All Hallows Eve

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All Hallows Eve scenario for BASH! UE rpg
  All Hallow’s Eve  This adventure originally appeared in BAM! (Basic Action Magazine’s) premier issue. This version has been updated to work with the BASH! Ultimate Edition Rules. It also includes a possible group of sample Heroes who originally appeared in Megapolis: A City of Supers supplement for the original edition ofBASH!. They are the teenagers from Willow Grove, updated to BASH! Ultimate Edition rules and advanced a year from their original appearance in Megapolis. Included in this adventure are several other villains from Megapolis, updated to BASH! UE. The Adventure is recommended to be run at 30 points. Thus, a 25pt character should start with 5 Hero Points, while a 20pt character would start with 10! If you aren’t familiar with BASH! Ultimate Edition, you can check out our website at or join the discussion at You can also search for Basic Action Games on Facebook. All Hallow’s Eve: A Story-Arc for BASH!  A cabal of young women obsessed with power are unwittingly working for an evil Lich from another dimension. On All Hallow's Eve, this evil will break his millennia old curse and walk again in the realm of mortals. Can the heroes of Megapolis stop it in time? Background Info:  The sorority of Epsilon Lambda Gamma appears to be a typical American rich-girls club—but there is more to it. Much more. When their letters are turned upside down and viewed in a mirror, or are seen as a shadow, their true letters come to light: EVL. Yes, the girls of EΛΓ are a true “Sorority of Evil!” Unlike most Greek organizations on college campuses, EΛΓ really does trace its roots back to the Hellenic period of Greece. After the Amazon queen, Hippolyte, shamed herself by giving her belt to Hercules, a renegade band of Amazons (led by Hera in human form) killed her and took over the tribe. As the world of modern man closed in around them, the last of the Amazons formed a secret society Empair Λidi Γuerld, translating to mean “the women’s world empire” . Throughout history, they made attempts to put more power into their hands, but were never very successful until they came to America. In a world of liberated and powerful women, it was far easier for the m to achieve their ends. They decided to disguise themselves as an organization built to attract America’s most elite and ambitious women—a sorority. The women of EΛΓ are devoted to nothing less than clandestine world domination. Their motto is, “If power corrupts, it’s so totally worth it”. The sorority recently began dabbling in the study of the dark arts (in order to gain more influence over people) and is now a full-fledged coven of witches. Other members of the sorority hark back to their Amazonian roots, and devote themselves to intensive martial training, in order to protect their weaker sisters. So far, the organization is growing in power, placing more and more members in important positions of American society. The current president of the Megapolis University chapter of EΛΓ is Valerie White, a beautiful blond pre-law senior. She is a total overachiever with a 4.0 GPA and a 4th degree black belt in Aikido. Most of the time, Valerie maintains a veneer of dignified professionalism and sincerity. It is only when her hair is mussed or a nail is broken that she loses control of the fury within her! Recently, Valerie has uncovered an ancient text that prescribed rituals that can be used to contact powerful beings on another plane of existence. Believing that she would be able to bargain with these beings in order to increase the power of the sorority, she began her sisters on a course to make contact with this plane. After a few weeks, at the cost of several sister s killed by the eldritch powers, they managed to make contact with a being from another plane, calling himself Haertzbayne. He agreed to aid them in their quest for power, to teach them his magic, but in order to do so, he must be able to manifest in their world. The ladies of Epsilon Lambda Gamma were commanded by Haertzbayne to steal the Mirror of Souls, a priceless antique from the Megapolis Museum of Antiquities. With it, the Lich-lord plans to coerce Captain Cadaver to rescue his soul from the river Styx, enabling him to return to the world of mortals. After All Hallows Eve has passed, the transformation will be permanent. Unless he can be stopped that 1  night, Haertzbayne will terrorize the realm of man once more… Starting the Story : If you are using your own superheroes, Read the following out loud to the players: It has been a few weeks since your last major engagement with the forces of evil. Aside from the occasional mugging or bank-robbery, there has been little in the way of crime for a while in the city. However, you know that tonight, Hallo ween night, that peace is not going to last. Something alwayshappens on Halloween. The Ghost Pirate, Captain Cadaver usually returns to haunt the city this time of year, and you and your team-mates will be ready for him. As you are making your preparations for the inevitable battle, a message shows up on the