Desktop Ultra-Short Pulse Laser at 1552 nm

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Desktop Ultra-Short Pulse Laser at 1552 nm. Ultrashort Pulse Laser Materials Interaction Workshop DIRECTED ENERGY PROFESSIONAL SOCIETY (DEPS) 9-28-06 L. Vaissié, T. Yilmaz, A. Stadler, D. Goldman, M. Farley, J. Lammers, T. Saunders, K. Kim, D. Lijana, L. Collura, M. Mielke , & T. Booth.
Desktop Ultra-Short Pulse Laser at 1552 nmUltrashort Pulse Laser Materials Interaction WorkshopDIRECTED ENERGY PROFESSIONAL SOCIETY (DEPS)9-28-06 L. Vaissié, T. Yilmaz, A. Stadler, D. Goldman, M. Farley, J. Lammers, T. Saunders, K. Kim, D. Lijana, L. Collura, M. Mielke, & T. BoothUltraShort Pulse (USP) LasersLong Pulse or CW LasersUSP LasersMetal ablation with femtosecond (right) vs. nanosecond (left) ablation.UltraShort Pulse (USP) Lasers
  • Immense power in each pulse
  • Non-thermal, precision ablation
  • Little or no trauma/damage to remaining material
  • Ablates any material
  • Diagnostics, sensing, other non-ablative properties
  • One source, many uses
  • Interesting capabilities, but impracticalCompelling Capabilities, but…Experimentation and Exploration are DifficultRequires Ph.D.’s to operate and maintainVery Expensive Impractical/Impossible to DeployUntil Raydiance…We took complicated apparatus and turned it into this:
  • Any room, 110 v outlet (800 W)
  • Pulse energy: 1 to 5 µJ
  • Wavelength: 1552.5 µm
  • Pulse rate: 25 kHz - 500 kHz
  • Pulse width: < 3 ps
  • M2 < 1.8
  • Average Power: 2.5 W
  • ~500 fs1ns~ 850fs5 J1nsModelockedDiodeLaserPulseStretcherPulseCompressorHigh PowerAmplifierClassic CPA Approach
  • Mostly fiber-based components
  • High power, dispersion and nonlinearity managed miniature optical network
  • Fiber & Integrated Hardware
  • Use off-the-shelf fiber optics for seed & pre-amp stages
  • Team with strategic partners for subassemblies
  • Build what we can’t buy
  • There are constraints…
  • Peak power density very high in fiber
  • Operation near damage threshold
  • Optical nonlinearities
  • Novel fibers require special attention
  • Multimode effects
  • Parasitic energy losses due to high dopant levels
  • Raydiance User Interface (UI)Desktop USP System Pulse QualityIntensity AutocorrelationIntegrated EnergyFurther Signal Quality DataRetrieved from FROGE-field FWHM: 843 fsAC FWHM: 1.3 psPulse Train Extinction DataSensitive Measurement through RF SpectraRaydiance High ER SystemΔ < 0.05 dBHarmonic AmplitudeExtinction Ratio, Rext> 35 dBRaydiance Development Platform
  • Disruptive USP capabilities
  • Compact, reliable and cost-effective
  • Intelligent laser makes USP easy to use; integrate
  • Liberates USP from specialized research labs
  • Application experts, not laser Ph.D.s
  • Practical to deploy
  • Applications ExamplesEarly Adopters Validating Vision U.S. Food and Drug AdministrationDevice Evaluation and Basic Research Under CRADA
  • Up and running 30 minutes out of packing crate
  • 150 days of intense exploration/experimentation
  • MD’s, not physicists (Johns Hopkins; U of MD)
  • Next generation LASIK
  • Novel cancer treatment approaches
  • DDS office of the future
  • Gene transfection
  • More experiments planned: immune response, arthritis treatment, tattoo removal and many more
  • Ophthalmic Experimentation
  • Wilmer Eye Institute at Johns Hopkins
  • #1 ophthalmic program in country
  • Intrastromal refractive surgery (flapless Lasik)
  • Flap “lock down” designs and procedures
  • Corneal transplant/implant procedures
  • Oncology Experimentation
  • FDA Research Group
  • Effects of non-destructive irradiation
  • Three lines of malignant cancers
  • Various energy/rep rate levels
  • Two weeks of experimentation
  • Darrell B. Tata, Ph.D.A Few DaysOfExperimentationFasterTime-to-InventionJohns Hopkins Applied Physics LabCaptive government lab – DoD applications
  • Up and running just like FDA system
  • Distance interrogation and detection of materials
  • Differentiate explosive, chemical and biological materials
  • Define power (distance) specifications
  • Evaluate feasibility for deployment for HLS and DoD
  • Also may collaborate on medical applications
  • Army Institute of Surgical ResearchPioneer new clinical treatments/surgical approaches
  • Smart-Knife prototype
  • For treatment of profound burn trauma
  • Smart laser differentiates healthy from unhealthy/dead tissue
  • Rapidly ablate unhealthy tissue; leave healthy tissue
  • Less trauma, bleeding, better graft success
  • J. Craig Venter Institute1st to sequence the human genome
  • Gene transfection
  • Improve process in animal and plant transfection
  • Could have huge impact on bio-agra business
  • Could be critical to success of emerging synthetic biology sector
  • For-profit enterprise spun out last year
  • Black silicon Eric Mazur, HarvardUrethane acrylateKenji Takada, OsakaOther Projects
  • Vaporizing tattoos
  • Acne and sun damage treatment
  • Pathology
  • Minimally-invasive (fiber optic) smart-surgery
  • Polymer and composite material processing
  • Sub-dermal ablation
  • Black silicon (solar energy)
  • And many others in discussion
  • USP Technology DirectionsRaydiance Bragg Fiber for USP
  • Large diameter, hollow core
  • to sustain high peak power without appreciable distortion
  • Delivery of ultrashort laser
  • pulses
  • Temporal pulse compression
  • for all-fiber CPA systemsBragg Fiber for High Energy, USP DeliveryEarly Results
  • USP light is versatile; potentially very disruptive
  • V1.0’s relatively low power level is enabling important uses right out of gate
  • Ease of use, computer-control supports rapid experimentation
  • Developers/inventors beginning to stake claims
  • Important discoveries
  • IP capture
  • Commercialization
  • Product Roadmap Will Broaden Markets
  • Increased Power
  • Near term – 10-25 μJ/pulse (on target)
  • Navy project – 2.5 mJ/pulse (on target)
  • More features
  • User adjustable pulse duration
  • Broader rep rate ranges
  • More software modules
  • Fiber beam delivery
  • Lower cost of goods initiatives to drive volume markets
  • Commercialization – A Platform PlayDeveloper PlatformProduction VersionVolumeProductionInvention & IP DevelopmentConcept ValidationRapid PrototypingApplication powered by RaydianceAt market-enabling cost of goodsOwned by Application Developer
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