Language and Gender in The Context Of Gender Construction In Miss Congeniality (2000)

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1. Participation Improvement Pleasure 2. ã Qualitative research -> Document analysis ã Data Source: movie transcript obtained from .srt file 3. What is the…
  • 1. Participation Improvement Pleasure
  • 2. • Qualitative research -> Document analysis • Data Source: movie transcript obtained from .srt file
  • 3. What is the relationship between the occupation and language elements used by the feminine male and masculine female characters in the movie?
  • 4. Eckert (2003): •Sex = biological categorization •Gender = what we do Sara Mills (1995): •Sex = society/culture and biological (Butler 1990; Fuss 1989) •Gender = same access (Modleski 1991)
  • 5. Characteristics of feminine language (women’s language): 1. Using tag question (Lakoff 1973, Harris 1984). 2. Being polite (Lakoff 1975) 3. Being cooperative (Kalcik 1975; Aries 1976; Coates 1989, 1991, forthcoming) 4. Using perfect grammar (Trudgill 1972) 5. Employing indirectness (Trudgill 1972) 6. Using emphatic stress (Lakoff 1973)
  • 6. Gracie Hart FBI agent Masculine Victor Melling Beauty consultant Feminine
  • 7. Data Analysis Your Agent McDonald insists that l depart, or I won't be compensated. Perfect grammar Data Analysis You in big trouble. Non-standardized grammar
  • 8. Data Analysis I was once the most sought-after, highly paid consultant in pageant history. Every season, girls would plead me to train them. Ten out of 11 years my girls were crowned. The year we lost, the winner was a deaf- mute. You can't beat that. Then in ' 96 my girl froze like a puddle halfway through her aria from La Boheme. Afterwards, she told a reporter from pageant magazine that I was a perfectionist who had harangued her to within an inch of her sanity. Of course, after that article came out nobody wanted me. Being indirect Data Analysis Moe and Larry in the house. Direct (secret code)
  • 9. Data Analysis Both painful and grotesque, isn't it? Using tag question Oh, My God. I haven't seen a walk like that since Jurassic park. Soft profanity Data Analysis He's punishing me, isn't he? Tag question
  • 10. Data Analysis Well, glide, now. Glide. Don't look down, don't look down. Don't look down, look up. Your chin should be parallel to the floor. Now glide. Glide. It's not the bloody Ice Capades. No, no. Don't pick your feet up. Being repetitive Data Analysis Mike, give me a pint. Being direct
  • 11. Data Analysis Not anymore. The cocoon is open. I've taken a woman without a smidgen of estrogen and made her a lady. I've never been prouder of myself. Or of any girl I have ever coached. You are truly unique. If I ever had a daughter, I imagine that she would be something like you. Which is why I never reproduced. Using analogy / being cooperative Data Analysis Wouldn't I be better on the Citizen case? I have a background in profiling and decoding. I could contribute. Being competitive
  • 12. Data Analysis • How dare you, you cupcake! • A sniveling, obsequious weasel of a human being. • Slang (lexico-grammatical items) • Using emphatic stress Data Analysis For me, this experience has been one of the most rewarding and liberating experiences of my life. Using emphatic stress
  • 13. Data Analysis I don't appreciate your immaturity when I’m working as hard as I am. Being polite Data Analysis I won't parade around in a swimsuit like some bimbo. Being rude Cont.
  • 14. Lexico- grammatica l items Feminine- talked Male Feminine Occupation Male Masculine- talked Female Masculine Occupation Female
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