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Chapter 18.66 PUBLIC/QUASI-PUBLIC USE ZONE Sections: 18.66.010 18.66.020 18.66.030 18.66.040 18.66.042 18.66.050 18.66.060 18.66.070 18.66.080 Description and purpose. Permitted primary uses. Permitted accessory uses. Conditional uses. Restricted uses for the Deer Park Municipal Airport. Building site area. Yards. Height limits. Off-street parking and loading. 18.66.010 Description and purpose. The public/quasi-public (P/QP) zone is intended as a zone for governmental and other public/quasi-pu
  Chapter 18.66PUBLIC/QUASI-PUBLIC USE ZONE Sections:18.66.010 Description and purpose.18.66.020 Permitted primary uses.18.66.030 Permitted accessory uses.18.66.040 Conditional uses.18.66.042 Restricted uses for the Deer Park Municipal Airport.18.66.050 Building site area.18.66.060 Yards.18.66.070 Height limits.18.66.080 Off-street parking and loading. 18.66.010 Description and purpose. The public/quasi-public (P/QP) zone is intended as a zone for governmental and other public/quasi-public uses in accordance with the comprehensive plan of the city. It is further intended that the public/quasi-public zone provide for the unique and special characteristicsof the variety of public and quasi-public uses contemplated in order to foster compatibilitybetween uses and to protect the public health, safety, and general welfare of thecommunity. (Ord. 722 § 127, 1998) 18.66.020 Permitted primary uses. No building, structure, or land shall be used, and no building, structure, or use in thepublic/quasi-public (P/QP) zone shall be erected, structurally altered, enlarged, or established, except for the following permitted uses: A. Deer Park Municipal Airport subject to the provisions and limitations as follows:1. Runways, taxiways, connectors, aprons and/or heliports designed for the landingand taking off of aircraft, transfer of passengers and/or cargo, surface access, andother support facilities typically associated with airports. Such other support facilitiestypically associated with airports include, but are not necessarily limited to, hangars,control towers, communication and maintenance facilities, operations areas, airportfueling facilities, fixed-based operators (FBO) and passenger and cargo terminals(including retail and eating and drinking establishments located within a terminal or FBO building).2. Other uses with an aeronautical emphasis similar in nature to the municipal airport’s permitted activities as determined by the city council (the council shall solicit recommendations from the airport board, the planning commission, or other designees prior to making its determination).  B. Government buildings and uses operated by federal, state, county, or municipalgovernment entities, or operated by special purpose districts.C. Libraries.D. Museums.E. Open space/conservation areas.F. Parks, recreational uses including, but not limited to, tennis courts, swimming pools,playfield and other similar uses as determined by the planning commission and city council.G. Public schools.H. Publicly operated recreational camps with or without overnight accommodations.I. Publicly or privately operated public utility uses, structures, or transmission facilities.J. Fairgrounds and rodeo arena facilities. (Ord. 860 § 2, 2008: Ord. 791 § 1, 2002; Ord. 722§ 127, 1998) 18.66.030 Permitted accessory uses. The following accessory uses shall be permitted in the public/quasi-public (P/QP) zone: A. Storage of equipment and/or materials required in connection with the primary use;provided, that such storage observes the following standards:1. All required yard (setback) areas of the public/quasi-public (P/QP) zone areobserved; and2. Accessory storage is located inside a building or, if located outside a building,such storage is concealed from view from surrounding streets, alleys, andproperties by a six-foot-high sight-obscuring fence, or by a landscaped berm of equivalent height which achieves the same screening objective for aestheticpurposes.3. All outdoor trash, garbage, and refuse containers shall be:a. Located within the screened area of the facility; or b. Screened on all sides from public view and, at a minimum, shall be enclosedon three sides with a six-foot-high concrete block or masonry wall, or a solidfence, with a solid gate for access installed on the fourth side. As an alternativeto a fence or wall on the non-access sides, the city may permit one of the  following: planting of a solid evergreen hedge at least six feet in height (such asgreen arborvitae shrubs); installation of a landscaped berm with the berm beinga minimum of six feet in height; or development of a combination landscapedearthen berm topped with a solid evergreen hedge having a combined totalminimum height of at least six feet. The solid gate for access shall still apply onthe fourth side.B. Short-term recreational vehicle parking.C. Fencing when required due to security concerns shall be permitted to a maximum heightof 96 inches, not including barbed or razor wire above the top of fence fabric, along property line in compliance with the “clear view triangle” as delineated in DPMC  18.94.010.