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    Text for no 1-4 Making jelly is very simple by following these directions.You will need one packet of jelly crystals, a 500 ml jug, 250 ml of boiling water,200 ml of cold water, and a bowl.1. Empty contents of a packet of jelly crystals into the jug.2. Add boiling water.3. Stir well until crystals dissolve.4. Add the cold water and stir.5. Pour mixture into a bowl.6. Refrigerate until firm.1.What is the aim of the text? It is to tell someone how to ... jellyB.make jellyC.boil jellyD.pack jelly2.If you make jelly from two packets of jelly cristals, how many boiling water do you need?A.500 mlB.250 mlC.200 mlD.100 ml3.Why do we stir the crystal? It is to make it D.melting4.Refrigerate until firm. The underlined word has the same meaning to ... .A.solidB.weldoneC.meltingD.coldText for no 5 – 71.Take the noodle from the water and drain it.2.Spread fried onion and the noodle is ready to serve.3.Pour the seasoning, soy sauce, and chili powder into the noodle, and mix well.4.Boil the noodle in two glasses of water and simmer for 3 minutes.5.Put the noodle on a plate.5.The correct arrangement of how to make fried noodle is ... .A.1-3-2-4-5B.4-3-1-5-2C.4-1-5-3-2D.1-3-5-2-46.Which statement is correct based on the text?A.We boil the noodle in thrirty minutesB.We pour the sasoning together in boiling water   C.We serve the noodle on a plateD.We spread the onion under the noodle7.What do we use to put the noodle into the plate?A.blender B.bowlC.panD.simmer  Text for no 8-11How to make Tropical juice fruit 1. Put the (8) of papaya, pineapple, red syrup together with some ice cubes into a blender and (9) on high for one minute.2.(10), do the same to the remaining soursoup, vanilla syrup and some ice cubes.3. Finally, pour the juice into some (11), the white juice is on the bottom and the red juice is on the top.8.A. steamsC. seeds B. slidesD. slices9.A. blendC. pour  B. cutD. spread10. A. beforeC. next B. whileD. after 11.A. blenderC. bowls B. glassesD. boxes Text for no 12-13 Fatimah : Anisa, are you sure that it will be possible to go on holiday to the moon in the next fifty years.Anisa : Well, I am sure it could happen. Why?Fatimah : Well, I was just wondering it would be a great achievement.12.From the text we can conclude that ... about going holiday to the moon.Anissa is doubt Fatimah is not certainFatimah is wondering Anissa is not too sure 13.What did Fatimah say to ask about certainty?It will be possible ... I am sure ...Are you sure ...I was just wondering Text for no 14-15 Anang : Did you do the test very well, Andi?Andi : No, definitely, not. I don’t have a hope of getting even 50.Anang : But are you sure?Andi : Absolutely. Not a hope!Anang : Don’t worry too much. Next time better.  14.From the text we know that Andi is ...about the test.A.sure B.not doubtC.certainD.worry15.Which statement shows uncertainty?A.absolutelyB.not a hopeC.don’t time better 16.Amir : Tuesday, next week, is the due date for our assignment.Ani : Sorry....?Amir : I said Tuesday, next week, is the due date for our assignmentA.could you repeat what you just saidB.are you sure about itC.I am not too sure about itD.could you say certainly17.Ani : Yes, you are right, but, I ‘m sure that I can submit it before that. How about you?Amir : No, ... I will be able to make it.Ani : Yes, you can. I’m sure, you canA.I am certainlyB.I’m not so sureC.I have no doubtD.Absolutely yes Text no 18-20 Intan: “ Are you sure that Indonesia will won the olympic game in 2022?”Budi: “ yes I am sure about it.”Intan: ”(18)?”Budi: ” Indonesian athletes are very good. Expecially in badminton, They are excellent players.”Intan:” sorry (19)?”Budi: “ I said They are excellent players.”Intan:” Yes, I agree.(20).”18.A. Why did you think so C. I don’t think so B. How do you feelD. What can be sure19.A. I can say it again C. I understand it B. Would you repeat it D. I agree with you20. A. can they be so excellentC. What are they excellent B. how excellent are theirD. What excellent players
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