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  Course on Landscape Architecture and Site Planning-Basic FundamentalsProfessor Uttam BanerjeeDepartment of Architecture and Regional PlanningIndian Institute of echnolog! haragpurLecture #$%odule &Categories and %aterials in Landscape Good morning.(Refer Slide Time: 0:31) Let us have a quic reca! on the categor that #e #ere discussing in the last lecture categor 1$ categor % and categor 3. &n the first categor it is a !ure nature$ !ure landsca!e$ naturalha'itat undistur'ed. &n the categor % human intervention is there to certain degree 'ut#ithout an intension of creating a landsca!e rather & #ould sa o'livious to the result that heis creating to the landsca!e 'ut that is also a categor of landsca!e second categor it is notal#a s 'ad quite often #e go to the countr side to the regional areas #here #e #ould lie tosee a hut$ #e #ould lie to see a settlement$ #e #ould lie to see a #ater 'od that has 'eencreated$ #e #ould lie to see agriculture fields$ #e #ould lie to see flo#er !lantations lietuli!s.So second categor is not a negative categor mind it$ !lease do not ee! this in our mindthe second categor is not the right categor 'ut & #ould sa quite often #e go out of ourhome to see the second categor 'ecause the first categor if su!!ose #e have to e!eriencethen naturall #hat ha!!ens is in the first categor there has to 'e some 'it of (())(1:*)$ there  has to 'e some 'it of adventures ou have to trade through areas #hich no'od has traded$ ou might have trou'le$ ou ma not have energ to go 'ut ho#ever that is the first categor .&n the second categor #hen ou are seeing it is a human intervention is there 'ut #e alsolie it.(Refer Slide Time: %:0)  So if su!!ose #e quicl reca! it the last class #e had last lecture. The first categor ra#nature$ ra# nature$ ra# nature #ith a little 'it of intervention es ou can see a 'oat overthere !eo!le are 'oating in this 'ut still if ou loo at the !icture it is ma+orities landsca!esand ra# nature and ra# nature then an intervention started recall the last lecture interventionstarted #ith a house 'uilt over here.So there is a human intervention as long as let me clarif this #hen a first categor #ill 'etreated as first and #hen a second categor still 'e considered as a first categor #hen thehuman intervention is ver ver negligi'le. So do not tr to 'e ver critical a'out oh & see ahouse over there so it is no longer a first categor do 'e such critical 'ecause that criticalit maes no sense as long as in the entire !icture frame & have ,,., !ercent as ra# it is firstcategor .(Refer Slide Time: 3:%0) Then & #ould lie to discuss more a'out the second categor $ in the second categor #hatha!!ens is there is a ra# nature one famil landed u! there #ithin the ra# nature the madetheir o#n house and the made their o#n ards and in that the are tr ing to 'uild their o#nhouse.-ou ma see a #ind mill at the 'ac$ ou ma see some t !e of !lantations #hich the havedone$ ou ma see an agriculture field #hich the have !lo#ed 'ut that is a second categor es it is a second categor #h 'ecause the ra# nature has 'een no# intervened$ & #ill notuse the term called distur'$ & #ould sa intervened and that intervention ma 'e !ositive$ es
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