIABLE Frankenstein  Pre-reading activity True or False?   To the teacher   For each of the sentences about Frankenstein, mark one of the columns. TRUEFALSE DON’TKNOW 1 Frankenstein is the name of the monster. 2  The monster is very large. 3  The monster learns about the Greeks and Romans. 4  The monster has a wife. 5  The monster can speak English. 6  The scientist loves the creature he creates. 7  The monster is evil from the beginning. 8  The monster needs blood to live. Aim:  To raise interest in the story Time:  10 minutes Organization:  Write the word Frankenstein on the board or show the front cover of the book to the class. Ask the students what they know about the story. Then divide the class into pairs and give one worksheet between each pair. Ask each pair to discuss the statements and to tick whether each statement is true, false, or not known. Go through the students’ ideas as a class and encourage students to say why they have chosen a certain answer. Do not focus on whether the answers are correct or not as students will find out when they read the book. Generate as much discussion as possible and encourage students to share their ideas.  50 STAGE 3 PHOTOCOPIABLE ©OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS Frankenstein While reading activity 1 Hidden word   To the teacher   Read the clues and find the different words that come from Frankenstein .When you have done this, find the name of a person that runs down through the middle of all of the other words. Clues1  The living thing that Frankenstein makes. 2  The power that Frankenstein uses to make the monster come to life. 3  The woman who goes to prison for murder. 4  The country where Frankenstein was born. 5  The person who is strangled by the monster. 123456789 6  The place where Frankenstein makes the monster. 7 Frankenstein’s best friend who comes to visit him. 8 Frankenstein sees a tree destroyed by this. 9  The police find this in a coat pocket. Where:  At the end of Chapter 6 Aim:  To revise some of the main characters and events Time:  30 minutes Organization:  Give each student, or pair of students a copy of the word quiz. They need to read the clues and find the nine words. By doing this, they will find the missing word that runs through all of the other words. Go through the answers as a class and see how much the students can remember about the characters whose names are in the quiz.When this is finished ask the students to write a dialogue in which Frankenstein tells Elizabeth what he has done. Write the first few lines of the dialogue as a class. The activity should help students to focus on events so far in the book and the reasons why Frankenstein created a monster.  51 STAGE 3 ©OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS  PHOTOCOPIABLE Frankenstein While reading activity 2 Matching quotations to the speaker   To the teacher  Who says the following things in Frankenstein ? QUOTATION VICTOR MONSTER WHAT IS HAPPENING? 1  ‘I learnt to love and to be patient were the most important things in the world.’           2  ‘I am the unhappiest creature in the world but I shall fight for my life.’ 3  ‘Day after day, month after month I followed death.’4 ‘You are a murderer. How can I be kind to you?’ 5  ‘I learnt that people think it is veryimportant to have money and to come from a good family.’ 6  ‘I did not know then that my work would destroy me and the people that I loved.’ 7  ‘Now is the time! Save me and help me!’ 8  ‘At first my eyes and ears did not work very well, but after a while I began to see and hear clearly.’ 9  ‘I was filled with fear at what I had done.’ 10  ‘Come with me to a warmer place, and listen to my story. Then you can decide.’ Where:  At the end of Chapter 8 Aim:  To recap key events and emotions in the story Time:  15 minutes Organization:  Divide the class into groups and give one worksheet between each group. Ask the students to decide whether the statements below were made by Victor Frankenstein or the monster. Encourage them also to discuss how these statements fit into the story. When the students have finished, go through the answers as a class and generate discussion about how the statements fit into the story. Key:  1 Victor, 2 Monster, 3 Victor, 4 Victor, 5 Monster, 6 Victor, 7 Monster, 8 Monster, 9 Victor, 10 Monster.
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