The Future of Christianity

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Speech by Rev. Sun Myung Moon in New Orleans, Louisiana, October 28, 1973, as part of a national speaking tour. Sometimes testimony to the truth is a painful task. Yet it is a mission that it is my duty to fulfill. The content of my message tonight may be contrary to your previous understandings. Somethings may be very new to you. May I ask you to think over seriously what you hear.Unless I had something new to reveal, I would not come here to speak to you at all. Why should Icome if only to repeat the things that you already know? I would like for you and me to spend this time together in open mindedness so that the spirit of God can speak directly into our hearts.
  The Future of Christianity Rev. Sun Myung Moon  New Orleans, Louisiana, October 28, 1973 The wrong direction of history3God's servants and prophets4The judgment of words6If Israel had accepted Jesus9The question of Elijah10Rumors about Jesus12Responsible for the crucifixion14A tragic misunderstanding15Judas killed himself 15No hope of avoiding death16Man stands between God and Satan 17 How God looks at the world19Who would dare deny him?21Adam must restore a new Eve22 Ladies and gentlemen, thank you very much for coming tonight. My topic this evening is, TheFuture of Christianity. Tonight I am going to speak about some new revelations from God which are very vital to theunderstanding of all Christians. I will also frequently mention the chosen people of Israel. I am1  sure there are many Christians and Jewish people in the audience. I dearly love all Christian brothers and sisters, and I have high esteem for the Jewish people. I beg you to understand beforeI begin that what I will say in no way reflects my personal feeling. I am only bearing witness tothe truth.Sometimes testimony to the truth is a painful task. Yet it is a mission that it is my duty to fulfill.The content of my message tonight may be contrary to your previous understandings. Somethings may be very new to you. May I ask you to think over seriously what you hear.Unless I had something new to reveal, I would not come here to speak to you at all. Why should Icome if only to repeat the things that you already know? I would like for you and me to spend thistime together in open mindedness so that the spirit of God can speak directly into our hearts. Jesustaught in his Sermon on the Mount:Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Blessed are themeek, for they shall inherit the earth. Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be satisfied. (Matt 5:3,5,6)Tonight I humbly ask you to be the poor in spirit. I ask you to be the meek, and I ask you to become those who hunger and thirst for righteousness. Then we will all see the Kingdom of Heaven, and we shall all be satisfied. Now let us begin.Christians, and Christianity itself, have a final hill to cross. Biblical prophecy states thatChristians must pass through the end of the world and face the judgment of fire at the great andterrible day of the Lord. The Bible says we are going to see many extraordinary phenomena, inheaven and on earth, as the end comes near.When Jesus promised his Second Coming, he conveyed a feeling of great imminence. From theday Jesus Christ ascended into heaven, Christians have been watching for his return to earth. For the last 2,000 years of history, it has been the hope of every Christian to see the returning Christ.But this extraordinary event has never occurred. Many people tired of waiting. Some finallydecided this Second Coming would not happen literally. They came to think, This is just one of God's methods to keep us alert. Tonight we must clarify the meaning of the end of the world as the Bible prophesies it. We mustalso know how the Lord will reappear when he comes in the fullness of time.We should first of all understand that God did not create the world to end. He always intended theworld of goodness to last forever. The God who does not create for eternity cannot be an almightyGod. The present world must end, however, because the fall of man initiated a history of evil. Theend of the world is necessary because we have not achieved God's intended world of goodness.Instead of becoming children of goodness, we have in reality become creatures of evil. Back   The wrong direction of history Adam and Eve fell in the Garden of Eden. They were not at that time in a position to have a clear 2  understanding of the will of God. They entered into a state of confusion and made the wrongchoice. They were confronted with either obedience to God, which would have brought about thegood world, or obedience to Satan, which did in fact bring about their fall. Between two clear choices, Adam and Eve made the wrong one. They brought evil into the world. God's srcinalintention was to create His ideal world — a good and prosperous world He determined to last for eternity. But man fell, the good world of God ended abruptly, and human history started in thewrong direction.The history