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What is actually trust? Why do we mistrust the world? How can we improve our trust?
  TRUST There is not a measuring scale in this entire world other than ourown mental angle in deciding the degree of trust-ship. I can trustyou or mistrust you as the case may be. It all depends on mydealing with you. It all depends on how I view your response. Myown mind is the final deciding judge in this matter. I go on judging - what kind of a person is this woman or that man? It isonly MY judgement and not the problem of the other person. Is itnot? One thing is very clear. Nobody in this world considershimself as a non-trustworthy person. The only problem with manis that he expects the world to trust him in the first place than himtrusting others! We can see that we keep the same view regardinglove, kindness, honesty etc. Man continues to live in suchexpectations and do not wish to act by the natural currents of hisheart in the first place. Man takes too much to reasoning in the  first place while he deals with the qualitative nature of a person.Reasoning has its own limitations. Qualities of a man can't bemeasured with Metric system. This is the problem!Actually speaking, if we have enough trust in ourselves, we wouldhave trust in others as well. How could Swami Vivekananda go toa totally foreign land and meet people with all his mentalcourage? There is an episode from Swami Rama Theerth or so. Itgoes like this:- When he landed in America or some other foreignplace and was expecting somebody for his help, a foreigner cameto him and asked :- Whom are you expecting, a friend Isuppose? . The reply was:- Yes. I am. You are my friend!' . Thisis trust. Real trust is born out of universal brotherhood. One moreepisode will illustrate this. When Saradadevi was going toDakshineswar to join her husband, she was traversing somedesolate places and a man attacked her. She was in her teens onlybut did not lose courage and addressed him 'father'! Thistransformed the man and he really helped her as as a guide andprotector for the rest of her journey. So, trust cannot be actuallyreasoned out. It comes from the very bottom of our heart in aninstinctive way.It can be seen that our level of insecurity plays an important rolein the trust worthiness of the world. If I can feel that myinsecurity is not a product of the of this world but a product bornout of my whims and fancies, we may naturally think why Ishouldn’t trust this world? At every step in our life, we are afraidof losing our material and physical existence. We may find thatwe can’t even trust own existence. We are also taught the sameway right from our childhood. The teaching of our parents is : -“dear child, don’t trust everybody blindly”. This idea has gonedeep into our blood. How can we get over this mental block?The only way is to begin to love humanity in an unbiased waybeyond all differences. It doesn’t mean that we should greet ourenemies and pat on their shoulders and engage in a familyconversation. No. At the material level it can be an impossibilitybut at the level of thought we can pray for their welfare. We caneasily pray for the welfare of the entire community that includesboth animals and men. Let a snake also live peacefully in this  world. By doing so, our mind will naturally get beyond petty andshallow feelings and the general wave length of the society wouldalso become good. Instead of cursing the world for all its setback,can’t we start promoting the goodness that is seen here and there?This would naturally increase our trust in the humanity.Do we teach our children this grand idea?xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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