communicator. It seems that the Megapolis Museum of Antiquities has been robbed! A precious artifact, called the Mirror of Souls is missing!Alternate Start (Willow Grove): If you are using the kids from Willow Grove as your Heroes, read the following out loud to the players: It has been a few weeks since your last major engagement with the forces of evil. Aside from the odd vampire or werewolf , there has been little in the way of excitement for a while in Willow Grove. Your friend, Frank “The Tank” Ferguson is looking at Colleges, and you all decide to go with him to visit Megapolis University. However, you know that tonight, Halloween night, is also a likely to be exciting. Something always happens on Halloween. The Ghost Pirate, Captain Cadaver usually returns to haunt the city this time of year, and you and your pal s will keep your eyes ope n for him. As you are making your way to the campus, you hear a news bulletin on the radio that the Megapolis Museum of Antiquities has been robbed! A precious artifact, called the Mirror of Souls is missing!A Hero can try a Occultism/Artifacts check to know the importance of the Mirror. A 10 will tell them that the Mirror is said to have magical powers. A 20 will let them know that these magical powers extend to the undead. A 30 will tell them that these powers will enable a spirit like Captain Cadaver, to remain inthe mortal world... forever.Arriving at the Museum will allow the Heroes a chance to investigate (it’s close to the University). There were two security guards on duty, who will say that some pretty girls came the museum after closing and asked if they could come inside. The men knew they were not allowed to let them in, but they could not help themselves. The guard, looking ashamed will just say, their eyes. I had to do it. Their eyes made me... The guard will remember little about the girls save for their eyes, however, he does remember that one of them was wearing a pin-- gold set with a red stone. If the Heroes don’ t go to the museum, they may instead hear the above description on the radio.A 20 Investigation/Finding Clues check will reveal scuff marks on the floor, that were apparently made by expensive women's security shoes. There were at least ten women involved in this caper, and no men. The security cameras in the museum have been disabled, so the tape will not be of use seeing the crime take place, though someone with the Clairvoyance (past) power can make an attempt to see what transpired. A group of a dozen hooded young women came into the museum after some disabled the security. They seemed to be competent magicians, and used their abilities to bypass security and dominate the security guards into letting them pass. By this time, it is getting dark, and there are reports that Captain Cadaver and his ghost ship have been sighted at Megapolis University Campus!  Scene 2: The Old College Try True enough, Captain Cadaver is sailing his flying ghost ship, The Sea Demon on the campus of Megapolis University. Unless the heroes try to stop him, he will sail the ship into a fog bank and disappear. If they confront him, however, he will give them little resistance, and tries to get his ship into the fog, leaving some of his skeleton crew behind to slow down the Heroes' pursuit. Knowing that superheroes always put preserving innocent lives above capturing the villain, his crew will actually begin attacking students on the University Quad. The heroes will have to let Cadaver get away in order to stop them. 2  Captain Cadaver 23 Pts (14 Stats, 9 Powers)Brawn 2 Agility 3 Mind 2 Powers :Life Draining Sword: Continual Damage 4 (x4 Dmg) [limitation: ammo gadget 6 charges] 3ptsAnimation 4 [limitation: only affects corpses] 3pts Ghost Form 3, 3pts Skills : Athletics/Acrobatics & Climbing, Stealth/Palming & Planting, Pilot/Pirate Ships, Humanities/Occult Advantages : Unliving, Super Vehicle: The Sea Demon, Immortality Disadvantages : Freak, Cursed, Outsider (from the Past)B ack-Story : Guy D’Aver was a French pirate who plied the coast during the age of Sail. A known Voodoo cultist, superstitious sailors began to call him “Captain Cadaver” for the supposed zombies he had manning his ship, the Sea Demon. He was known for his terrifying tattoo of a red demon skull, which was supposedly applied with black magic by a voodoo shaman. He was eventually captured and hung from a gibbet at Megan’s Warf as a warning to others. Before he died, Guy made a deal with a dark spirit that inhabited his tattoo. In exchange for his immortal soul, he would be able to come back to Meganville once every blue moon in order to wreak havoc and revenge upon the town. The spirit agreed—and as a result once a year, Captain “Cadaver” came back to plunder and terrorize the city. This ended after 20 years when a sorceress imprisoned the captain’s spirit in a clay pot. Captain Cadaver was imprisoned there for centuries until a few years ago when the pot was auctioned off. The new owner got in a car accident on the way home with the pot, and it shattered, freeing the vengeful ghost! Since then, he has sailed into the city every November 1st on his flying ghost