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  7th Grade Language Arts Syllabus Teacher: Jeremie De Leon Email:  Room 25 Course Description: Language Arts or in other words, the art of language. This class integrates the language arts of reading, writing, speaking, listening, and grammar building. Students use reading strategies while reading various types of literature including short stories, novels, and informational text selections. Students use the writing process as they explore expository,  persuasive, and creative writing. Grammar Instruction will focus on the Standard English usage and application through reading, writing, speaking, and listening activities. Objectives At the end of the school year, students will be able to  (Succeed Academically) : Reading   ã   Determine a text’s main ideas and to analyze them based off of textual evidence. ã   Analyze how an author organizes their text and the purpose of the chosen point of view. ã   Compare and contrast the written and multimedia versions of a text, and how different writers approach the same topic. Writing   ã   Continue to develop skills in writing argumentative, informative, narrative, and research texts. ã   Produce clear writing that has appropriate organization and style for the topic at hand. ã   Learn to use technology to produce and publish their writing and to link and cite sources. ã   Continue to develop their research skills by drawing evidence from different texts that support their own writing. Speaking and Listening   ã   Learn to ask good questions that lead to group discussion ã   Modify their own views in accordance with new information and ideas expressed by those around them. ã   Practice speaking in front of a group while using relevant descriptions, facts, and details to support an opinion. Materials Needed: 2 Composition Notebooks Pen (Black or Blue) 1 Red Pen College Ruled Loose-Leaf Paper (When Needed) Crayons, Color Pencils Grade Breakdown Bell ringers/Journal Entries: 20% Class work: 20% Projects: 20% Tests/Quizzes/Exams: 20%  Notebook Check: 20% Total: 100% Grading Policy 100-90 A 89-80 B 79-70 C 69-60 D 59-Below F  Course Outline 1st Quarter 2nd Quarter 3rd Quarter 4th Quarter Sentence Structure ã   Parts of Speech ã   4 types of Sentences ã   Dependent and Independent Clauses ã   Simple, Compound, Complex, Compound Complex The Writing Process ã   Prewriting ã   Drafting ã   Revising ã   Proofreading ã   Publishing Personal Narrative Essay Capitalization ã   Proper Nouns ã   Pronouns Punctuation ã   End Marks ã   Comma ã   Colon ã   Semicolon ã   Hyphen ã   Quotation Marks Expository Essay ã   Compare and Contrast ã   Cause and Effect ã   Demonstrative Research Writing ã   Citation ã   Plagiarism ã   MLA Format Research Essay Persuasive Essay Persuasive Speech ã   Ethos ã   Pathos ã   Logos Classroom Policy/Rules Be Respectful 1.   RESPECT. You will get RESPECT when you give RESPECT. Treat others with kindness and you too will be treated the same. When someone is speaking, be quiet and listen. 2.   Take care of any materials you borrow from Mr. De Leon. When you are finished, return them to Mr. De Leon. 3.   Treat all school property with care. Clean up after yourself. Be Responsible 4.   Come to class ON TIME. DO NOT BE LATE for my class. If you are late, you must have a valid excuse (Using the restroom or drinking water before my class is not a valid excuse). 5.   Always come to class prepared. 6.   If you are absent for my class, it will be your responsibility to make up any assignments you have missed. Any late or make-up work will be accepted on a case by case basis (off-island trip, medical reasons). You can either ask your peer/classmate for any assignments you have missed or ask Mr. De Leon during break/lunch. 7.   There is NO food or drinks allowed in class. Water is allowed. 8.   There will be NO electronics in class, unless otherwise stated. If I see an electronic device without my permission, I will confiscate it. The only way you will get it back is if your parent/guardian comes in person to retrieve it.  Be Safe 9.   Always be in full proper uniform (BMS shirt and appropriate bottoms. As well as shoes.)  NO contrabands or weapons allowed. 10.   Stay in your designated area during the morning, lunch, and break. (Courtyard) 11.    No horse playing or being rough with others. We are all human beings. Be civil about the situation and talk it out (This does not excuse you from using vulgar/inappropriate language). If the situation gets out of hand, speak with your teacher. Infractions and Procedures: 1 st  consequence  Teacher warning. Notation made. 2 nd  consequence  Notation made and a phone call made to parent/guardian in the attempt to curtail behavior. Student will also be subject to team detention. 