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Prophet_Mohammad_in_the_Bible_By_Kais_Al.pdf, Poslanik Muhamed a.s. u Bibliji
   2 Tahrike Tarsile Qur’an 801-10 5st. Ave Elmhurst  NY, New York 11373 (718) 779-6505 AMCA TEL: 00-1-661-872-7856   EMAIL: KAIS AL-KALBY LIBRARY OF CONGRESS CATALOG CARD NUMBER 93-094167 ISBN 0-9638520-2-7 Copyright 1991-2005 Kais Al Kalby All Right Reserved Permission is granted to use Parts of this book for educational purpose or critical reviews. All other printing  purposes are reserved by author for English and translations in all other languages.    3  PROPHET M uhammad The last Messenger  in the B ible Written By : KAIS AL KALBY Assisted with the English translation Thomas H. Bandolin, Rebecca Wheeler, PhD Parvez K. Jadum, Nazar Mohammed USA EIGHTH EDITION 2005 4In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful “Please accept our admiration and gratitude for an incisive, thoroughly researched and above all informative discourse on this subject. A subject which is, as I am sure you are aware, of particular interest to Muslim minority group within a larger, predominantly Christian, society.” The federation of Islamic Association of New Zealand. “Without knowledge of Middle Eastern Languages, history and geography, Al Kalby argues, American miss a lot of what the Torah and Bible have to say.” The Herald Journal, Logan, Utah “The book retailed for $25.00, but not long ago the author was offered $100.00 for a used copy –any used copy. Al Kalby has spent a good share of his time in America appearing on panels, giving interviews and debating issues. When an Islamic point of view is needed by the media or a University, he’s often the one who gets the call.” Desert News, Utah “Imam Al Kalby is a trained Islamic scholar and Lawyer; and hence a rare and necessary person to have in the United States.” Masjid Muhammad, Kansas City, MO “Kais Al Kalby is a deeply religious man, committed to bringing his vision of Muhammad’s truth to the world. This he has done. R. Wheeler, Ph.D. former secretary of President Jimmy Carter’s office “I read your Book. I found it very beneficial for Dawa among non Muslims”.    5 Mohammed Yunus, M.D., D.A President Islamic Circle of  North America Please be advice that Mr. Kalby is an Islamic Preacher who donates his services include but are not limited to, conducting sermons and lectures and visiting to the various Islamic Communities in the United States of America. -The Islamic Center of Daytona Beach, Daytona Beach, Florida. “It was a great surprise for me to know about your wonderful contribution to Islam in the form of your book Prophet Muhammad the last messenger in the Bible”. Dr. Shamshad Khan Khattak, Pakistan Mr. Al Kalby was a minister to the people of Gainesville, Georgia for about nine months. He helps to raise the thinking and living conditions of the blacks as well as whites here. Mr. Kais helped raise money to feed and clothe the poor. Muslim Community of Gainesville, GA. Mr. Al Kalby has been a great asset to humanity through his preaching of peace and love among all people. Logan Islamic Center, Utah Br. Al Kalby we need more guidance form Scholars in Islam like you. Muslim Community Mosque of Tempe, AZ Br. Al Kalby I thank you very much for your book. It is very interesting book and indeed you have gathered many different elements and studies in a very challenging way. May Allah bless you and reward you for all the good that you do. Yusuf Islam (Cat Steven), London, England. 6 Br. Kais, after having read your book thoroughly, I must say that it is an excellent book; I have been a student of comparative religion, special of the Bible for more than fifteen years, having studied almost all English written books in relation to Islam and Prophet Muhammad including the classical works of Rahmatallah, “Athhar Al Haq and Abdul Ahad Dawud’s “Muhammad in the Bible”. Habib Siddiqui, Ph.D., American Muslim Council  North American Bangladesh Islamic Community. Mr. Al Kalby, gifts such as yours help support the University’s teaching, research, and public service mission by strengthening the Library’s collections. -The University of Kansas. I read the Book of Mr. Kais Al Kalby and found it to  be informative and very interesting. It is a good book for Muslims and non Muslims alike. It is an excellent work. I do encourage every one to read it. Ahmad H. Sakr, PhD. President Foundation for Islamic Knowledge.    7 TABLE OF CONTENTS Preface I__________________________________17 Preface II__________________________________18 Preface III_________________________________19 Letters from the editors_______________________21 FOREWORD______________________________29 PART ONE__________________________________31 CHAPTER 1_______________________________32 ALLAH (THE GOD)________________________33 THE ONE AND ONLY SAVIOR______________33 (ONENESS)_______________________________33 CHAPTER 2_______________________________65 WHY DID ALLAH_________________________65 CREATE MANKIND?