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1. Professional Use of Social Media Presentation to uOttawa Undergraduate Medical Education Program Sept. 4, 2019 Pat Rich @Pat_Health #UOSM19 2. Lecture objectives ã…
  • 1. Professional Use of Social Media Presentation to uOttawa Undergraduate Medical Education Program Sept. 4, 2019 Pat Rich @Pat_Health #UOSM19
  • 2. Lecture objectives • Discuss the potential of social networking tools such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ in medical education. • Discuss the safe and professional behaviours regarding social networking usage.
  • 3. The Song Remains The Same
  • 4. Disclosures • Social media has provided me and continues to provide me with income and career advancement
  • 5. Who I am • Medical writer, editor and social media commentator • Experienced health care communicator with a keen interest and involvement in the use of social media tools in medicine and health care and believer in the value of these tools • WHO I AM NOT • Physician • Academic (well, not really)
  • 6. Professional use of social media
  • 7. Some words of wisdom (Dr. Joshua Tepper)
  • 8. It’s not rocket science I think there are too many people on the Web offering advice to you on how to use social media. Most of this advice is just regurgitated advice from people you may never have heard of before, …You really don’t need “How To” tips on blogging or Twitter. Oh, I’m confident that you’ll be told otherwise – but those folks, well-intentioned as they may be, don’t understand that you’re smarter than that. Rather than learn bad habits from the get-go, take advantage of your lack of experience. It’s okay to make mistakes that don’t cause harm and violate the privacy and dignity of others. From: Physician Social Media: Has Advice About It Become a Crock? Yes @philbaumann, Jan. 1, 2013
  • 9. But it can explode on you
  • 10. Three cases • Case 1: After a night out with friends, Kiara– a first year medical student – awakes in the morning to find pictures of herself enjoying beer at a pub with friends. Are these pictures appropriate? • Case 2: Brandon is a resident who, since starting medical school, has kept a blog about his views on medicine, medical education, and health care politics. Recently, Brandon has blogged extensively about his extreme political views regarding the upcoming election. His residency director reads his blog and tells him that he must delete his posts as he is not only a hospital employee and a representative of the residency program, but also a professional who must represent himself accordingly • Case 3: Susan is a psychiatrist who is treating a patient who is unwilling to reveal little or any personal information. Susan believes a better understanding of the patient and his individual circumstances would aid her in providing more better treatment. To do this, Susan decides to look the patient up on Google to see what – if anything has been written about him.
  • 11. Why care? “Whether physicians are active on social media or not, an understanding of social media and its potential implications on their professional lives is essential.” Dr. Hartley Stern, CEO, Canadian Medical Protective Association
  • 12. “ ” Within the next decade you won’t be able to be a successful scholar without having some activity on social media Dr. Jason Frank, Director of Emergency Medicine, uOttawa and Director of Specialty Education, Policy, and Standards in the Office of Education at the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada
  • 13. “ ” Welcome to the future of the adjunct to medical training where doctors and nurses are no longer dispassionate enigmas; we’re humans with online lives, dog pictures and grief that we need to process Tricia Pendergast (on the sheMD blog, May 31, 2019)
  • 14. Being a digital doctor Maybe you won't becoming a tweeting, blogging doctor. But, what content will you publish in order to establish a healthy digital presence for yourself or your practice? …Will you be prepared to help steer the conversation back towards science when celebrities hijack the conversation with something otherwise? @thedocsmitty
  • 15. Why care?
