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Corporate and Industrial Security in India. Industry refers to an organization that is engaged in some economic activity. So, by corollary, corporate or industrial security pertains to industrial enterprises being secure from real or potential threats which they are likely to encounter that could lead to disruption in the productivity of enterprise. In a developing country like India, where resource crunch, absence of technological advancement, corruption, nepotism, licence raj etc. had made the
  Corporate and Industrial Security in India . Industry refers to an organization that is engaged in some economic activity. So,by corollary, corporate or industrial security pertains to industrial enterprisesbeing secure from real or potential threats which they are likely to encounter thatcould lead to disruption in the productivity of enterprise.In a developing country like India, where resource crunch, absence of technological advancement, corruption, nepotism, licence raj etc. had made theprocedure of setting up of an industry immensely cumbersome, establishing aseparate non-productive department for security seemed a non-viable idea forthe corporate.Even the government had a lackadaisical approach earlier until it realized thatthe demands of industrial undertakings were very different from day to daypolicing or law and order problems. This led to establishment of dedicated trainedparamilitary force namely, Central Industrial Security Force, which has taken thecharge of safeguarding Central G overnment’s economic undertakings from damages, destruction, espionage, sabotage or subversion, or any threat whichcould endanger lives, property, information or processes.Corporates and industrial security in India got a fillip primarily because of twofactors. Firstly, opening up of the economy has opened sluice gates of multinational companies to venture into India and setting up their business here.Secondly, the spread of menace called terrorism across the globe cutting acrossthe spectra of national boundaries, religion, political ideologies etc. has made itimperative that corporates and industrial security takes that quantum leap intheir functioning for the smooth functioning of the business.Moreover, as these multinationals arrived in India, they brought with them theculture and morals of Human rights, which is principled on the tenet that nothingis more valuable that a human life. Now that “chalta hai” attitude has started to fade and corporates have started espousing labour law with safety of lives andproperty in the working environment. And with examples like that of the Bhopalgas tragedy and accidents in extraction of oil and gas or in nuclear reactors, has  compelled the decision makers to include corporate and industrial security at the company’s policy level so that their brand’s reputation in not hurt.  Recent spurt in terrorist activities indicate that not only target identificationdone by terrorists has grown horizontally, as that of targeting small cities but alsoits vertical spread has been a cause for concern for the state authorities. In agame of one-up man ship, new targets are like trains, hotels, scientific researchinstitutes etc. has government working overtime to tackle the situation. And withless manpower and lesser efficiently trained manpower, corporates associationshave realized that government in not in position to deal with the threat on itsown and could only play complimentary role to that provided by the privatesecurity agencies.Most of the industrial units or work places had earlier took to physical securityas the only necessity and hired people with defence background which broughttheir vast service experience, professionalism and discipline amongst the securitydepartment. Even though physical security continued to be important but sincethe advent of information and communication technological revolutioncompanies most precious resource has become its information inventory.Information and communication revolution has also brought with itself anothermanifestation of white collared nuisance in the form of Cyber Crime. Educatedyouth with destructive mindset use their knowledge to indulge in such criminalacts that are entirely done using information and communication systems. Such isthe scope of cyber crime that a class of professional known as hackers have comeinto existence and rival companies or even government recruit them forespionage and gaining access to their central information bank in order topreempt commercial ventures or extract strategic information.Therefore, in the 21 st century, corporate and industrial security has to dealwith a double edged sword in the form of terrorist threats with pertains toprimarily physical security and access control, and with the phenomenon of cybercrimes.  Corporate and industrial security cuts across all the departments of a given firm. Typically, a firm’s structure and their security aspects are as :1.   Accounts- key management, cash handling and document security2.   Marketing and sales  – classified and strategic documents, proprietaryinformation3.   Storage and housekeeping- receipt and issue of material, stock taking, theftand pilferage4.   Administration- safety of the people and property, traffic plan, medical aid,vetting of enrolled personnel, fire safety etc.5.   Info technology  – document handling, access and storageSecurity responsibilities also extend to other exigencies including    Natural disasters like earthquakes, cyclones etc    Accidents    Fire prevention, detection and control  – which could be accidental(including that by earthquake), or by sabotage    Day to day supervision like thefts, pilferage (including that through scrapdisposal)    Vandalism and arson during lockouts, strike, political or communal riots    Bomb threats and intrusion in ethnically disturbed or terrorist infestedareas Since safeguarding of an individual’s well being at the work place is the onus of  the employer, thereby, it employs both legal and financial implications thereforemanagement conducts regular basic awareness programs and undertakesinsurance cover for financial stability.Hence, we can safely conclude that security aspects have come to occupy avery significant space in corporate planning and management to ensure that theirpersonnel, material processes, information and environment are secure from anyinfringement or disruption so that the goals of the organization are notcompromised.   
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