The Characteristics of the True Believer - Shaikh 'Abdur-Rahman bin Nasir as-Sa'adi

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The Characteristics of the True Believer - Shaikh 'Abdur-Rahman bin Nasir as-Sa'adi -
  The Characteristics of the True Believer   Al-'Allaamah 'Abdur-Rahmaan ibn Naasir As-Sa'dee  From the book: Essential Q&As about Eemaan  (p.58-63)   [ In the Name of Allaah, the All-Merciful... ]   What are the characteristics of the believers that make them distinct from thedisbelievers?   This is a great question indeed. By knowing the difference between the believers andother people, the difference between the Truth and falsehood becomes distinctlyclear, as does the difference between the people of eternal happiness and thepeople of eternal misery.   Know that the true believer is the one who believes in Allaah and all of his Namesand Attributes that are found in the Book and the Sunnah, upon their properunderstandings. They must be fully acknowledged. Furthermore, the believer exaltsAllaah, declaring Him free of anything that contradicts the perfection of His Namesand Attributes. Thus, his heart becomes full of Eemaan  , knowledge, conviction,serenity, and becomes totally concerned with Allaah.   The believer repents to Allaah alone, performing acts of worship for Him that He haslegislated upon the tongue of his Prophet ( sallallaahu 'alayhe wa sallam  ), withsincerity to Allaah, hoping for His Reward and fearing His Punishment.   The believer is thankful to Allaah in his heart, with his tongue, and with the actionsof his limbs. He is thankful for Allaah's Blessings and the great amount of goodnessthat Allaah has given him, those that he enjoys at all hours of the day. The believer isthankful and utters phrases of Allaah's remembrance, and he does not see anyblessing greater than what Allaah has given him, nor any token of generosity greaterthan what has come from Allaah.   The believer scoffs at the materialistic fancies of this worldly life, as he is focused onthe delight of repenting to Allaah, and turning completely to Him alone. With this, hetakes an ample share of worldly delights and enjoys them, but not as the disbelieversor heedless ones do. He indulges in them in a way that assists him in establishingthe Rights of Allaah and the rights of His servants.   By contenting himself in this way and hoping for the reward from Allaah, the believerfulfills his desires, his heart rests peacefully, and he finds tranquility. He does notbecome saddened if some affairs reach him that he does not like. With this, Allaahhas combined for him the happiness of this worldly life and the happiness of theHereafter.   As for the heedless disbeliever , then his affair is not like this. He denies thepresence and perfection of His Great Lord, that which is established by way of both  intellectual and textual proofs, as well as scientific facts and findings. He does notpay any mind to these things.   As he cuts himself off from Allaah by not acknowledging Him and not worshippingHim, the disbeliever attaches his self to things found in nature and worships them.Thus, his heart becomes similar to the hearts of grazing animals.   The disbeliever has no concern other than gathering and enjoying material things.His heart is always in a state of unrest, afraid that he may lose the things he loves,afraid that affairs he does not like will reach him. He does not have the Eemaan  thatmakes facing difficult things easy and lightens the weight of calamities.   The disbeliever has been deprived of the delight of Eemaan  , the sweetness ofdrawing close to Allaah, and the fruits of Eemaan  in this life and the Next.   The disbeliever does not hope for any reward from Allaah, nor does he fear anypunishment. His only hope and fear is connected to the cravings of his lowly,materialistic, worldly desires.   From the characteristics of the believer is humbleness when submitting to the Truth,and humbleness when dealing with others as well. He is sincere to the servants ofAllaah no matter what their status or position. This sincerity is found in hisstatements, actions, and intentions.   However, the disbeliever has pride and looks down upon the Truth. He looks downupon other people, too. He is amazed at himself, and does not make a practice ofbeing sincere to anyone.   The believer has a clean heart that is free of deception, rancor, and jealousy. Heloves for the Muslims what he loves for his own self, and he hates for them what hehates for his own self. He dedicates himself to working in their best interests. Hecarries the burden of being harmed by them, and does not oppress them in any way.   