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IMPACT OF MICROWAVES RADIATION ON HUMAN BRAIN Abstract Microwave radiation is a part of the electromagnetic (EM) radiation. The effect of microwave radiation has been studied by scientist and they have found human’s brain may effected by radiation from the sources such as mobile phones and other digital wireless systems. Long term of exposure could affect human brain since microwave can penetrate through human skin and can cause tumour and brain cancer. Based on the researches by the scientist,
  IMPACT OF MICROWAVES RADIATION ON HUMAN BRAIN Abstract  Microwave radiation is a part of theelectromagnetic (EM) radiation. The effect of microwave radiation has been studied by scientist  and they have found human’s brain may effected by radiation from the sources such as mobile phonesand other digital wireless systems. Long term of exposure could affect human brain since microwavecan penetrate through human skin and can causetumour and brain cancer. Based on the researches bythe scientist, they have investigated the impact of radiation on human brain by making experiment onelectroencephalograph (EEG). Introduction Microwave radiations are EM waves withwavelengths ranging from as long as one meter to asshort as one millimetre, or equivalently withfrequencies between 0.3 GHz and 300 GHz. Effect of the microwave radiation on the human brain or moreaccurate, on the bioelectrical activity of human brainhas been studied and become major interest withincreasing application of telecommunication devices.Part of microwaves emitted by devices such asmobile phone is absorbed by human head. This isdue to characteristic of the wave properties of microwave that can penetrate through human bodyand then hit human brain. When the brain wasexposed to this radiation, the bioelectric activity inbrain also affected. Long exposure will damage thecell inside the brain. Studies on Impact of Microwaves Scientists have been making many experiments onthe microwaves radiation. Since we live intechnology nowadays, common technology thattends to have effect on human brain is mobile phone.Study made by V.K Alexander and Uner T. (2003)on EM fields have show the result of microwaveradiation from mobile phone could affect humanbrain. They used a 16-channel telemetricelectroencephalograph to record EEG changes duringexposure of human brain to emitted EM waves by amobile phone.Based on their study, EEG showed changes after aperiod of 10-15 seconds there was no visible change,the spectrum median frequency increased in areasclose to antenna, after 20-40 seconds, a slow-waveactivity (2.5-6.0 Hz) appeared in the contralateralfrontal and temporal areas and lasting for about onesecond. When the phone turning off, slow-waveactivity disappeared and causes the local changessuch as increased median frequency decreased anddisappeared after 15-20 minutes. They have concludethat the these microwave radiation emitted from thephone may be harmful for human brain, since thedelta waves are pathological if seen in awakesubjects (human). Besides, the slow wave activitywas more pronounced in children than adults,indicating that the children may be more vulnerableto the adverse health effects of mobile phones thanadults, since the absorption of microwaves is greatest in an object about the size of a child’s head (Gandi et al., 1996  ). Radiation can penetrate the thinner skullof an infant with greater ease.Other than that, the study on the modulated 450MHz microwave on human EEG rhythms andcognitive process has been carried out (Hinrikus, al., 2008). Microwave exposure causes mostremarkable increase in the EEG alpha power andsmaller increase in the beta power. The effect of microwave on the EEG rhythms depends on themodulation frequency and has non-thermal srcin.The effect is stronger at modulation frequencieshigher or closes to the EEG rhythms frequencies, andsensitivity to microwave exposure is individual withthe rate of the subjects (human) significantly affectedwas 13-30%. Other than that, they have concludedthat physiological adaptation of the braincompensates and even over-compensates the effect of the microwaves exposure.Professor Lennart Hardell, Sweden has made alarge study with 1251 cases of brain tumourscompared to controls. The risk increased the moreyears and the more hours per year the phone hadbeen used. The increased risk was 390% for mobilephones and 190% for cordless phones. The greatestrisk was for Astrocytoma, a malignant tumour.Other than that,   State-funded research in the USAhas proven that cell phones influence the activity of the brain to a significant extent. After 50 minexposure to a cell phone, the metabolism of the brainwas increased in the areas close to the phone. Conclusion We can conclude that the microwave radiate fromdevices such as RADAR, microwave oven andmobile phone can affect our brain with long exposure.Most of us use mobile phone today and we use itevery day for our daily purposes. Long exposure candamage the cell inside our brain. References 1.   Alexander, V., Tan, U. (2003). Effects of High-frequency Electromagnetic Fields on HumanEEG: A Brain Mapping Study.  International Journal Neuroscience. 113, 1007-1019.2.   Hinrikus, H., Bachmann, M., Lass, J., Tuulik,V. (2008). Effect of modulated microwavesradiation on electroencephalographic rhythmsand cognitive processes.  Estonian Journal of  Engineering. 14, 2, 91-106.  3.   Hinrikus, H., Bachmann, M., Tomson, R., Lass,J., (2005). Non-thermal effect of microwaveradiation on human brain. The Environmentalist.  25,187-194.4.   mobilstarteng.htm retrieved on 30/11/2011.
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