Asphalt Plant

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  ASPHALT PLANT 󰁁󰁴󰁬󰁡󰁳󰁔󰁥󰁣󰁨󰁮󰁯󰁬󰁯󰁧󰁩󰁥󰁳󰁉󰁮󰁤󰁩󰁡󰀮󰁣󰁯󰁭 Available as stationaryand semi-mobile. VARIANTS : ABP 80 (80 tph), ABP 120 (120 tph), ABP 160 (160 tph)Capacities above 160 tphare tailor made.  AGGREGATE In our stationary and mobile asphalt drum mix plant all the four bins are fitted with individual variable speed drive motors and gear box to control and regulate the flow of aggregate from each bin.Gathering conveyor is equipped with scrapper and driven by variable speed drive motor. Aggregate from the gathering is fed to the drum with a slinger conveyor after removing oversize materials. * 󰀭  󰁓󰁵󰁰󰁰󰁬󰁩󰁥󰁤 󰁷󰁩󰁴󰁨 󰁭󰁯󰁢󰁩󰁬󰁥 󰁰󰁬󰁡󰁮󰁴󰁳. FEEDER 󰁉󰁎D󰁉󰁖󰁉D󰁕A󰁌 󰁆EEDE󰁒 󰁇A󰁔E󰁓 󰁖󰁉B󰁒A󰁔󰁏󰁒󰁙 󰁍󰁏󰁔󰁏󰁒 󰁇A󰁔󰁈E󰁒󰁉󰁎󰁇 & 󰁓󰁌󰁉󰁎󰁇E󰁒 BE󰁌󰁔*󰁗󰁉󰁒󰁉󰁎󰁇 󰁔󰁒A󰁙 󰁎󰁏 󰁆󰁌󰁏󰁗 󰁉󰁎D󰁉CA󰁔󰁏󰁒 󰁓󰁗󰁉󰁔C󰁈 *󰁊󰁕󰁎C󰁔󰁉󰁏󰁎 B󰁏󰁘  VIBRATINGSCREEN A rugged single deck vibratory screen is placed at the end of cold aggregate feeder. Its job is to remove the oversized materials. SLINGER Driven by variable speed drive motor, aggregates are transferred to drying unit. CONVEYOR  DRYING DRUM The drying and mixing unit is the most important part of an Asphalt plant. The dryer assures outstanding efficiency in uniformly heating and drying the aggregates because of the specially designed and arranged lifting flights. Rotary cylinder drum is mounted on sturdy platform driven by AC motor with sprocket and chain equipped with high pressure jet burner, flights, bitumen and fines piping, frame mounted exhauster fan with high efficiency . * 󰀭  󰁓󰁵󰁰󰁰󰁬󰁩󰁥󰁤 󰁷󰁩󰁴󰁨 󰁭󰁯󰁢󰁩󰁬󰁥 󰁰󰁬󰁡󰁮󰁴󰁳.; ** 󰀭 󰁓󰁵󰁰󰁰󰁬󰁩󰁥󰁤 󰁷󰁩󰁴󰁨 󰁥󰁸󰁰󰁯󰁲󰁴 󰁱󰁵󰁡󰁬󰁩󰁴󰁹 󰁰󰁬󰁡󰁮󰁴󰁳. 󰁆󰁒󰁉C󰁔󰁉󰁏󰁎 D󰁒󰁉󰁖E 󰁆󰁌󰁉󰁇󰁈󰁔󰁓 **󰁓󰁔A󰁉󰁎󰁌E󰁓󰁓 󰁓󰁔EE󰁌 C󰁏A󰁔󰁉󰁎󰁇*󰁉󰁎󰁔E󰁒󰁎A󰁌 CAB󰁌󰁉󰁎󰁇 󰁔󰁈󰁒󰁕󰁓󰁔 & 󰁔󰁒󰁕󰁎󰁉󰁏󰁎 󰁒󰁏󰁌󰁌E󰁒󰁓 *󰁊󰁕󰁎C󰁔󰁉󰁏󰁎 B󰁏󰁘
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