The disbeliever's heart is boiling with rancor and jealousy. He does not want anygood or benefit for anyone else, unless there is some worldly goal in it for his ownself. He does not mind oppressing others when he is able, while he is the weakest ofthem in bearing their harms that reach him.   The believer has a truthful tongue and interacts with people in a good manner. He isgentle, calm, peaceful, merciful, patient, and trustworthy. He is easy to be aroundand a good host to his guests.   The disbeliever is rash, harsh, and full of worries and dismay. He lies and is nottrustworthy. He is quarrelsome with an aggressive temperament.    The believer does not render himself completely to other than Allaah. Both his heartand face have become safeguarded against submitting fully or rendering themselvesto other than their Lord. He is virtuous, strong, brave, and generous. He has integrity,and chooses what is good.   The disbeliever is upon the opposite of that. His heart is attached to the createdbeings. He fears their harm and hopes to benefit from them, expending all of hisenergies for them. He is not virtuous, nor is he strong or brave, unless it is to achievehis lowly motives. He has no integrity, nor does he care if what he earns is pure orfilthy.   The believer combines seeking after the means that benefit him and placing histrust in Allaah, relying on Him, and seeking help from Him in all his affairs. He findsthat Allaah the Most High helps him.   The disbeliever knows nothing of tawakkul  , nor does he look to other than his ownweak, humiliated self. Allaah has given him abilities that he uses only to benefit hisself, and thus caused them to become useless. If he attains some things that heloves, then he is only being led into a gradual punishment.   The believer meets all blessings that come his way with thankfulness, and he usesthem to benefit himself in a way that will cause more good to come.   The disbeliever meets blessings with exuberance and pride, busying himself withthe blessing rather than the One who gave it to him, and thus does not offer anythanks. He uses the blessings for his lowly goals. With all his exuberance, hisblessings are quick to part from him.   The believer meets calamities with patience and counts on Allaah's Reward, hopingfor Allaah to remove the difficulty. The goodness and the reward that Allaah giveshim in place of his loss is greater than the beloved thing he lost or the hardship heendured.   The disbeliever meets calamities with dismay and worry, and thus his calamityincreases and he is hurt both outwardly and within his heart. He has no patience orhope for any reward. How severe is his loss and how great is his sadness!   The believer worships Allaah by having faith in all of the Messengers. He honorsthem and loves them more than he loves the rest of the entire Creation. Heacknowledges that all goodness that reaches the Creation until the Day of Standingis only the result of their work and by their guidance. He knows that any evil thatreaches them is a result of their opposition to the Messengers. He further knows thatthey are the greatest of all the Creation, in terms of the goodness they spread,especially their imaam  and final seal, Muhammad ( sallallaahu 'alayhe wa sallam  ), the  one that Allaah made as a mercy to all the Creation and sent him with every kind ofrighteousness, to correct and guide the people.   The criminal disbelievers are upon the opposite of that. They sanctify the enemiesof the Messengers and honor their statements. They mock what the Messengerscame with, just as their predecessors did. This is the biggest evidence of theabsurdity of their intellects and the extreme lowliness of their manners.   The believer worships Allaah by loving the Companions and the imaams  of theMuslims, the imaams  of guidance.   The disbeliever is upon the opposite of that.   The believer performs deeds for the sake of Allaah and behaves well with theservants of Allaah, due to his complete sincerity to Allaah.   The disbeliever only works to achieve his own lowly goals.   The believer's chest is expanded, full of beneficial knowledge, sound Eemaan  ,turning to Allaah, remembering Him, and kindness to others. His chest is free oflowly characteristics.   The heedless disbeliever is upon the opposite of that, since he has not taken anymeasures to expand his chest in such a way.   [ And Allaah knows best. ]  
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