Whites of the Russian Civil War

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,E ATWA 1914-1945 WHI ES OF THE RUSSIAN CIVIL WAR Private, Don Cossacks: 1918-20 OSPREY PUBLISHING MENATWAR 1914-1945 Publisher: lJ1laJLM_ari.a_Martinez Editor-in-Chief: To be sure of getting your copies each week, either place a regular order with your oewsagent or lake out il subscription. The substrtotion will be for tile complete collection. starting from the issue you request. UNITED KINGDDM Customer service, including subscriptions, back issues dna binders: WOODGATE PO Box 95 TN354BZ
  ,E ATWA 1914-1945 WHIESOFTHERUSSIANCIVILWAR Private,DonCossacks:1918-20 OSPREY PUBLISHING  MENATWAR 1914-1945 Publisher:lJ1laJLM_ari.a_MartinezEditor-in-Chief: lJ?illLll.O.o.lizaula_ Ada~tation arid editif1~: I :eagleltd SII5a Thurgo.od, Palll Hlltchinson Editoria I assista ot: [ROsa perez Technical assioiant: I Rolando_~as Techgica;advisor: IWey f'llblisbiog Filmsetandreproduction by: LECM:::: pri~: .as Almlldeoa For this edition: © Del Prado PublishersfEdicionesdel Prado, 2000 CeaBermudez,39-5° 28003 Madrid(Spain) © 1996OspreyPublishingLimited Extract from: The Russian Civil War(2)WhiteArmies Author: Mikhail Khvostov Artist:AndreiKarachtchoukFirstpubl ished by Osprey Publishing, Elms Court,Chapel Way, Botley, oxford OX29LP ISBN:84-8372-516-9 All rights reserved. Nopart ofthis publicationmay be reprocuced. stored in a relfievalsystem,cr transmitted, inany formor by anymeans,electronic,mechanical,photocopying,recordingorQ!herwise,Withoutthopriorwritten permission of the(opy~ght owners. Th~ publisher reservesthe right, should speCifictechnicalor market drcunstancessodictate, to modifythepriceofthe colleaion andthecontent>~in which tass theaffected componentswillbereplac.ed withothersof similar quality andinterest.Actualcomponentsmajdifferfromthosein the promotionalmaterialin liew01 the aforementionedcircumstances. Thisproductisnota toy.Not suitablefor children. OVERVIEWOFTHECOLLECTIONME.N AT WAR 1914-1945 is acollectionmadeupof75weeklyissues,eachcontainingthefollowingelements: ãOne figureofthemostrepresentativesoldiersfromthegreatest conflicts ofthetwentiethcentury,withtheiruniforms,equipment weapons one!in5ignia. ãThe partwork that accompanies each figureshows the documentaryandiconographicalsourcesthathavebeenusedto create thefiqures.Eachpartwork concentrates onaparticulararmyorelitecorpsthatplayedanimportantroleinthetwo world wars, To besureofgettingyourcopieseach week, eitherplacea regularorder with youroewsagentorlakeout il subscription. The substrtotion will be for tile complete collection. starting from theissueyourequest. UNITEDKINGDDM Customerservice,including subscriptions, back issues dnabinders: WOODGATE POBox95 Hastings TN354BZ Telephone number: 08707297999 Distribution: COMAGMagazineMarkeTing The price ofeerh issueis E5.49 (witll the exception of No.1 at £2.50<lndNo,2 at H99). The binders will be priced at£4.95each.AUSTRALIA Distribution:GORDONANDGOTCHLIMITED Subscriptlons: K1RINDIRE(lMARKETING Replypaid1900MenatWarSubscriptionsPOBox 1900 MonaVale NSW1658 Telephone number:(02) 9979 0222 Fax number: (01) 99797107Backissues: Thesecsnbeorderedthroughyournewsaqent, Dr writetoMenatWar1914-45, Gordon ana Gotch Limited, POBox290,Burwood,Victoria3125,Pleaseenclosecover price plus A$1. 50p&hper issue. Binders:PieasewritetoMenatWar1914-45,GordonandGotch limited, POBox290,Burwood,Victoria3125.Piea,e enclose A$11.90plusA$3.00p&hperbinder, r-IEWZEALAND Distribution: GORDONANDGOTCH (NZl LIMITED Subscriptions:KIRINDIRECTMARKETING Ireepost1 08466 MenatWar1914-45Subscriptions PO Box47863 POl15onby, A!J(klaFld1034Telephone number: (09)3773798 Fax number: (612)99797107 Backissues andbinders:GORDONANDGOTCH(NZ) LIMITED POBox24013,RoyalOak,Auckland New Zealand The binders willbepriced ~I NZS13.95 plusNZ$'3.00' pOSlage and handling, SOUTHAFRICA Distribution: RNA Subscriptions, backorders and binders:JACKLIN ENTERPRISESPrivateBog,12 Centurion, 0046 Telephonenumber: 0112654308 Fax number:011 .314 2984 Subscrinonse-mail address: Su'e@·acklin.co.za  A NORTHRUSSIA 1:Private,1stSeverny(Northern)InfantryRegt,19192:Corporal,UnitedStates366tb('PolarBears')InfantryRegt,1918-193:Sotnik,WhileSeaMountain-HorseDemi-Regiment,1918  NORTH·WESTRUSSIA1,Trooper,detachedsquadronoftheLatvianIstKurzemDivision,19192,SeniorNCO,IstPlastoon Regt, Bermont-Avalov'sDetachment,Russia,19193,Captain,IstPskovInf.Regt,Norm-WesternArmy,1918-19 B
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