ship. So far, every year since then, he has also been stopped by superheroes, but never before he caused considerable damage. The Sea Demon Captain Cadaver's Ship29 Pts (14 Stats, 15 Powers)Brawn 3 Agility 1 Mind 3100 Hits/x3+15 Soak Powers :Cannons: Special Attack 2 (x5 dmg, Medium Range, Small Burst) [Limitation: Tiring (the gun crew needs to reload)] 4ptsFlight 3 (15 Squares) 3ptsGhost Form 3 [Enhancement: Usable on Others(the crew aboard the Sea Demon becomes incorporeal along with the ship)] 4ptsSize 3 (+15 Damage, Brawn, & Soak Rolls; -3Dice Penalty to Defense) 3ptsWater Walking 1pt The Skeleton Crew Attack 14, Defend 14Brawn 1 Agility 2 Mind 110 Hits/5 Soak Equipment : Cutlass (x2+5 Dmg) Advantage : Unliving Disadvantage : Freak (they are just skeletons) Scene 3: The Arrival of the Lich-Lord As the Heroes are finishing up with fighting off the Skeletons, great peals of thunder echo throughout the city, as lighting begins to strike all over nearby Titan Park. Something very bad is going on there! Captain Cadaver has returned, sailing his ship through a black portal from another dimension. He drops off a passenger, and begins to sail away. The Passenger is Haertzbayne, a Lich from the magical realm of Arcadia. Haertzbayne offered the Mirror to the captain if he would deliver him from Arcadia to the realm of mortals. If Haertzbayne can remain in this world until dawn, he will permanently be able to remain, and begin his plans of world conquest. He intends to start by raising an army of undead!Currently, because he has only just arrived into our dimension, Haertzbayne is rather weak. However, if he 3  remains till dawn, there is no telling how powerful he will become. Unless the heroes can find some way to force him back through the black gate soon, they will never be able to.Even in his weakened state, however, Haertzbayne is no pushover. The Heroes will need to find some mystical means to force him through the gate while preventing him from reaching the cemetery!Tactics--Fighting a superhero team is not Haertzbayne's forte-- he usually leaves such things to his lieutenants, however, he is no slouch. He will try to use his life-siphoning grip on the physically weakest member of the team, and his Mind Control on the physically strongest to turn them against their friends.Don't forget his x5 Defense. This should mean that he is almost effortlessly sidestepping attacks, blocking them without looking, etc. If the Heroes lose this fight, that is OK-- this foe is incredibly powerful. However, they may try and seek a plot-related way to take him out. Before completely defeating the Heroes, on Page 3, he will leave them, stating that he has more important matters to attend to and disappears in a flash of black fire. If the Heroes somehow end up beating him, he will say the same thing, and disappear in a flash of black fire. In either case, he is headed towards the EΛΓ Sorority House on Megapolis University Campus, apparently forgetting about the cemetery.What actually happened was that he was summoned there by Valerie White, who is using the Coin of Janus -- a two headed coin of ancient mystical origins. It was with this coin that Valerie was first able to contact Haertzbayne. That was when they made the deal-- He would give them unrivaled magical powers if they would deliver the Mirror to Captain Cadaver. In order to get the mirror, Cadaver had to pull the Lich-Lord's soul from the River Styx. Being both damned and dead already, the captain was easily able to navigate the river without fear of any harmful side effects. He plucked the soul from the river, which unchained the Lich-Lord's spirit from its prison dimension, allowing him travel into the real world. However, Haertzbayne has neglected to uphold his end of the bargain with the sorority. He never intended to. However, Valerie White still has that insufferable coin, and is using it like a pager to summon him! He intends to obey her summons, and then kill her for her impudence or enslave her-- he hasn't decided yet. In the mean time, he is playing along. Of course, the Heroes just might be able to follow his trail back to the sorority house, in the secret sanctum beneath it, where a dark ritual is taking place…Anyone who can detect magic can easily follow the trail left by Haertzbayne’s powerful sorcery. A character with the Occultism skill or Teleportation power can make a check to see if they can figure out the destination of the teleportation spell that took Haertzbayne away. It leads directly to the EΛΓ Sorority House! The level of success of the check indicates how quickly the Heroes figure it out and how much time the Lich Lord has to heal his injuries <10 several minutes (Haertzbayne is fully healed), 10+ Within 2 Pages, 20+ Within 1 page, 30+ Immediately.If the Heroes are not able to teleport to the scene, have them make an Extended Check (using Athletics, Drive, Pilot, or whatever means they are using to get there, as per the Chase Scene rules), with a goal of 60 to reach the Sorority House. Each page that elapses is one more that Haertzbayne has to heal. ’ 4
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