(Ord. 831 § 9, 2006; Ord. 825 § 2, 2005; Ord. 722 § 127, 1998) 18.66.040 Conditional uses. The following uses may be permitted in the public/quasi-public (P/QP) zone, subject to theapproval of a conditional use permit in compliance with the conditions and requirements of Chapter  18.80 DPMC:  A. Privately operated institutions for educational, philanthropic, or charitable uses.B. Privately operated recreational camps with or without overnight accommodations.C. Solid waste processing and/or reclamation facilities, whether public or private, includinglandfills, recycling collection/processing facilities, and transfer stations.D. Specific uses at the Deer Park Airport. The following uses may be permitted when thesame is situated on municipal property constituting the Deer Park Municipal Airport:1. Commercial, industrial, manufacturing, agricultural, forestry, and other uses notlisted as permitted uses in DPMC 18.66.020,provided they do not create a safety hazard, limit approved airport uses, or otherwise compromise the long rangeviability of the Deer Park Municipal Airport as an essential public facility within thelocal region.2. Temporary housing for emergency response crews, subject to such duration limitand other conditions as may be imposed by the city.E. Uses not otherwise listed amongst permitted or conditional activities, or directlydiscouraged prohibited under the terms of this chapter, subject to such duration limit andother conditions as may be imposed by the city to ensure that the long range viability of theDeer Park Municipal Airport as an essential public facility is not compromised or diminishedin any way. (Ord. 860 § 3, 2008: Ord. 722 § 127, 1998)  18.66.042 Restricted uses for the Deer Park Municipal Airport. The following uses are deemed to be incompatible with safe aircraft operations at the Deer Park Municipal Airport, and are not allowed upon municipal airport property: A. Any use that creates or causes interference with the operations of radio or electronicfacilities at the airport or with radio or electronic communications between airport andaircraft or aircraft to aircraft.B.  Any use or lighting that impairs a pilot’s ability to distinguish between airport lights and other lights, or that creates glare affecting pilot vision, or that otherwise impairs visibility inthe vicinity of the airport. All lighting shall be downward directed and fully shielded.C. Any other uses or activities determined to be incompatible with aviation, aviation safety,or any activity that has a potential or would require a temporary flight restriction (TFR) or interfere with airport traffic patterns and operations, including but not limited to overheadutilities, hazardous material storage and flammable materials storage (except aviation fuelstorage).D. Any use, building or structure that emits fly ash, dust, vapor, or other forms of emissionsthat may conflict with any planned operations of the airport.E. Stockyards, poultry farms, rendering plants, open water lagoons, wetland mitigationbanks, or other similar uses that attract hazardous wildlife to the airport. (Some wildlifehazards may be mitigated through use of best management practices for wildlife attractantsconsistent with Federal Aviation Administration Advisory Circular 150/5200- 33A “HazardousWildlife Attractants on or near Airports.”)  F. Special use sites that promote concentrations of people, including, but not limited to,schools, hospitals, nursing homes, medical facilities, day care centers, churches and other religious gathering sites, recreational parks and playgrounds, arenas and stadiums, exhibitcenters and auditoriums or theaters, amusement parks and fairgrounds, plus other types of special functions that promote a high concentration of people, etc.G. High intensity commercial uses, including, but not limited to, retail shopping centers,large retail stores, etc.H. Residential development  – short plats, long plats and other land divisions intended for residential usage. (Ord. 860 § 4, 2008) 18.66.050 Building site area. The required minimum lot area allowed shall be determined by the aggregate area of thebuildings, required yards (setbacks), off-street parking and loading spaces, and any other specified lot area requirements applicable to the proposed use. (Ord. 722 § 127, 1998)
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