3 rd  consequence  Parent meeting or activity detention. 4 th  consequence  Referral to the grade level administrator as a major offense. ALL Major offenses will be handled directly by the Administrator Bathroom/Restroom/Water Fountain Policy Use the bathroom/restroom/water fountain before you enter my class. You are allowed three passes each quarter. Unused bathroom passes do not roll over to the next quarter and there will be a log to count how many times you went. Homework You will receive homework when you do not finish the class work or I notice that you are in need of more practice. The main purpose of homework is provided independent practice at home; lesson reinforcement with immediate feedback. It may also serve for assignments such as enrichment projects and preparation for the following day lessons. It is imperative homework assignments be completed and submitted in a timely basis to ensure student mastery and/or for the teacher to provide additional academic instruction or practice, as necessary. Tests/Quizzes/Exams Tests, quizzes, or exams will be given towards the end of the quarter to assess what you have learned each quarter. Journal Entries Each day at the beginning of class, there will be a quote written on the board. You will need to write a one to two paragraph (5 to 10 sentences) reflection on the quotes. Late/Missing Assignments: ASSIGNMENTS are due on time. You have until the end of the due date to turn in your assignment (3:45 p.m.). It is the student’s responsibility to make-up any missing assignments. If you think   (or have a feeling)  that you are missing an assignment, check with your teacher. Better safe than sorry. You have three (3) days to complete any make-up work.  Projects/Major Writing Assignments There will be four major writing assignments in the class and in addition, two  presentations. Presentation is solely up to (you) the student. You can use multimedia, poster  boards, videos, or simply talking in front of the class. When you present, you must give it your all or in other words SHOW ME WHAT YOU GOT!   WRITING ASSIGNMENTS:  All major writing assignments are to be neatly written in blue or black ink pen. Pencils should never     be used for major writing assignments. You are submitting the final product, not a draft. Attendance/Tardy Policy: All students must provide a parent note explaining the reason for being absent. A doctor’s note is required for absences that are 3 or more days. Prearranged absences must be scheduled with the main office and guidance counselor if the absence is for 3 or more days. Suspended students must get clearance from the discipline office before returning to the classroom. Students must have a pass/note when coming to class tardy. For example, if the student came from the office or library, a pass must be presented. If a student comes in late from break or lunch without a valid reason he/she may be put into detention or lose certain privileges (i.e. field trip, student activities). Excessive unexcused tardiness and absences will be reported to the truant officer. Plagiarism and Cheating Plagiarism is taking credit for someone else’s work. An example of plagiarism is using all or part of a writing assignment written by someone other than yourself and claiming it as your own. Plagiarism and cheating will not be tolerated. If you are caught plagiarizing or cheating, you and whoever else is involved will receive zeros for that particular assignment, test, quiz, or  project. Standards-Based Grading (SBG) Standards-based grading is an effective way to give feedback and evaluate student  performances using clearly defined and specific content learning standards. As a District, these specific content standards have already been identified and students are currently being assessed and evaluated based on these content standards and levels of proficiency. Currently, we are utilizing traditional grading, as reflective on PowerSchool. However, by SY 2020, the grading shift is to remove traditional grading practices to standards-based grading of performances in specific areas. As such, percentage grades will no longer reflect student performance or be utilized. Instead, grades will reflect the following proficiency scale and its indicators: 4 – Mastery Above Target Skills 3 – Mastery of Target skills 2 – Mastery of basic skills 1 – With help, able to master basic skills 0 – No ProgressUntil the District approves, and PowerSchool reflects the Standards-based grading practices, we will continue to utilize the percentage grading system.
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