  • 16. Using social media as a medical student or physician • • •
  • 17. Participate in meaningful progress “Physicians of all ages are using social media, and many women are communicating on virtual platforms to connect with each other and with supportive male colleagues. The sheer number of women physicians participating and their robust engagement suggest that they value these online connections.” June 14, 2018 #metoomedicine #illooklikeasurgeon
  • 18. Interact with leaders of the profession
  • 19. Wield the lasso of truth
  • 20. … and become a physician social media superstar
  • 21. Advocacy
  • 22. “Medical politics aren’t for the faint of heart” Former Ontario deputy health minister Michael Decter quoted by Theresa Boyle in The Toronto Star, Feb. 27, 2017
  • 23. Live tweeting from medical conferences
  • 24. Social media and academic medicine “Social media is a tool that the modern scholar and scientist should have in their armamentarium” * Being engaged in social media can assist you in your academic work by cultivating mentors, raising awareness of your research and scholarship, and facilitating scholarly collaborations. * A prominent social media presence has the potential to influence public opinion and could drive funding for research and education or support policies consistent with scientific evidence. Social Media and the 21st-Century Scholar: How You Can Harness Social Media to Amplify Your Career, Journal of the American College of Radiology, Jan. 2018, Teresa Chan MD et. Al.
  • 25. Principles for the use of social media The principles for the professional use of social media have not changed since social media platforms came into use
  • 26. Principles for use of social media • Protect patient confidentiality (default position) • Be Professional • Factual and transparent • Polite (!?) • Attribute
  • 27. Who is making the rules? • College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario Guidelines • Canadian Federation of Medical Students (CFMS) Guide to Medical Professionalism: Recommendations For Social Media • Canadian Medical Protective Association
  • 28. Don’t Lie, Don’t Pry Don’t Cheat, Can’t Delete Don’t Steal. Don’t Reveal Dr. Farris Timimi, medical director, Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media, April 5, 2012
  • 29. The Boundary Fallacy Keeping a boundary between professional and personal life on social media is “operationally impossible, lacking in-agreement among active physician social media users, inconsistent with the concept of professional identity, and potentially harmful to physician and patients.” Rather than eliminating boundaries and “suggesting anything goes,” physicians should just ask themselves whether what they are posting on social media is appropriate for a physician in a public space – with the issue of the content being professional or personal being irrelevant. “Social Media and Physicians’ Online Identity Crisis” published in JAMA, Aug. 14 2013 (v.310, no: 6, 581- 582).
  • 30. Case Studies • Picture of you with alcohol • Blogging your views • Googling patients
  • 31. Case study 1
  • 32. Case Study 3: Variations Is it OK for Susan to look up the patient: • If she feared for the safety of the patient • If she feared for her own safety • If she worked in the ER • If she thought her patient may be famous “Do it if your conscience says there’s a good clinical reason for doing so.”
  • 33. Case Study 3 • “In searching for their patients online, clinicians may be unwittingly setting legal precedents for mental healthcare. As more and more providers Google to guide their decisions, they may be shifting the clinical standards to which all practitioners are held.” • “If a patient leaves a suicidal message on Facebook, and the clinician misses it, there’s a future—seemingly more plausible by the day—in which that clinician could be sued for malpractice if the patient then attempts suicide. ” Getting Googled By Your Doctor: Erene Stergeopolus
  • 34. Using social media in medical school – some suggestions • Facebook presence for classmates etc. • LinkedIn account to: • Build network for future career • Follow discussion forums on medical education • Blog about your experiences • Instragram – Mobile-friendly image-based slices of life • Twitter account to: • Develop your list of people, journals and other accounts to follow • Watch (and engage) medical Twitter community (e.g. #hcldr)
  • 35. Instagram “Though few peddle the kind of questionable medical treatments shilled by celebrities like Dr. Oz (rapid weight-loss pills with harmful side effects, for instance) some toe the very blurry line about what’s appropriate for a health care professional to post. Mike Varshavski, a cartoonishly handsome New York City physician who goes by the name Doctor Mike on Instagram and has more than 3 million followers, regularly posts sponsored content for everything from Clorox bleach to Quaker Oats and American Express, which could create the perception that these corporations are somehow medically approved by this doctor.” Rebecca Jennings, Vox, The Rise of the Nursefluencer, May 10, 2019
  • 36. Final words of wisdom (Dr. Jalali)
  • 37. Here endeth the lesson. Thank you! Questions? Acknowledgement: Led Zeppelin album cover “Houses of the Holy” Atlantic Records
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