_______________________65 CHAPTER 3_______________________________68 PROPHET JESUS THE LAST MESSENGER TO THE CHILDREN OF ISRAEL________________69 PART TWO_________________________________77 CHAPTER 1_______________________________78 BRIEF HISTORY OF THE___________________79 WORLD BEFORE__________________________79 PROPHET MUHAMMAD (PBUH)____________79 CHAPTER 2_______________________________88 THE GOSPEL OF___________________________89 BARNABAS_______________________________89 CHAPTER 3______________________________113 CULTURAL SITUATIONS__________________113 DURING THE LIFE OF_____________________113 PROPHET MUHAMMAD (PBUH)___________113 CHAPTER 4______________________________115 VIRTUES OF_____________________________115 PROPHET MUHAMMAD (pbuh)_____________115 CHAPTER 5______________________________119 8THE ARRIVAL OF PROPHET______________119 MUHAMMAD (PBUH)____________________119 CHAPTER 6_____________________________121 THE ROLE OF THE_______________________123 COMPANIONS___________________________123 PART THREE______________________________127 CHAPTER 1_____________________________128 PROPHECIES OF_________________________129 PROPHET MUHAMMAD (pbuh)____________129 PART FOUR_______________________________135 CHAPTER 1_____________________________139 PROPHET MUHAMMAD__________________139 (PEACE BE UPON HIM)___________________139 THE LAST MESSENGER IN THE BIBLE_____139 CHAPTER 2_____________________________145 “BIBLICAL VERSES”_____________________145 GOD HEARS THEE_______________________145 (ABRAHA, ISHMAEL, SARAH, HAGAR)____145 CHAPTER 3_____________________________165 ABRAHAM (PBUH) WALKS IN THE MIDDLE EAST (ARAB REGION)____________________165 CHAPTER 4_____________________________171 PROPHET MUHAMMAD’S________________171 ORIGINAL PROMISED LAND FROM_______171 THE EUPHRATES TO THE NILE___________171 CHAPTER 5_____________________________185 ISHMAEL’S (PBUH) CHILDREN____________185 HAVE ALWAYS BEEN PRINCES IN THE ARAB REGION________________________________185 CHAPTER 6_____________________________191 PROPHET MUHAMMAD (PBUH)___________191 WAS A DIRECT DESCENDANT OF PRINCE KEDAR_________________________________191 CHAPTER 7_____________________________195 PARAN (FARAN) – MAKKAH______________195    9CHAPTER 8______________________________201 PARAN IS BACA (MAKKAH)_______________201 CHAPTER 9______________________________207 SHILOH, PROPHET_______________________207 MUHAMMAD THE LAST MESSENGER______207 FOR ALL NATIONS_______________________207 CHAPTER 10_____________________________213 PROPHET MUHAMMAD___________________213 WAS LIKE MOSES (PBUH) IN RECEIVING GOD’S LAW____________________________________213 CHAPTER 11_____________________________221 PROPHET MUHAMMAD OPENS PARAN (MAKKAH)______________________________221 WITH TEN- THOUSAND SAINTS IN 630 A.D._221 CHAPTER 12_____________________________229 THE HOLY ONE “PROPHET MUHAMMAD” FROM PARAN (MAKKAH)_________________229 CHAPTER 13_____________________________236 PROPHET MUHAMMAD (PBUH) SPOKE TO THE CHILDREN OF ISRAEL IN THE ARABIC LANGUAGE_____________________________237 CHAPTER 14_____________________________241 PROPHET MUHAMMAD (PBUH)___________241 THE ONLY UNLETTERED (UMMI)__________241 PROPHET________________________________241 CHAPTER 15_____________________________251 AN INSPIRATION UP ARABIA_____________251 AND THE BATTLE OF BADR (624.A.D)______251 CHAPTER 16_____________________________259 ISLAM__________________________________259 THE UNCONQUERABLE POWER___________259 CHAPTER 17_____________________________264 THE LAW OF ALLAH (QURAN),____________265 THROUGH MUHAMMAD (PBUH),__________265 FROM THE GENTILES____________________265 10TO ALL THE NATIONS___________________265 CHAPTER 18____________________________281 GOD (ALLAH) THE ONE AND THE ONLY SAVIOR!________________________________281 CHAPTER 19____________________________287 MAKKAH SOURCE OF LIGHT_____________287 FOR ALL THE NATIONS__________________287 CHAPTER 20____________________________295 PROPHTET MUHAMMAD’S_______________295 PROPHECIES CONSTANTINOPLE__________295 (ISTANBUL) WILL BE OPENED BY MUSLIMS (1453.A.D)_______________________________295 CHAPTER 21____________________________299 THE HEBREW WORD (“MAHMAD”)________299 DESCRIBES PROPHET MUHAMMAD THE__299 LAST PROPHET FOR ALL NATIONS________299 CHAPTER 22____________________________315 THE ONE NIGHT JOURNEY OF PROPHET MUHAMMAD TO JERUSALEM AND HIS ASCENSION TO HEAVENS 621 A.D.________315 CHAPTER 23____________________________342 KINGDOM OF ALLAH (ISLAM)____________343 WILL FINISH THE ROMAN________________343 EMPIRE AND OTHER REALMS____________343 (638-1453 A.D.)___________________________343 CHAPTER 24____________________________359 GOD (ALLAH) RAISES____________________361 PROPHET MUHAMMAD’S (pbuh)__________361 KINGDOM FOREVER TO ALL NATIONS____361 CHAPTER 25____________________________364 CALIPHA OMAR RIDES A_________________365 DONKEY TO JERUSALEM, 638 A.D.________365 CHAPTER 26____________________________375 PROPHET MUHAMMAD BAPTIZE ALL THE  NATIONS WITH THE HOLY SPIRIT________377
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