of mankind is therefore a history of evil. God sowed good seed, and He intended toharvest a good crop. But Satan stole His crop before it was ripened and reaped a harvest of evil.Human history is a crop of weeds.Then what does the end of the world mean? Just what is going to end? Evil is going to end. Godwill put an end to all evil. Out of God's new beginning will come a new opportunity for man. Andthe goodness God intended in His srcinal ideal can be made real.In the garden of Eden man fell into evil instead of developing his goodness. Man was subjugated by Satan and became the child of sin. Therefore the Bible says:'You are of your father the devil.' (John 8:44)If the fall of man had not occurred, then the true ruler would be God. But He is not today the kingof this universe, because Satan is sitting upon God's throne. God has to remove all results of thefall of man before He can truly reign over the world. Now I will give you clearly the definition of the end of the world. The end of the world is themoment in history when God ends evil and begins His new age. It is the time of the cross junction between the old history of evil and the new history of good.In light of this definition, why does the Bible predict extraordinary heavenly phenomena as signsof the end of the world? Will the things predicted really occur? The Bible says:'Immediately after the tribulation of those days the sun will be darkened, and themoon will not give its light, and the stars will fall from heaven, and the powers of theheavens will be shaken' (Matt 24:29)What does this mean? What are we to expect?First of all, please rest assured that these things will not happen literally. God will not destroyanything in the universe. God often expresses His truth in symbols and parables, and these biblical sayings will be accomplished symbolically. Secondly, God has no reason to destroy theuniverse. It is not the universe, but man who has committed sin. Only man deviated from thesrcinal plan of God's creation. Why should God destroy the animals, or the plants, or anything increation which fulfilled His purpose as He intended? God would not destroy those innocentthings.The Bible there says,3  'A generation goes, and a generation comes, but the earth remains forever' (Eccl 1:4)But in Revelation we read:'Then I saw a new heaven and a new earth; for the first heaven and the first earth had passed away.' (Rev 21:1)That new heaven and new earth refers to the coming of a new history of God, a time of newdominion. After you buy a house, won't you move in your family and possessions? Then you willsay that you have a new home, and you are the new master of the house. In the same way, whenmen of God occupy this universe, it will become a new heaven and a new earth.We know that when winter ends, spring begins. But can we say at precisely what point springstarts? Who can pinpoint the exact instant of transition? You cannot know because the passagefrom one season to another takes place imperceptibly, quietly. The end of winter is similar to the beginning of spring, so there is no discernible moment of transition.At what moment does the old day end and a new day begin? Although the change occurs indarkness, there is no doubt that we do go from one day to the next. The change is unnoticeable atfirst, but it is also inevitable and irrevocable. Although three billion people live on earth, not oneamong them can point to the exact moment when the old day passes and the new day begins. Sowe understand that from the human point of view we cannot always know the precise momentthings happen. But God knows when winter passes into spring, and God knows when night opensinto day. And God can point to the transition into new history.Our step into new history is like a glorious dawn emerging out of the blackest night. The crossing point between good and evil is not obvious. You will not notice it when it happens, but it willdefinitely take place, just as surely as the sun will rise tomorrow. Back  God's servants and prophets Then how can we know when the end is approaching? God will not hide this moment from man;He does not suddenly bring judgment on the world without warning. God will announce thecoming of the great and terrible day through his prophets. Amos 3:7says, 'Surely the Lord God does nothing, without revealing his secret to his servants the prophets.'God chooses His instrument and through him God announces His plans. This has been the casethroughout Bible history.The person to be chosen as God's prophet must be one of the people living in our evil world. Buthe must be a man of faith who can demonstrate that he is worthy to be used by God. He mustshow absolute faith. To do this he must give up all worldly success and completely separatehimself from this evil world. He must purify himself by cutting off all evil attachments. He willnot be popular in the evil world. God is absolute good and therefore the exact opposite of evil.That is why evil always persecutes a man of God.4
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